Cameras Rolling – 12 Deadly Days Ep 10 (ft. Mikey Murphy)

– What up? What up?
It’s your boy, Hunter H.C. The golden God of hustle,
the prank king, and some of you
might have noticed I’ve been gone for a minute.
Some of you might be new. So let me catch you up. There is one person
in this world that I love pranking
more than anyone else, and that person is
my little brother Casey.[upbeat music]
[bell dings]
– [screams][bell dings]Very funny Hunt–[bell dings]
[door bangs] Hunter![bell dings]♪ ♪[gagging][bell dings]– Have a good picture day,
Casey. Oh, shit.
Got him.♪ ♪[bell dings][slurps] [vomits] – Hunter! – But then tragedy struck. A few weeks ago, Casey died. Prank!
What up? He’s fine.
My dad did get a twisted up about his feelings and stuff.
‘Member this? – You gotta understand.
Casey, he’s a more sensitive guy than you were at his age. – But I’m making him tougher. You know, this is like–
like boot camp for middle schoolers
or something. – But that–that sucks. He doesn’t need
to be toughened up. He–he needs an older brother
watching his back. – Yeah, and I’m giving him both. I mean, come on.
He’s practically famous. – Okay, you–you’re not
listening to me. – What? – I–he wet his bed last week. – Oh, poor Casey. That’s–that’s hilarious. – No, no, it’ not.
– It is so funny. – Hunter, no more pranks, man. You gotta promise me. – Come on.
You love the stink finger. – [sighs]
Promise me. – Yeah.
I did. I stopped.
But that made a lot of you very unhappy. “Where’d
all the Casey pranks go?” “That kid needs
to grow some balls.” “Unsubscribe.” “Unsubscribe”? That cuts deep. So I thought about it.
I meditated. And I came to the realization
that this I my legacy. If I’m gonna
stop pranking Casey, I’ve gotta go out on top, and that’s when I realized, even God’s a fan. Because I was blessed with this wonderful Christmas miracle.[soft dramatic music]Meet Roy the Toy. This one’s gonna be good.[lightly edgy music]♪ ♪Now, I know what you guys
might be thinking. This is a horrifying monster that should be
nowhere near children, and that I agree with you on. That’s why I found him
in the half-price bin at the Dollar Store.He’s also very old
and smells horrible,
but scaring Casey
is not the prank. No, no, no. This one is a long con. You see, Roy here, came with some directions. “Roy is Santa’s
most talented toy maker, “and nothing makes him happier “than bringing
children’s wishes to life. “Each night
before you go to bed, “make sure you whisper
what you want in his ear “and write it on a slip of paper
for his dream jar. “While you sleep, Roy takes
your wish back to his workshop, “makes what you asked for,
and the next morning, “leaves a newly wrapped gift underneath the Christmas tree.” Now, Casey already believes
in Santa. So all I’ve gotta do is get him to swallow this up
to Christmas morning. So when he comes downstairs
all excited for his new gifts, he’ll open them, and they’ll be bursting
with holiday joy, and steaming piles of dog crap.[orchestral
“12 Days of Christmas”]
And I’m gonna give you guys
a front row seat.[bell dings][chuckles] All right,
so the first thing I gotta do is I gotta get
the parental unit onboard. Roy cannot be a gift from me. Even my dumbass brother’s
gonna sniff that one out. [car door closes] All right, cue unsuspecting Dad
right on time. [door opens and closes] – Hey, bud.
– Hey. – Hey, don’t ruin your appetite
on those chips. We got some steaks to grill. – Yeah.
– How you doing? – Good.
– Excellent, excellent. [laughs]
Who’s this guy? – This is Roy the Toy. He’s a Christmas elf, you know? I got him.
Came with a story and stuff. – You, uh…
[exhales] You paid money for this? – Yeah.
Yeah, I bought it for Casey. – What’s the catch?
– No catch, actually. Just trying to be
a good big brother like you said. Peace treaty almost.
