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215 611 S Catalina StSte 203Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 880-3315 BYOD once again comes to the rescue of a hard drive in distress. I had lost nearly a TB of important data when my HDD had become completely unreadable. Noel took a look, and even though it required some […]


611 S Catalina St
Ste 203

Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 880-3315

BYOD once again comes to the rescue of a hard drive in distress. I had lost nearly a TB of important data when my HDD had become completely unreadable. Noel took a look, and even though it required some extra special work, he was able to recover everything! Given the state of the hard drive damage, BYOD gave me a great deal as well! Noel continues to live up to his reputation as one of the best in SoCal. Friendly service, very thorough, real professionals. Thanks, BYOD!

Clean. Precise. Professional. Recommended. The services provided exceeded expectations.

Noel is the best in L.A. This is my second time doing business with him. My Laptop bit the dust and he was kind enough to not only be honest about my hard drive being damaged and not worth repairing, he also did not charge me for his time he erased my hard drive and will recycle the rest of the parts on my laptop.

COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! We have gone to scammy authorized Apple repair places (ahem, Downtown HI-Tech) and have had BAD experiences. So was a little hesitant to go here when the Apple store could not help. The five-star rating is WELL DESERVED! Noel was very helpful, honest and fair in his dealing with us. He is clearly very knowledgeable. Would take other Apple products back there. Avoid the scammers, go to BYOD.

Also, regarding parking, I found meter parking, but being Ktown things can get a little crazy. Just be prepared to circle, walk or pay the lot (I think it was $7 was the first hour).

Excellent service! I had drive with some very important documents fail on me. My mac could recognize the drive, but it wasn’t showing any files on it. I tried multiple software repair programs and Disk Utility repair, but nothing worked.

I brought in the drive, and BYOD called me back shortly w/ an estimate. They were able to recover all 31GB on my data for a lot cheaper than other places charged (trust me, I looked). They even let me know that the drives I had been using were really low quality, and suggested I buy a different brand.

I highly recommend them.

Dropped my girlfriends phone into a river and it stayed in there for 20 mins before I could finally get it out, we needed to get the pictures off of it but it wouldn’t start up. The phone definitely had noticeable water damage.

Other places were quoting ridiculously high prices but BYOD was able to do it for a much fairer price and in a shorter amount of time than other businesses, he went above and beyond to get all the pictures back.

Thank you so much.

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend this place to everyone

I had a problem with my MacBook Pro last week and went to Noel, BYOD computer services in Los Angeles, CA at 611 S Catalina St Ste 203.

He gave me a free diagnosis of my Mac and was very helpful with giving me information about the Mac problems. Very professional!

He fixed it at a reasonable price. Problems SOLVED!
Very knowledgeable!

He had nice personality with excellent customer service.

It was GREAT experience!
Extremely SATISFIED !

This is my first review on Yelp, but I felt compelled to share my experience. Noel is very dedicated and professional! My laptop got physically crushed and he was able to retrieve the data for me. He was very transparent with his pricing and assured me he would not charge me if he could not retrieve the data (unlike some of the other places). Not only that, I was unable to go back to his shop for a month due to my busy schedule but he was super understanding. I would highly recommend his service to anyone! Thank you Noel!

This place was a god send. I was putting together a new work build for my home office and I wanted to ensure that the cooling was optimal without liquid cooling. Noel was so helpful with looking at the parts I was planning to buy and he made a lot of great suggestions. The computer build was completed several days before the estimated date, and the computer has been working perfectly. This place was really great and it happened to be really close to where I live. So happy to have come here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Noel from BYOD was quick to message me back through Yelp messenger and I visited him same day! I stopped by his office with my external hard drive issue and Noel was very clear and prompt about what steps/services we could take to help recover a formatted external hard drive. Noel did a diagnostic test to see what could be recovered, he kept me informed with phone calls and updated me on what steps he was doing to get some read on my hard drive . I was able to come to his office once he got some saved files and he gave me the decision of viewing the saved files and letting me choose if I wish to proceed with full recovery . Noel is a very smart and a wonderful owner , he answered all my questions, explained clearly and gave me peace of mind of what options I had on recovering my hard drive. He’s someone I would highly recommend to others for any of your device issues and I most definitely would come back to Noel and his amazing services . Thank you

Excellent data recovery services. Brought in 3 external hard drives all with issues. Noel brought them all back to life and transferred all data to a USB drive. Did so very, very quickly. Smooth transaction all around. Strongly recommended.

Noel was amazing, went to replace an exploded battery that I couldn’t get the screw out and come to find out the battery wasn’t compatible. Noel, ordered the battery and replaced it within two days. So far so good, I will update review in 30 days.

