Business Communication Case Study: MedXM

(light inspirational music) – Gregg, there’s a revolution going on in healthcare today. Historically, we’ve practiced sick care rather than healthcare. If you ask any individual,
“When do you see a doctor?”, the most common answer you hear back is, “When I’m sick.” So by definition, we practice sick care rather than healthcare. A very inefficient and costly
way to practice healthcare. – So, the best way to help
bring those costs down is to make sure that those
patients are reached out to before they get sick. – That’s right. In the past few years, one of the drivers in healthcare is to provide high-quality,
value-based preventative care. By doing this, you are
reducing unnecessary ER visits and hospital admissions. – And that’s what MedXM does so well. So, you’re engaged with
all the major providers around the country, like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue
Shield, Centene, Molina, and all these big players
in this space rely on MedXM to get to those patients who
are considered high-risk. – Right. And that’s where you come in. What we like about Vonage is
your technology and support, but really more than those two, it’s the people we work with at Vonage. I always say “people
don’t buy from companies, “they buy from people”. Combine that with the technology
and support Vonage offers, and that’s why we’re sitting here today. – I think we did a really good job of listening to and
understanding what MedXM needed, then we distilled those down
from your immediate needs, to those midterm needs,
to those critical needs that we both defined for the future. And I think that allowed
MedXM to become more valuable to your top five health plan partners. You had recently moved
to the Google Echo system and deployed G Suite and Chrome, as well as Salesforce,
into your environment. This was key, because as an organization, you were rapidly growing
from 50 employees to 600 in a very short period of time. And UpCurve Cloud added
their technical capability, helped us with the design
in each of the phases that we talked about, and actually helped us
integrate our voice platform into your other cloud applications. – There was a lot of manual
reports and manual work that was being done that
we were able to automate. That’s a huge cost
savings in people’s times and streamlining our process. – So, a small IT team can now actually manage all that growth. So Sy, you and your team had
already lived in the cloud, and Vonage has allowed MedXM
to go deeper into the cloud with all of your applications, like voice. So first, we unified
communications between all your employees. Then we integrated voice
capability into your productivity apps, G Suite and Salesforce. Then we deployed our
advanced contact center, and that included reporting, analytics, and even gamification for your team. – It’s amazing. Our outreach personnel are
called Guardian Angels. When a new Guardian Angel comes on board, they get a Chromebook and an earpiece. Voice integration is right
into that Chromebook. – Let’s talk about all
the other cool stuff that’s gonna drive the
MedXM business forward. – Yes, big things. Vonage API platform,
Nexmo, gives us the ability to know where all of our
nurses and physicians are at any one point, anywhere in the country. So if there is a
cancellation or a no-show, we can send a simple text alert to both parties to reroute that clinician to the next available patient and not lose any provider productivity. – So it’s really all about
that member communication. – Communication is
everything to us, Gregg. – So, goodbye sick care! – Yes. Goodbye sickcare, and welcome healthcare. (light inspirational music)

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