You know? Just trying not to get
on the naughty list. – Well, I guess
that was generous of you. – Yeah.
Question though. Can you give it to him?
– Why? – Because I don’t want him
to think that it’s a setup. – [sighs] – Please? – Sure.
– Please, please, please please? – I’ll give it to him now.
– Thank you. – Hey, Case? You here? I got a creepy-ass doll for you. – [mouthing] Step two is
we watch the magic happen. – Hi, Roy.
My name’s Casey. – [mouthing]
– My first wish for Christmas is I want a magnifying glass, so I can find clues
and catch bad guys. – [mouthing] [rattling] – See you tomorrow, Roy.[electronic distortion]– Yo.
What’s up, coconspirators? We’re on day three
of Operation Coal, and it could not
be going any better. Check this out. My dad’s been buying
all the gifts from Roy. Yeah, I didn’t even have to ask. Thank you,
creepy little doll thing. You are making all
my Christmas wishes come true. – What are you doing? Roy’s my friend. – Chill, man. We’re just
getting to know each other. – He doesn’t wanna talk to you. Do you, Roy? – [mocking]
“He doesn’t want to talk you. Roy…
[mumbles]”[electronic distortion]– Yo, what’s up, guys? So, I’ve got an X-File for you. All right, so I wake up,
middle of the night, and I look over, and this guy’s mugging me
from my bedside. So I check the footage,
you know? To see who’s trying to be funny. And I don’t know, guys. You guys gotta see this
for yourselves. All right, so this happens… – What’re you doing? Roy’s my friend.– Chill, dude.
So I go to bed.[distorted voices]Right?
And two hours later… [creaking, bell tinkling] [creaking, bell tinkling] [thuds][eerie music]Wait for it.[high-pitch distortion]♪ ♪[high-pitched distortion]That’s my bedroom door.♪ ♪[high-pitched distortion][gasps] ♪ ♪ All right, Casey’s onto me. All right?
I know it. But I’ll make you guys
a promise. I’m not stopping.
I know that he knows, but does he know
that I know that he knows? Yeah. That’s some Jason Bourne shit
right there. Right? [exhales] I’m not gonna get beat
by an eight year old. Stay tuned. [drill whirring] Okay, perfect. So from now on,
I’m going full-on “Paranormal Activity” mode.
Okay? There are cameras
all over the house.If Casey wants to mess with me,
but I’m gonna catch him, and I’m gonna make him
pay for it. Yo, what’s up, guys. So, right now,
I’m gonna put this camera up in Casey’s room. Where do we put it? Hell yeah. Okay, perfect. Perv cam setup. [quietly]
Shit.[dark music][whispering]
Do you guys see that? Holy shit.♪ ♪Yo. – Hey, what the hell’s
going on out here? – Um, Roy just
fell off the mantle so I thought maybe Casey
would want to put him back up.♪ ♪– Casey’s still at Ryan’s. He probably won’t be home
until after I leave. – Where are you going? – [sighs] You gotta get your
head out of your phone, kid. I told you.
You’re Aunt Sarah’s still very upset
about that accident Gabe was in. I gotta spend
a couple days with her. – Cool.
Yeah, right on. – I actually asked your brother
if he wanted to come with me. He said he’d rather
stay here with you. So… congratulations.
Whatever you did, it seems like you guys
are coming a long way. – Yeah, I mean, you helped, and if you leave
a little bit of extra cash, I’ll go out
and get the rest of the gifts. – What gifts? – The ones under the tree. The ones
that Roy’s been getting. – I don’t–
I thought you got those. – I thought
you were getting them. – What are you up to? – I-I swear.
This isn’t a prank. I promise. – Go ahead.
Open one. – Dad. – Come on.
– No, come on. – Just do it.
I’ll film you. For the fans, Hunter. – Dad–
– Open one. – [groans] Oh, my God.
