Browser Test: Chrome 15 vs Firefox 7 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11.52 vs Safari 5.1

Today I’m here with the next in my series
of browser tests, this time going over Chrome 15, Firefox
7, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11.5 and Safari
5.1. Before we begin let me explain a little bit
about my testing procedure. All browsers are fully
updated to their latest non-beta release and all were
tested multiple times with no additional options
enabled such as hardware acceleration. Each test was
run multiple times on the same Windows 7 computer. The first test is Peacekeeper. This is a great
overall benchmark of browser performance and one of
my personal favorites for testing browsers. As usual Opera
does very well here with Chrome right behind it
and the rest of the pack falling behind. Next up we have the Dromaeo Javascript suite.
This is a good indicator of how well a browser handles
sites such as Gmail. Chrome dominates this test
with Firefox and the others quite far behind. Moving on
is the Particle Acceleration demo which helps determine
how well a browser handles graphically intense
HTML5 work. Firefox and Internet Explorer flatten everything
else on paper however I will note that I got a
smooth 60 frames per second on all of the browsers except
Safari. Next is the HTML5 Test. As the name suggests,
this measures how well each browser adheres to
the latest web standards. Here Chrome does the best however
all of the browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer
do a very good job. Lastly we have the memory test.
Each browser was loaded up with the same five tabs
containing popular sites such as Hulu and I measured
the memory usage. Very surprisingly Safari went from
being the worst by far last time to easily winning this one.
Opera and Firefox do quite well with Internet Explorer
and Chrome being much more memory hungry. As it’s been
for the past year or so all five of these browsers are
competent to the point where the numbers don’t matter
as much as the individual features you might need however
there are some clear winners. This time it’s a tie
between the excellent new Firefox 7 and the standby Chrome
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100 thoughts on “Browser Test: Chrome 15 vs Firefox 7 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11.52 vs Safari 5.1

  1. chrome is the fastest browser out as a web developer i would know. I constantly compare different web browsers abilities to handle JavaScript i also compare speed, stability, compatibility, and Add-ons

  2. chrome dominates both opera and maxthon not just in speed and stability though chrome also dominates in JavaScript, apps, and compatibility

  3. Firefox is horrible!
    After I installed Firefox, my tabs kept going "Not Responding", my Laptop froze a bunch of times, and it screwed around with my laptop.

  4. i use safari and chrome i have a mac so safari runs better with mac than pc if you ask me but that is just my opinion

  5. Internet Explorer = SHIT, Laggy, terrible
    Safari = Fast
    Chrome = fast, good design, no lag, good features
    Firefox = Good features, fast, no lag
    Opera = A lot of features, no lag, really fast

  6. I use Maxthon. It has some cool "pop up" video mode when you are watching vids in a web page. Also there is a "readin" mode that allows you to have just the text available in a reading pane. Very nice. Chrome keeps crashing my system.

  7. Google chrome is fucked up way to slow explorer 9 rules google chrome out shitty explorer form google i deleted after 1 day tried so slow.

  8. I use Safari. FF won't let me sign into YT, Opera doesn't feel right for me, Chrome's glitchy with YT for me, and IE is ok.

  9. Chrome is the most awesome browser ever made…exept for internet explorer,noo internet explorer?? Just is best

  10. Opera is so underrated.. I used Chrfome until I discovered Opera, then fell in love instantly. It's fast and graphically nice, with a lot of nice options.

    Any Chrome dudes, just test it. You'ill like it.

  11. I don't know which one is the best there all shit im using Opera which every time I watch a video it crashes my computer, Google chrome don't even let me go on it, IE Is fucking slow, Firefox always wants updating and Safari wont let me download it so I can't win there all shit

  12. I've hated Internet explorer my entire life. The new one, however, is not as bad. But it looks uglier and you can't really bookmark anything.

  13. I've spent my whole life on the web and I've never heard of opera, I always hated Internet explorer and have always said, google chrome FTW

  14. I used firefox for years, but about 2 years ago I started using Opera, and, for a personal browser, I'd have to say it's the best. My school uses Google Chrome, and, while I like it for school, where you can't personalize anything, I don't like it much at home and end up only using it for google docs, since they don't work very well on Opera.

  15. opera and ie and safari are better chorme is slow because it loads slow and it gets slow when theres mor then 45 tabs.firefox is because of the script

  16. Opera has more features than all the others, has for performance mehhh its good not the best, so if you want features use opera if not use whatever you want (never used safari so don't know).

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