Browsing Sounds with MASCHINE MIKRO | Native Instruments

To find sounds quickly, MASCHINE gives you
a powerful tag-based browser. It lets you to manage everything, from individual
samples to whole projects in one place. Let’s say you want to find a drum kit. First select “Groups”, then specify your search by selecting “Kits”. For a warm, textured drum kit – simply select “Vinyl” and you’ll see only kits matching this attribute. Clicking this speaker icon allows you to audition kits. On the hardware, simply hit the BROWSER button and use the encoder to scroll through
the current selection. Let’s load this one by clicking the encoder. You can tag your favourite sounds by pressing
SHIFT + ★ To find them again later, just hit the star
icon to make them show up again. This is really helpful when you explore the
vast MASCHINE library and want to build your own pool of sounds.

8 thoughts on “Browsing Sounds with MASCHINE MIKRO | Native Instruments

  1. Nice work NI…the Mikro MK3 looks to be perfect. Using the Maschine studio and mk2 controllers at the moment. Will be adding this little beast to a smaller setup!

  2. Hi! How can you navigate in browser from your maschine mikro mk3 like switching between projects, groups, sounds and instruments? Since this is not 4 directional knob, I can not find out how to switch between this tabs. If no, could you please add this feature in future updates? For example with browser button on the arrows become your navigation instrument, first I choose tab (projects, groups, sounds), then click on encoder I choose type (bass, lead, kit, etc), then click and choose subtype (acoustic kit, analog kit etc). It would add a new experience in browsing without touching the mouse.

  3. Aloha, I am really enjoying these videos. I have ordered a Komplete Kontrol keyboard that will arrive any day now. I already have a Push 2, but was wondering how the Micro would fit into the mix. Is it redundant to have both the Push and the Mikro. Do the KK keyboard and the Micro play well together? Can you use the screens on the KK to view info for the Mikro?

  4. I've registered and installed all the software…but it won't let me load sounds from the mk sounds from the mk2…ice gone crazy.. because I'm a sounds fantastic ..HELPPPP😩😩😩😩😩😩😩.

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