23 thoughts on “Browser Speed Test #2: 4 searches in 15 seconds

  1. yes, but for how long? where is Mozilla going to get money from when Google stops paying their bills? do you know how many new extensions does Chromium get every week? only yesterday, 4 new add-ons appeared, on chromextensions org. it means that Firefox is losing its main advantage

  2. not only that but if you have an antvirus system that automatically cleans all cookies and temp files after you, it makes it even EASIER to disprove you, as well as actual use of the product…. which you probably have no experience in. You are a jerk.

  3. INTERNET EXPLOROR?!?!?!?! ROFL Thats the worst peice of crap in the world. its chrome or FF. IE is shouldnt even be talked abt. it sucks

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