Browser Test: Chrome 10 vs Firefox 4 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11 vs Safari 5

Today I’ll be testing the five major browsers, Google Chrome 10, Mozilla Firefox 4, Microsoft
Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11 and Apple Safari 5 to see which is
the fastest available. Before we begin let me explain a bit about
how I test. All five browsers are on their latest non-beta
release with the exception of Firefox 4 where I used
the Release Candidate. All the browsers were tested using a fresh
install with no additional options enabled such as hardware
acceleration. Each test was run multiple times on the exact
same Windows 7 computer. The first test I ran was the JSBenchmark which
is a good overall test of Javascript speed. Here you can see that Chrome is considerably
faster than the rest of the browsers due to the new Crankshaft compiler. However what’s more impressive is the fact
that all browsers did really quite well, a far cry from the mismatched results I’ve
found in the past. Next is the V8 Benchmark, Google’s own Javascript
test. Here I found very similar results with Chrome
delivering much better performance than the rest, although again Opera and Firefox
put up very solid performance as well. Now we have the Sunspider benchmark and here
the results change quite a bit. Internet Explorer 9 shows huge gains, beating
out Chrome, Opera and Firefox by a short margin. Getting out of pure Javascript tests now we
have the Peacekeeper benchmark, a great overall test of general browser performance. Here Chrome and Opera do very well with Internet
Explorer, Firefox and Safari falling behind. Now we have the Flying Images test from the
Internet Explorer 9 test suite. This test is largely based on how well the
browser taps into your GPU to display one hundred spinning images. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox get a perfect
sixty frames per second while Chrome and Opera get a much lower twenty
and twenty-two frames. Safari, which lacks any hardware acceleration
to speak of gets a meager two frames. Lastly we have the HTML5 test which evaluates how well each browser adheres to the latest
web standard. Chrome does the best here however Firefox,
Opera and Safari also do well. So overall I was very impressed with all five
browsers however the winner today is Google Chrome. It remains the king of the
hill in almost all speed tests, has the best compliance with HTML5 and already
has solid optional hardware acceleration that
likely will become standard soon. Something to keep in mind is that no longer
are there only one or two standout browsers as all five are quite fast, HTML5 compliant
and have their own unique features so it really is hard to go wrong no matter
what camp you’re in. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more
videos or feel free to check out the links on screen
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100 thoughts on “Browser Test: Chrome 10 vs Firefox 4 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11 vs Safari 5

  1. @TheExtremejim and? if u dont care about speed comparisons then y r u here? he never said that being the fastest means that the browser is the best either -.-

  2. @popstarfreas ..sure,likeabrowsercandotha- sure. it sure can. multiple crashes at once.
    i was trying to load it, and i kept clicking after about 78 minutes.
    then they just popped up, and my computer froze and didnt turn back on. even best buy couldnt fix it, so they said just to avoid it.

  3. @rippedpixel it wasn't the browser.duh you overloaded your computer with 2 many files in the temporary file places so the computer utterly slowed down. it was your fault not the browsers

  4. @Vaizone3000 heh so how long have you been making browsers…. you ain't chrome is a cheap version of every browser, they copied them. toolbars were old by then anyway. and heck you even need em to get free stuff.
    firefox is the best due to its many options of making the browser better to suit you. chromes only fast because it hasn't got anything to it. you can argue chrome all you want. but googles a rip off

  5. @popstarfreas its becuz people started uploading copyrighted things that google had to take over becuz the previous people that owned youtube were just tired of it since youtube was originally meant for only home videos and not episodes or anything of the sort and what the hell does this have to do with this video?

  6. @popstarfreas ur just biased against google -.- i personally use firefox, and i liek it better simply becuz it has add ons but u stated a bunch of false statements that i just had to reply like firefox being faster than chrome? bullshit and u even thought that 1 thing was a virus like seriously? u get that regardless of having a virus or not

  7. @dutorg Chrome is one of the baddest secured browsers… btw, read online arcicels from securety organizations. I'm a programmer and I work on websites like a social network (like Facebook) I follow these things good for the security data to protect users on the site. 😉

  8. I went to Flying Images going in with Netscape, I pressed My Browser button and it thought it was Firefox

  9. I don't like the fact that Chrome has automatic updates.They could slip whatever they wanted to on your computer at anytime.If a browser is gonna update something at least let me know what it is and ask my permission to install it.

  10. I don't like the fact that Chrome has automatic updates.They could slip whatever they wanted to on your computer at anytime.If a browser is gonna update something at least let me know what it is and ask my permission to install it.

  11. @guitarsandwomen What's the difference? You will update anyway and you still won't know what exactly they "slip" in there. It's just easier to skip pressing that accept button.

  12. @timvisee

    In terms of safe browsing, yes firefox is the most reliable. I stick to firefox regardless of its shortcomings against chrome and firefox 4 has become quite a lot stable than before like when I used to watch free movies online and at the same I'd open 4 or more tabs, usually it would crash after 20 minutes cuz firefox 3 was using a lot of ram by which i monitored on my laptop's task manager that had only 2 gb of ram.

  13. Helpful review but why not keep the graph colours the same in each slide? Firefox is represented in Yellow on JSBenchmark, Orange on V8 Benchmark and Green on Sunspider.

  14. @timvisee damn thats why my hotmail acc got blocked..saying someone else is using my acc to send junk msg

  15. You're going to have to try again with FF 5. I've heard some bold claims that it's JS engine beats out Chrome, now.

  16. @Narutomai what shall i use? i used to use FF but switched like a year ago and i want to use FF again…?

