Butterbeer Recipe With A Real Life Harry Potter!!

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  1. My mouth just dropped in shock and stayed that way. I'm on the other side of the world. Literally on the other end of the world from where this book was written, and I had the first book read to me by my (admittedly emigrated Scottish) teacher, who brought it back after it came out in the UK in 1998 (having it read to us, not the publication date)

  2. Why is everyone so obsessed with Ben not having watched or read Harry Potter? I didn't either.
    If you have no interest in it, just don't watch or read it. What would be the point?

  3. James is Hermione lol they have that same sense of superiority when it comes to their respective fields 😂

  4. I always imagined butter beer tasting like a werthers original soda with a slight hoppy, backnote and a salted caramel buttery undertone. And the foam was marshmallowey. X

  5. Jamie: which one is your favorite?
    Ben: the third book
    (Me: ooh Azkaban)
    Jamie: that one is…?
    Ben: the one after the second
    Me at Ben’s reply: 😪😱🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Ok so I think cold glass hot butter beer, or vice verse cold butter beer and heated glass. One or the other I think

  7. Ben is a disgrace to England (I'm assuming) and the entire wizard of community (aka Harry Potter nerds)

  8. Actually butter beer is a real recipe from the 1540’s commonly drank hot with a meal, and a favorite of the royal family’s

  9. Literally watched 2 videos by this lot and both have errors. Ginger Ale and Ginger beer are not the same drink. Its ginger beer. Also the real combo is cream soda, ginger beer and ice cream not this horrific diabetes in a pint

  10. How are the rest of you all gaining weight over the years, while Jaime somehow got skinnier!? Isn't he the bacon, chorizo and butter guy?!

  11. In the book, they're clearly non-alcoholic. -.- that's stated every time. So I'd take out the alcohol. :/

  12. Nope, Ben reading Harry Potter is still not on Facebook… just rechecked 🤣

    Stephen Fry remains unchallenged!

  13. I always imagined butter beer being something like a mix of real vanilla and butterscotch puddings, thinned with a buttery eggnog, frozen together. Then make a punch out of it using a good ginger ale or limon soda.

    **By real, I mean stovetop, from scratch.

    * Eggnog the way my family makes it, is alcohol free. But the rum variety can obviously be used for adults, and additional buttered rum added in place of all or part of the soda, to taste.

    ** serve in proper beer mugs, frosted in the freezer. A small chunk of dry ice could be added for additional, magical effect.

  14. Ben is harry potter, jamie is haggrid, mike is professor lupin, james is professor snape, and barry is neville longbottom.

  15. Um has anyone else noticed that bens scar is on the wrong side. The again you can’t really be surprised.

  16. lemme just say I’m super disappointed in ben but i also hate that jamie was so full of himself cuz he’s read the fricken books before. . .”you’re such a muggle” shut tf up jamie

  17. How to drink made an good recipe based on the medieval recipe. Take a look at their https://youtu.be/fhCKQLWZuK4

  18. I'm sorry, but the second I found out this Butterbeer recipe was coming from somebody with NO KNOWLEDGE of Harry Potter, I stopped watching. What a joke.

  19. Umm actually, like a lot of things in Harry Potter, buttered beer did exist. Google buttered beer 1588 and you'll get plenty of information on it.

  20. A super easy butter beer recipe is: Butterscotch or Toffy syrup (found in most coffee shops) 1oz (or 2 pumps), 12-14oz of milk, 1/4 tsp of ground ginger.
    Steam the syrup and the ginger in the milk and garnish with cinnamon.

  21. Ben, if it helps, I’m the same way. I haven’t see them all either. My friend is gonna fix that BUT I’ve seen more than you. 😂😂

  22. Geek is describing someone who's eccentric, non-mainstream, obsessed with something unusual. A nerd is describing someone who's overly intellectual, obsessive and lack social skill. Harry Potter is neither mainstream nor intellectual. Of course Ben hasn't read the series. I don't see how reading that series has anything to do to be a geek or a nerd. Ben is obsessed with food and that's enough in my book.

  23. I've been binge watching your episodes for the last few days and I love how you make cooking seem easy and fun. And seeing this episode I have to ask, has Ben now read or seen Harry Potter?

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