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After a few fan character reviews you guys seemed interested in original character reviews Original as in not part of an existing franchise I’m going to continue the category point system But there will be no how well does this character fit in with the universe rank because there really is no universe yet So we’ll continue with the design of the character and any Interesting ideas if we add them together we get a nice and even 10-point system Yay, here, we have Audrey age 10 gender female disability, dyslexia species human??? Personality timid nervous insecure doesn’t trust 95% of people current status attends a high class all-girls school where she is bullied constantly for her disability and Appearance she lives with her alcoholic mother who owns a casino and hardly pays any attention to her oh boy It’s going to be one of those her father died when she was nine months old her mother won’t tell her anything about him she Is a single child but wishes she had a sibling who would care about her has been through so much pain And injury that she has gotten used to it Wait what why has she gone through a bunch of physical injuries is that from the bullying does she work in a sweatshop? I mean she’s missing a piece of her finger on her left hand how did that happen? I’m genuinely baffled by this sentence There’s no other explanations given. Well. I don’t know what to make of this I guess they hint that she is a different creature because of the human?? thing, but that’s it there’s no explanation to why she has completely red eyes or why she gets injured so often of course we also have the Everything sucks for this character status, which doesn’t really do anything except Make you feel sorry for the character so far this whole description seems unfinished, and I’m just confused I like that the design isn’t too over-the-top. I’m assuming that the character isn’t human here I like the idea of getting injured often. That sounds really bad You could make this because her species has a weaker body than humans or something like that But these ideas are given very little explanation or development this OC is named Ingii here We have a pretty simple geometric design with some odd Stylistic choices these eyes are kind of confusing like is he being cross-eyed right now Maybe if the whites of the eye were curved with the outline this would be easier to understand in Ingii, 23, He/him Bisexual, angel-demon? These people are really unsure about what species their characters are… Taken af, coffee addict Over-emotional, Dogs Memes + dog memes are the heart + soul deathly afraid of spiders well it seems that we have the same problem that a lot of o’seas have which is not enough detail or Explanations to anything I don’t understand the point of making an original character if you’re just gonna provide us with something that looks like a slightly personal driver’s license. The only things we have for a personality is over Emotional which is something but without much more than that it’s kind of bland We also have deathly afraid of spiders, but does that have any effect on the character’s personality? Or is it just a fear that they have Because they just need a fear I feel like if the trait doesn’t add anything to the character It doesn’t need to be there who knows I could be wrong, but without any more information I can only speculate the design is clean, and I appreciate the attempt at a simplified style But the eyes are just so stylized that it’s just confusing There’s almost no ideas here. Let alone interesting ones. Next, is some sort of monster. Oh see by the name of Asterisk I guess since Undertale exists We’re going to name every OC after some sort of font or text symbol. I still don’t know what Asterisks actually is though. I guess some kind of alien experiment gone wrong like Krocedils entire race. Although, the whole point of Asterix when I made her is to be a fusion based abomination that has no morals and lives to die. Cheerful. Name Asterisk, gender female, sexuality pansexual special traits Unaffected by pain stimuli immune to most harmful chemicals as well as UV and ionizing radiation plasma breath and acidic blood. All attempts to heal spine would have failed although it appears to be impervious to Infections and functions as though it was inside the body psychiatric analysis mentally disturbed Weaknesses tends to take heavy damage in fights against foes that do not fear her as she cannot determine the severity of any injuries she obtains. Can’t stand the smell of citrus fruits. Well that’s a bit random Cannot swim becomes agitated When others insult her accent pressure her about her origin or ask about the Bell on her tail? So it seems like you got yourself a basic abomination I like the has no morals and lives to die aspect of it It would be interesting to explore that concept the design is uniquely gruesome. It might be a bit too cluttered I don’t think the cyborg limbs are really necessary especially if they want to go for an organic Monster feel which I think would work well with the spine thing, but overall I do enjoy it I mentioned before there’s a few ideas that I think have potential, but they could be explored some more here. We have eful vivvy which is a zombie OC of sorts I do have to mention the detail of this art especially the abundance of folds in the clothes the left eye does seem Uneven I know the head is turned so the eye would be smaller, but the size difference seems a bit extreme I like the purple skin and the gore on the arms and neck however It’s a bit too detailed for the style they’re going for. Here is my new OC Vivvy is kind of like a zombie But instead of just being there doing zombie stuff and eating brains She just in constant dying state at least she needs to be or else she will die What? She is like opposite of a normal human in order to live she needs to keep her body in a dying, dead state that would be easy since it’s easy to die, just rip your heart and guts out But that’s not the case her body can regenerate even something like nerve system and brain cells are able to Regenerate only thing that can kill her is when she is not in the dying State wow This is getting confusing yes Yes It is the back story pretty much goes through the story of how she died sort of and Realized she could regenerate I think the design fits the character Overall the regenerative aspect of this could be explored the dying to live part However is really confusing, and I know they already know this But like maybe it’s just not explained well or the concept needs to be developed Maybe even simplified anyway. My name is SolarSands and Goodbye *Generic cheerful music*

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  1. Are you gona make another review, not only about edgy shitty ocs ? I wana make an oc who isn't edgy or something…

  2. Kawanial

    She sheeees
    Broke her armz lul
    QUIRKYYYYYY but also p e r f e c t
    likes pinkkk
    Depresseddddd :((((((((((((
    Robotic earzzzzzz lollll
    Monster omg
    Eyes cmangr to BLACK when deamon

  3. BROOooo you know how much lovely Lauren has improved Audrey's design tho broooooo also no spoilers but she isn't a single child anymore

  4. The first one is Lovely Lauren's OC. Here is her YT channel tho

  5. My OC bakes cakes at night.
    (Bad example)
    My OC bakes cakes in a dazed like state after being through a terrible accident while baking a cake.
    (Ima guess that's a good example)

  6. you're aware that reference sheets are supposed to show smaller details about a character, right? you can- but most usually don't- include the personality on the ref sheets lmao

  7. Say whatever the hell you want about it but i cant stand the whole "Has been abused their whole life , nobody likes them , their parents died , etc" its overused and in my opinion is kind of inconsiderate towards people who have had a bad past , im not saying ive had a bad past , but some people have , that's all i have to say , anybody else feel the same?

