Browser Test: Chrome 19 vs Firefox 13 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 12 vs Safari 5.1

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with my latest browser test comparing Chrome 19, Firefox 13, Internet
Explorer 9, Opera 12 and Safari 5.1. Before we begin let me go over how I test.
All five browsers are updated to their latest non-beta release, tested on
the same Windows 7 PC with a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM and each test was
run multiple times with the results averaged to make everything as fair
as possible. To start we have the V8 Benchmark which measures
the Javascript performance for sites such as Gmail. As always Chrome
dominates here with Firefox coming in second and Opera, Safari and Internet
Explorer all considerably farther behind. Next up we have Peacekeeper
which is one of my favorite benchmarks as it covers most of the important
aspects of a browser. Chrome wins again here with Opera quite close and
the other browsers lagging behind. Next we have the HTML5 Test, taking a look
at how well each browser supports the latest web standards. Chrome, Opera, Firefox
and Safari all do very well here in handling most anything you’ll come
across today with Internet Explorer falling way behind. Internet Explorer 10 is
coming soon with much better HTML5 support however so this is likely the last
time I include this benchmark. We have a new test this time, how long each
browser takes to open from a cold start. Impressively Internet Explorer opens
in less than a second and a half and Opera and Firefox are nearly tied at 2.2
seconds a piece. Chrome and Safari lag behind at a still reasonable 3.3 seconds.
One thing to keep in mind is that this test was run on a computer with an SSD
so if you’re still rocking an old school hard drive the differences will be
a lot larger. Lastly I test to see how much memory each
browser eats up with five tabs open with popular sites such as Yahoo and Hulu.
Impressively Safari continues to win here with just over 125MB of RAM used, less
than Chrome does with a single tab. Firefox also does quite well, Opera puts in
a respectable showing and Internet Explorer and Chrome fall quite far behind.
Since doing my first browser test over 3 years ago Chrome has won most and always
done well. This time is no different but it’s not the only stellar
choice. Firefox boots quickly, is fairly speedy and does well with memory. Opera
is the best all-around browser with good performance everywhere and Chrome
remains the overall speed king but its held back a bit by its memory usage and
start times. I would happily use and recommend any of the three but the numbers
don’t lie, as long as you have a modern computer Chrome is clearly the fastest
browser out there. If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave
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100 thoughts on “Browser Test: Chrome 19 vs Firefox 13 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 12 vs Safari 5.1

  1. well safari was only ''tested'' and approved for macintosh and other apple products. so they propably haven't even thought about refining it to fit the modern windows pc which means it won't be as strong, as if you used it on a mac.

  2. haven't had a single problem with chrome running any kind of flash game. where you using adobe flash? since that isn't working well on chrome since they are running java shockwave, which is eesentially the same but from a different company. or i did have a slight problem with a flash games but it only happened when i had 13 tabs opened and 1 one of hem was another flash game and 5 of them where youtube videos xD. crashed my shockwave.

  3. wow dat gramma xD, nice info though. sounds awesome if they get it out of beta 😀

    PS: he did mention he tested the browser that was non-beta so he'll propably only use the maxthon that is fully developed which means it propably won't be on the next vid he makes with browser testes 😛

  4. well the tapped browsing part of your comment is incorrect. mozilla firefox had a tap system whole 2 YEARS before. and that was in the 3.5 version.

  5. lol actually apple had stolen way more from microsoft than microsoft had taken from mac. just find a list of cases where microsoft was charging apple for using patented microsoft technoloy.

  6. well mac has it pros and cons just like windows have. mac is better for working and video editing because of the simple interface, but it won't handle the stress of a modern game rlike the windows system does. the windows system is alot stronger in the process of running high-memory applications like games and 3d-animation etc. generally my opinion is that people should stop wasting money on an very overprized work pc from mac and instead get a windows pc wjicj cna do the same far far cheaper

  7. the new youtube sucks xD all i see on the comment section is ur argument with ragefeast95 over and over again since it copies ur comments 🙁

  8. it's generally the opposite. chrome is the fastest browser u can get if u have enough memory to support it but opera works better on a slower pc than chrome does. i have used both but has switched to only chrome when i got a fast pc with enough memory to support the high speeds of the chrome (not much faster but i like the faster speed anyway).

  9. u can't know because when chrome started it's first non-beta release it was even worse than IE… it has now grown over the others in term of speed, but u can't be sure it lasts forever, opera and firefox is closing in fast and new browsers keep popping up.

  10. 1. chrome CAN handle activex very very well indeed.
    2. the google logo does change as in all the other browsers
    3. the history is not a storage… it's a plugin that allows you to see where you have been on the net, IE has this aswell.
    4. chrome has never slowed down any other browser since that would actually be illegal and seen as a virus.
    5. gmail uses some plugins to open, chrome wasn't specifikly build to handle google pages better.
    6. all your arguments are now invalid 🙂

  11. well opera isn't “slow´´ it's just not as fast and memory eating as chrome. the difference in speed are also very small indeed.