  17. @andylinkproductions FF5 is very fast, stable and very efficient! Better you test it on your computer, but i like it and I recommend it 🙂

  18. Here are my top 3 web browsers based on me.

    3.Google Chrome

    IE9 is actually pretty good. It's fast, secure, and looks pretty nice.

  19. i red somewhere, that IE will be closed soon. Maybe that is wrong info., but they saying that IE is very bad, and it don't protects from small viruses (sorry for bad english)

  20. all browsers are good.
    IE for new users, Chrome for speed, Firefox for customization, Safari for apple users, and idk about Opera.

  21. Google Chrome as my Web Browser by defect, Firefox for Add-Ons and more compatibility and IE, WHAT'S THAT??

  22. @timvisee All internet browsers use javascript and java, as well as open GL. ANY BROWSER IS VULNERABLE TO THESE THINGS.

  23. @XxFaKyouxX No, Chrome copyed firefox, firefox existed previously. Firefox If I see something new has always come back later in chrome:

  24. @th4tg1ng3rk1dVIDEO Google chrome is the security of these things are bad, and chrome is currently the most vulnerable;)
    (btw, I read security articles because I get a security system work, a social network and I want to keep users' data safe;))

  25. @timvisee But a typical PC user would normally access just standard sites like facebook, amazon, youtube etc…
    Most users also have some sort of antvirus protection. Security Isnt a problem when it comes to browsers.

    Chrome is still better.

  26. @th4tg1ng3rk1dVIDEO Virus scanners didn't block things in the browsers, but they are browsers… A hacker can easely acces your whole PC using webGL, so I think that's not what you want 😉

  27. Opera has a much better and nicer interface than Chrome, and more features, actually MUCH more features( all chrome has +opera turbo, closed tabs, more customizable interface, cleaner interface, better speed dial, extensions, opera link, and lots more)
    and the 11.5 version supports HTML5, and is 20% faster than 10.1, chrome is so fast because it has almost no features to slow it down.
    At this moment, Opera is the best browser all-around

  28. @RealMusicLyricVids That depends on your internet connection, unless it's exactly the same when testing them, you can't decide one is better than the other when internet connections aren't going to be the same every time.

  29. @Ucsemis You are 100 percent correct.Opera 11.50 kicks ass and faster than any of the other browsers.I have used them all.My GOD it is so fast that I thought i had my Antivirus disabled but it is on as well as my Zonealarm firewall.I did at one time like ie 6 and older versions of Firefox before FF 3.6.Opera is now my favorite browser.Awesome that it has so many features built in and super fast.Im only using extensions WOT an AdBlock.

  30. Please do this test with Opera 11.50 and see if Chrome can keep up with the blazing speed of Opera.The speed has increased a lot from Opera 11.11 to the newer Opera 11.50 It is super fast.

  31. Yea, I use firefox only but I do have chrome installed, I prefer firefox more for a few simple reasons, one is that the youtube-mp3 addon works with firefox, also that its very easy to manage your bookmarks and also saving bookmaks as simple as drag/drop, I use firefox 3.6 its the best IMHO, the BETA 4 is buggy and resets my custom configurations,

  32. @easypenny Firefox 5 is. Firefox 6 is not. Just download it. That's what I did. I used Firefox 6 for 14 hours. Seriously. I hated it. It's an epic fail 🙁 so I downloaded my Firefox 5 back on it. You can Google it for more info.

  33. IE is the biggest crap!
    Firefox is the best Browser today!
    Chrome,even if it's not as good as FF I still prefer Chrome cuz it's awesome!
    Opera if known for it's revolutionary features. Still I don't like it.
    Safari…Hmmm.. No comment. Competes with IE on who's worst ;D

  34. Been developing web apps using the MS stack (MSSQL server/C++/.NET/Windows) for 12 years so I am not a MS hater but IE is the bane of my existence for too many reasons to fit here. Use FF myself but have Chrome at work is also on the list. I have found most who use IE are as blinkered as the Apple apologists or think IE is the Internet. Don't be fraid to try new things and keep an open mind. Thanks for the stats.

  35. Firefox is the best for computers with big RAMs
    Opera is the best for low RAMs
    Safari is th best looking
    IE is good for get to the next browser
    and chrome is really fast and light

  36. firefox is the best hands down
    Safari takes to long to load sometimes
    Chrome is alright
    Opera has too many gimmicks
    i didnt even people still Internet explorer

  37. firefox is the best hands down

    Safari takes to long to load sometimes

    Chrome is alright

    Opera has too many gimmicks

    i didnt even know people still Internet explorer

  38. @TheDrewManXD I know on my computer it is even faster than chrome but i dont use it that much so it has to install updates almost every time opera is even slower but has cool features. BUT INTERNET EXPLORER 9 IS THE BEST FOR ME.

  39. Internet Explorer – Shit
    Firefox – Fast, Safe & Costumizable, its the best browser!
    Chrome – Steals my datas — I don't like it.
    Opera – Good, but not as awesome as Firefox.
    Safari – No Tabs… YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT?!?!

  40. IE : Fine for a user who just wants to be lazy.
    Firefox: Very fast! Safe and easy to mod.
    Chrome: Decent, but I have heard some bad things.
    Opera: Same with IE
    Safari: Apple fucking sucks at doing the way people want it to be like.

  41. Great evaluation. As a web developer, my all-time favorite browser is Chrome. Is slick, FAST and supports HTML5 and CSS3 the BEST!!!!

  42. Firefox is the best? ie(dot)microsoft(dot)com/testdrive/Performance/ParticleAcceleration/
    Try this on firefox and then IE 🙂

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