  8. “Just Because Undertale exists we’re gonna use fonts or text symbols for names.”
    What about using words for names that aren’t supposed to be used for names?
    (I have an OC named Alive. No, she’s not undead. She’s human. It’s a long story…)

  9. Can you like,leave Lauren (oc-Audrey) alone? Look at her chanel and then look at yours and than say something ok? This is for the people who write it in the comments (sorry for bad English)

  10. I know this was uploaded a year ago but I recognize the first one (Audrey) from a video that was recently uploaded by Lovely Lauren,, she's her creator. Anyways in the video, she explains why Audrey's hair is purple and her eyes are pink.
    Supposedly she was once used as an illegal test subject by a group of evil scientists and the side effects were her hair and eyes turning out that way.

  11. Damn let kids/teens have fun bro…
    Sure, point out some flaws and give em constructive criticism but don't shit on em like that publicly

  12. Literally almost all his comments : Do YoU EveN KnOw HoW To dRAw?!?!
    I personally hate EVERY type of hate comments I love your channel and know you can draw
    Stop hating on him he’s just reviewing things jeez

  13. Everyone: Every character on denvient art is unoriginal

    Me: sees one of Lovely Lauren’s oc’s Oh my god… Audrey is the best FUCKING CHARACTER EVER-!

    Everyone disliked that

  14. The first one
    Audrey- her eyes has turned red because of the expirements that have done to her. She is an human expiriment and the person that she was scared of during the expirement was called the "Specialist". Wounds and bruises takes months to heal

  15. I know the backstory of audrey ( the first one ) its on lovely laurens channel, go check it out! ( the video is called OC headcannon voices )

  16. The owner of Audrey is Lovely Lauren who happens to be an Animator, it doesn't always have to be a sad story and there ARE happy ocs out there that aren't brung up and half of these ocs were made for a very specific horror or story plotline. And alot of ocs get character development if they're roleplayed with or if you follow the plotline.

    The angel-demon hybrids are pretty annoying to see since they're so common among people new to creating oc.

    Get over yourselves, please.

  17. With the oc asterisk. If the character has no morals and lives to die shouls they really think of love?
    Like if they have no feeling and is a alien experiment gone wrong does sexuality and shit matter to the alien?
    Though thats my take on it

  18. I feel bad for lovely Lauren because her character
    Audrey is there and her character got 3/5 and 2/5
    And she made great progress with Audrey but still
    Great video tho 😊

  19. UV IS ionising. I know this is a minor point but God lets clean up our radiation terminology people geeze its the simple things, the really simple things.

  20. Rules to make an DA OC:

    It can't be straight;
    It needs to be a neko or a demon
    Give the OC the most messed up cliche childhood (dead parents, sexual harassment, bullying, depression and more)
    Make it a psychopath or sociopath
    Draw it on a very fucked up anime style

  21. whats with artists an their explanation of their Oc and stuff like its cool ok but even sexual choice!?! Why would I care.

    Ok this bruoght my mind that are there people that care? And this leads to disturbing questions when you look at that extra extra details and that fetish maniacs.

    Maybe we shouldn t overthink this.

  22. Me: Looks at my 3 straight, happy, OCs and my 1 asexual, why do I exist OC.
    Looks at my teacher OC.
    Also me: Does this me I'm a freak?

  23. why would you get bullied for dyslexia i have it and it dosent impeach on me that much. dyslexia is mostly reading problems, that's why we have audio books

  24. Slenderman
    Age 2
    Mother of 80
    Half Spider

    Has boyfriend
    Has girlfriend

  25. "Has been through so much pain and injury that she has gotten used to it"

    Me: you didn't have to go that close to home

  26. How to make an OC:

    1. Make sure they are transgender

    2. Make sure they are pansexual

    3. Give them a disability, mental or physical

    4. (Extra) them being a half demon

  27. I don't really see what's wrong with Lovely Lauren's character Audrey…and also if you see Lauren's latest video it tells you why she has all of those bruises and such.

  28. Audrey is owned by Lovely Lauren if I’m right and has red eyes because of scientists testing on her as well as why she is injured.

  29. why do oc makers have to make us feel bad for the character and it does not efect anyone
    and they do dis
    personality:dabs on dem haters gets bullied alot and is a virgin

  30. Who else never bothered giving any of your ocs from back in the day personallities because you couldn’t think of anything? lol

  31. some of you guys have never seen lovely lauren's videos. if you'd watch, it'd make way more sense. audrey is her oc and she did do a more in depth explanation.

  32. Name: Definitely Not A Common Name In Any Place Ever
    Age: -2 or 1000
    Gender: Quadrinary
    Sexual Orientation: Not Straight
    Species: you could just not specify species if you want it to be such a mystery
    Personality: Literally Cannot Live Anymore/Is Dumb
    Story: God underwent a teenager angst during the entire lifetime of this character

    Image: Literally everything that doesn't make sense for anything that exists / Demon

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