  12. if you have a slow pc then yes. but if you have over 6gb of ram and a mid-range processor then 20 tabs won't even be the slightest problem

  13. well maybe a bit in the layout design but some huge differences in these 2 facts:
    1. firefox came before opera
    2. chrome is based on java while opera runs on flash.

  14. well what languages is that? let me try
    ae ouy spaekig oth ze browsez or ys

    well that gramma is indeed terrible, unless u are a troll. if u ARE a troll then… notes point on a piece of toilet paer: note to self zachrulesandiscool is a great writer. dry my ass with it and throws it down the toilet called we don't care.

  15. wellgeussing from what ur text says about ur pc specs then u might want to upgrade ur system 😉 chrome is by far the most memory eating i agree on that, but it is not near 3-5 times slower than FF. it's FF that is slower than chrome when u have a good enough computer.

  16. The one game Tetris Battle has a terrible lag on chrome. It's my addiction. On IE and FF it works great. But from my research, Chome's Flash doesn't get updated; it's built into the browser, so it's a matter of waiting for an entire Chrome update.

  17. now i have Opera 12.13 and it is fast like firefox but what is important much more reliable ,firefox have problem with youtube and other videos ,they constantly freeze picture for 30-40 sec. and then go and similar stuffs.

  18. I like Firefox best. You should do new video though with Chrome 24, Firefox 18 and IE10. I'd be very interesting to see how things are now.

  19. apperently there no such “xerox´´ at internet browser 😛 only found washing machines etc. i may be wrong but is it under another name and when was it made?

  20. I use Opera. 🙂 Just thought I would tell you all that for no reason. 😛 Still, good video. 🙂 Earned yourself a subscriber.

  21. opera is underated in my opinion as it is easy to use fast (not as fast as chrome) but faster than FireFox in my opinion i use opera because i like the stlye, the speed dial and how easy it is to use

  22. If you want speed: Chrome. If you want less memory usage, Safari or Firefox. If you want a good all around browser, Opera.

  23. I know for a FACT that Opera and Chrome support AdBlock extensions, (I have never used Safari). So your reason for using Firefox is invalid. Your choice though, most people stick to what they know and are use to.

  24. Oh i didnt know that! I would love to get it on Safari! cause it works wayyy better on my mac than Mozilla

  25. Chrome has the cleanest interface. Hardly any buttons at all, I like it. No distractions just a full screen of viewing. Use to use Firefox exclusively, but have migrated to chrome since I bought a Nexus 7 and seeing how good Chrome is.

    Internet Explorer, the most used web browser… to download other web browsers!

  26. chrome is cool on my laptop but it crashes all the time on my tower firefox works great on my tower never used opera or safari

  27. Opera is faster than Firefox and more secure than Chrome, but slower than Chrome and less secure than Firefox.
    In conclusion, Internet Explorer is still the weakest link.

  28. Opera do you mean opera was the first browser to get 100/100 on acid3, did you have extensions turned on?

  29. Sometimes It can interfere with the test try disabling them and try again.
    If it still doesn't do the Acid3 test I don't know what else there is.

  30. You can get a virus downloading anything if your system is susceptible. If you got a virus downloading a very well trusted program like Opera then you have problems much deeper than an infected link.

  31. I tried to use opera but when i installed adblock it didnt block ads i got a virus from it and i also got a trojan horse and malware… -_-

  32. I have all the problems on net using task!- why??  should I update ALL updates from windows or some VERY specific??   -I have windows 7 with intel i7 3770k and 8GB
    and its a ssd harddrive!      HELP?? 😀

  33. Right now i am using Opera but after this video and the thumbs up i've seen i am thinking of changing to Mozilla Firefox ! Is that a good idea i dont have a good laptop but anyways want to hear it from you!

  34. Use internet explorer to download Firefox. Use Firefox to download Chrome. Use Chrome to download Opera. Use Opera to download porn.

  35. 1st: Opera because of the tile thing.
    2nd: Google Chrome because of the Eric Andre extension and the browser where you can do voice search on Google.
    3rd: Firefox because of the great old versions of Firefox, from 3.0 until 4.0.
    4th: Internet Explorer and Safari because I'm neutral with both of them.

  36. He is leaving out on important thing in all of this Internet Explorer isn't a piece of shit that crashes all the time or  boots up every time it is clicked on AND Internet Explorer is reliably fast if internet explorer is slow on your machine get a new computer and get better internet because fact is if you have bad internet Chrome oprah fire fox safari and internet explorer will all run like shit  for you! imo IE9 master race because it works all the time <3

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