I highly recommend Noel and BYOD. I brought my almost 10 year old broken external hard drive in after being told many years ago by 2 other data recovery companies that it could not be salvaged, unless I wanted to pay upward of $1000. Noel was very fair and reasonable from the beginning, explaining I would only pay if my intended data was recovered–and I could review the data to make sure what I specifically wanted had actually been recovered. Within less than a week, Noel had recovered it all for a fraction of the previously quoted price from 10 years ago! So happy to have all of my old photos and videos from 2000-2009 now recovered. Thanks Noel!

My experience here with Noel was wonderful! He was extremely kind and was able to recover the data from my completely destroyed iPhone. He was also willing to stay after to closing to put the back up data on my new phone, as I only had access to public transportation and had trouble making it to him before he closed at 4. I will definitely be coming back to him for my technology repair needs!

I highly recommend Noel and BYOD! I spent half a day getting quotes to fix the screen on my 2015 MacBook Pro. Most everyone I spoke to said, “just buy another one, it’s not worth fixing.” I found Noel on Yelp and discovered his office is walking distance from my house (always a bonus in LA!) I walked in and within minutes he had sourced the parts and gave me an extremely fair price on the labor. Within 2 days my device was like brand new.

Noel is fair, honest, quick and willing to accommodate. In my experience this is a rare find, especially when it comes to computer repair.

I will be recommending BYOD to all my friends and family.

This is provably my favorite Computer Repair outfit in Southern California. The technicians always answer your calls, walk-Ins are welcome and you can expect a good experience. Trust your computers with BYOD and you won’t be disappointed with their honesty and world class service. Five stars all day-er day!

I am so grateful for Noel my laptop is everything he was able to fix and upgrade my software and storage space not long after I dropped it off. He’s very transparent and clear, knows his stuff. He’s in a class of his own everyone on here gives him high praise for his work because he does great work and for a fraction of what other people charge. I absolutely recommend BYOD Noel can take care of you without a doubt.

I found Noel via Yelp and I just wanted to say that he is exactly what the Yelp reviews described. He is very personable and his price is very reasonable (in compared with others out there). Unlike others, he is quick to response to texts and took the time to explain the process and I felt at ease right away. Basically, my hard disc crashed and Noel was able to recover the data w/o any issues. He even went to Staples to buy for me an external hard drive big enough to hold the recovered data (an extra trip that he saved me). He educated me about the important of backing up data (even have a 2nd backup) and recommended the use of surge protector to help protect my electronics in case of a power surge. Good guy over all and I definitely seek his service again. I highly recommended him.

I really appreciate the honest, communicative service Noel provided me. My old 2010 MacBook stopped charging, and it turns out that living in Ktown means power surges will sometimes fry your devices! Baagh.

Noel was able to order the hardware needed to recover files from my old laptop, recover most of my files, and transfer them onto my new laptop. It was about $300 for the data recovery, though I was able to redeem 10% off using the Yelp discount.

The office is located on the 2nd floor of a super nondescript building at the SW corner of 6th and Catalina. Look for terra cotta-colored tiles on the outside and enter through glass doors.

I have nothing but *AMAZING* things to say about Noel at BYOD computers. My 2010 Macbook was having problems – slow and sometimes non-responsive trackpad, date and time going back to some wacky time in 2008, and battery draining incredibly fast and then barely charging at all – and I chose to completely ignore them until the week before my last ever final (which is 50% of my grade, btw) when my computer would turn on but refuse to charge when it was plugged in.

I scoured Yelp for several computer repair shops in various neighborhoods which I frequent (Culver City, Chatsworth, Granada Hills, Mid-city, Downtown LA) and messaged several businesses with questions about how much it would cost to fix and how soon the fix could be completed. Several businesses got back to me – and all the quotes were relatively the same (about a $20 difference at the highest point) – however many businesses would have to order the part (one place quoted me an 8-9 day turnaround – something I just could not afford!) Noel was the only one who had the part in stock and quoted me an awesome turn around time of “15-20 minutes”

I took my computer to Noel this weekend and as his building elevators are secure on weekends he came down to get me and another kid who was having computer problems also during a really stressful finals week. Noel was personable and friendly and I greatly appreciate how he took the time to simplify and explain the problem my computer was having to me.

Noel showed me the new battery and how it was supposed to look. After he removed my battery he showed me both side by side and I could visibly see the difference in my warped battery. Noel also showed me how many “cycles” my computer had been through – over 500 – and told me that somewhere in the 300-400 range was normal before batteries started to have problems. He explained that all the time/date problems and trackpad problems were due to the battery pressing up and expanding.

All the work was done right in front of my eyes and sure enough within 20 minutes I had a brand new working computer. He explained to me to let it fully cycle one or two times so that the new battery would begin to kickstart itself.

I really appreciate his fast and friendly service and appreciate that he gave me a 6 month warranty on the new battery and told me to let him know if I have any problems at all. I also like that my receipt was texted to me – cutting down on the tons of paperwork I have in the trunk of my car.

Now….unfortunately…..time to start this final paper!

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