Browser Window Minimize, Resize, Close

Good evening everyone. It is once again
Ted the Speedlearner. And I’m going to talk about…this is right here a browser
window. And this is pulled up…believe it or not…let me shrink this down real
quick. It is pulled up when you click…you can click either Internet Explorer, which
is right here…get real close there… there’s Internet Explorer, or you got
Firefox. You can pull it up like this. Now Firefox is going to be a little
different than Internet Explorer. But you can either do Firefox or Internet
Explorer either one. I’m gonna do Internet Explorer because that’s what
most people have. But a lot of people now have Firefox. But you can double click
this. And, of course, a browser window will appear. Now as you see these browser
windows have tabs. See there’s the tab there. You can actually create another
tab by clicking right here. See? There’s the tab and there’s this little box
right here. You can click it and, of course, you can make another tab. And you can just make tabs all over the place. But this is a tab…this is a tab. Um…on this one you can type in Okay? Now lookie there. There’s the YouTube
website. You can click over here and…ah this is the Google website. This is YouTube
right over here you can tap from one to the other. You can look at Google and
then you can look at YouTube. You can go back and forth all the days of your life.
If you want to get rid of a tab, you’ll see that right at the end of it there’s
a little X. Click on that X and that closes it. Okay? Now then I’m going to go ahead…and now you’ll see three buttons right up here. This one’s called minimize because it has a dash. Okay? See the dash? That’s minimize. This one’s called resize. You can have this as a full screen or you can have this
shrunk down. And I’ll show you that in just a second. And this final one…this
red one right here…this red X is close. minimize resize and close Now what does minimize do? If you click minimize, it shrinks the window…that shrinks the
thing down to here. So your web page is still there. It’s it right in here. But it
shrinks it down to here. Then you can maximize it by clicking that and there
you are. It’s all maximized again. Now what about resize? Well we go up here and click this. And as you can see this resizes the window. This is….if you
see the two little boxes, that means the window is full size. If you see the one
little box, it means it shrunk down. And you can actually use your mouse to make
the the browser window as big or as small as you would want it to be. See how I’m doing that? When you hover your cursor above a browser window like this, the
cursor changes from from one arrow to an up-and-down arrow like this. And if you move your cursor over here, it changes to a side-to-side arrow. See how that works? Okay. So this is the resize. Now let’s say you want to close the window. Well all you have to do is hit the red X and it’s gone. So the dash is always known as the minimize, the double boxes
or single box is known as the resize, button, and the final one which is the red
x is known as the close. Okay? And you can do this all you want. Alright. Now you
know what a browser window is. You know what minimizes is, you know what resize is, and now you know what close is. I will tell you more in a future video, so stay tuned.

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