BTS 방탄소년단 & Shinhwa 신화 – Perfect Man 퍼펙트맨 comparison

Yeah~ Ohh~ I’ll only know of you
even if my breath ends Cause you are the one~ Even when everything changes I won’t change Just let it be My one will need the time I only have to wait It’ll be hard sometimes, there is always a perfect love next to you There are many things that I can not give to you you probably have the whole world I’ll only know of you
even if my breath ends Cause you are the one~ I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you again So you’ll be able to rest in my embrace Ya, the perfect man is who I be sittin’ on top with ya, but more swifter Stronger than your nob liqour Money, house and clothes,
don’t let the clues get ya They not fear If you ever feel me bluntly in your mind when it disappears like the smell of morning coffee Can’t you give me the last chance to start over again? Wooo~ You probably know how hard it was for me I never left your side (Call me) If you accept me, everything of me will change completely I want it to be you, want it I’ll only know of you even
if my breath ends Cause you are the one~ I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you again
(See time don’t stop, the crime don’t stop.
So I won’t stop ’till I’m sittin’ on top.) So you’ll be able to rest in my embrace
(To every home phone and a cells gets parked,
and every hard top get chopped to we drop)

100 thoughts on “BTS 방탄소년단 & Shinhwa 신화 – Perfect Man 퍼펙트맨 comparison

  1. 비교할 순없지만 방탄은 정말 칭찬해줘야 하지 않나??  본 무대도 아니고 그냥 연말스페셜무대를 위해서 저정도 퀄리티를 낸거면 얼마나 연습을 했으며 얼마나 열심히 한거야 ,,, 춤도 잘추지만 난 너무 칭찬하고싶음. 신화분들도 이거 보면 칭찬해주고 싶을거같은데…무튼 둘다 좋아요!!!

  2. im reaaaalllly impressed with BTS’s cover they did an amazing job

    but as you’d expect, the original is still the best 🧡

  3. It's said as comparison in title. What are they comparing ?? BTS dance with old times stage settings. I couldn't see old dance. They show only people and is this a comparison ???

  4. Shinhwa : soft
    Bts : powerful
    But both of them are legend …
    Bts can remake/cover any old song & it will be up in chart back♥
    Let's give both of them support…
    Have a good joy in their journey😍😍😍😍

  5. 방탄 존나 잘한거 팩튼데 댓글 틀딱들 방탄 게이라는둥 욕하는거봐 나이 똥꼬로 쳐먹었나 쪽팔려 죽겠네

  6. 인생의 3/1은 신화 때문에 웃고 울었는데…..

    예전에는 스캔들나면
    몇 일 동안 울고 불고 인생 끝난거 마냥….
    지금은 우리 오빠들 다 장가 좀 갔으면 좋겄네ㅎ…

  7. 난 너무 고마운게 이좋은 노래를 신화가 불러줬기에 방탄도 부를수 있었던거잖아요 애들 꿈이 신화처럼 오래오래 노래하는건데 그냥 여러가지로 좋아요..

  8. I doesn't even know shinwa before but this group so fxxking great😘😘
    Maybe i will be their fan if i born a litle bit fast 😅😅

  9. 방탄도 요즘의 스웩으로 잘 커버해줬네ㅎㅎ 근데 오른쪽 신화 영상 엠넷 로고랑 프로그램은 최근껀데 영상은 20년 전 꺼야.. 무슨 상황이었지?

  10. 지민이 이런노레 찰떡이다 솔직히 지민이만 보인다 ㅋㅋㅋ왜ㅜ메인으로 췄는줄 알겠다 그 전설의 주황머리 걔 네

  11. I am from the Future and trust me our boys are killing it, they are not only know in Korea but Internationallyy,they changed the kpop scene,our boys have some so far i am so proud 😢

  12. 방탄이들이 잘될줄 모르고.. 까는 댓글 수두룩..그시대엔 신화가 독보적..레전드임..그건 빼박임..하지만.. 현재는~~??!!!! 방탄 목소리로 퍼팩트맨은.. 이것도 레전드임..

  13. 커버곡을 왜 원곡가수랑 비교하고 있어 이 그지 깽깽이들아 ㅠㅠㅠ 그냥 열심히 했구나 하면 되는 것을…

  14. 여자같은 외모에 스키니진 입고 저런 남성적 춤춰도 전혀 맛이 안산다. 신화를 이을 후배 아이돌은 그나마 투피엠 정도. 다른 아이돌들은 그냥 미성숙한 중고딩이나 게이들 같음.

  15. 이 노래는 박력이 포인트인데..
    내 개인적으로는 색다르긴 한데 BTS가 원곡 느낌처럼 좀 더 남성적으로 불러 줬으면 더 좋지 않았을까싶음

  16. whoa! there's a very slight difference from voice, to energy (in m opinion) BUT I still love BTS' version Jimin's voice was so clear &awesome! The original was great too though! haha I can't get enough of this I can't even count now how many times I've watched this from MBC's to other viewers reactions haha

  17. At first I listened to bts cover of perfect man and then the original I got to say that for me I liked bts version better but that’s my own opinion we all have different ways of expressing ourselves ❤️💞

  18. I'm sorry shinhwa, based on the comparison of the posted video it's better when BTS cover it, the sound and their choreography is more catchy specially jimins part…don't bash me it's my opinion as a viewer , being an army has nothing to do with this opinion… but I must admit there's some similarity in their voices, Me at this point looking for some shinhwas performance…

  19. Bts coverd this so well and my eyes always went to Jimin not only cause he's my bias but he dances with so much passion ❤

  20. I’m wearing headphones and I love that I hear BTS on left side and shinhwa on right side💜💜💜

  21. I don't know abt others but comparing bts and shinhwa…..I'm sorry but BTS rocks😍😍😘😘😙😙😚😚😚😎😎😎😎

  22. I don't know abt others but comparing bts and shinhwa…..BTS rocks😍😍😘😘😙😙😚😚😚😎😎😎😎

  23. Look at the difference between old kpop and our kpop… still liking my kpop but the other kpop isnt that bad

  24. Sin ofensa solo MI opinion,pero BTS se mueve mas y el video de BTS perfect man tiene mas vistas que el original :v

  25. They made it dual audio now, so if you're wearing headphones or earphones, you can hear the right side if you only have the right side on and you can hear the left side only if you have the left side on, pretty cool!!

  26. 아이고~ㅋ꼰대놈들 댓글가관이네 후배가수가 커버 열심히 했다거나 등 말은 못해줄망정 원곡개념따지고 게이같다고 꼴갑하고 자빠졌네 그거말곤 깔게없냐 신화커버하는 그룹중에 저만큼 커버잘하는 그룹못봤다 특히 신화팬이었다고 구라까는 안티들아 신화얼굴에 먹칠하지마라 별미친것들 다봤네

  27. I like BTS performance the all members was very strength and very energetic person xpecial jimin singing so good and expression was very very good

  28. 이제 이정도믄, 방탄이 커버한거에 감사해야할듯‥저때는 초반인데도 진짜 열심히하네‥ 야들 커버무대 하나도 그냥그냥 하지않는구마!그래서 지금의 bts가 된거였어‥

  29. No need to argue coz they both freakin good BTS give justice to cover to their SHINWA cover and SHINWA also acknowledge their cover thats is good.💜🤞

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