– Jesus Christ. – Dad, dad, dad–
– What the– – Dad, I swear.
Dad, I swear to God. – What is this?
This is– – [coughing] Casey set me up. Dad I swear–
– I can’t believe it. – Hunter, open the other one.♪ ♪– Dad, I swear– – I am so disappointed in you. You know what? You’re grounded. No Internet, no Facebook…
– Dad, Dad– – No YouTube.
No–none of it. And by the way,
I want you while I’m out of town to go out and replace
every single one of those gifts with exactly what he asked for! – Dad!
[stomping] Dad! [door opens and slams]
He set me up! Magnifying glass… 15 bucks. Nerf gun… 30 bucks. Sea monkeys, which are basically sperm,
but as a pet… 20 American dollars. [exhales] To Casey…
[sighs] From the worst idea
I’ve ever had. [sighs] The magnifying glass,
Legos, Nerf gun, tool kit… Wait. Hey, where’s the tool kit? Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on! The hammer and nails
and all that shit, it was right here.[soft dramatic music]You know what?
No. No.
You guys saw me do it, okay? You guys saw me
do the right thing. Hell no,
if I’m gonna get screwed over and played right now. [sighs]
You know what? Maybe I did
break Casey’s little brain. Maybe he is scared of me.♪ ♪Or maybe he’s not scared enough.[electronic distortion]all: ♪ Ho, ho,
who wouldn’t go? ♪
♪ Ho, ho, ho,
who wouldn’t go? ♪
♪ Up on the housetop
click, click, click ♪
♪ Down through the chimney
with good Saint Nick ♪
♪ Up on the housetop
reindeer pause… ♪
[door closes]
– Hey, Casey, that you? Wanna come in here,
help me bake some cookies? Get in here.♪ All for the little one’s
Christmas… ♪
– Where’s Roy?
He’s not on the mantle. – Oh, you know,
he’s probably just out doing North Pole things
or whatever. You wanna come back some cookies
with me?♪ Down through the chimney
with good Saint Nick ♪
– That smell like when Dad found
that squirrel in the grill. – Oh, come on.
That’s rude. I’m with fans right now. Come on.
Here, look. What’s up, guys? It’s the little homie, Casey. Talking smack.
Come on. Say hi. – This is for a video? – Relax.
Come on. Sit down.
The first thing we gotta do is the taste test. So, I’ll just get this there. All right, now,
close your eyes, and you cannot peek, okay? – Okay, I will not peek. – Okay, I’m gonna go in here, and I’m gonna get ’em
for you fresh, all right?♪ ♪Keep your eyes totally closed.♪ ♪– Do not put anything gross
in ’em. – Oh, of course not.all: ♪ Who wouldn’t go?… ♪Scout’s honor. Made out of all the things
you love the most. No peeking, all right? – I’m not peeking. – All right,
I’m bringing ’em to you fresh. [sizzling] Don’t open up your eyes… – I won’t.
– Till I say… open ’em! – [screaming] – Oh, come on.
We’re just getting started. [sizzling] Swing at the king,
you best not miss. I know you put that shit
under the tree, you little psycho![instrumental
“Joy to the World” playing]
♪ ♪Come on, man. All right, hide all you want! [bell tinkling,
footsteps running][suspenseful music]♪ ♪All right, nice one, dude.[blaring]
all: ♪ Oh up on the housetop ♪
♪ Click, click, click ♪♪ Down through the chimney ♪♪ With good Saint Nick ♪[dark music]♪ ♪“To Hunter.
From Roy.”♪ ♪All right, I hope you’re having fun
with this. I hope you’re having
a great time. ‘Cause I’m gonna go upload
all the footage right now. In ten minutes,
the whole world’s gonna know that you think a doll is alive. [exhales] Hi, everyone. Consider this
a little bit of bonus content for the fans. Casey’s Epic Christmas Fails:
Hunter Reacts. Let’s see. – My first wish for Christmas is I want a magnifying glass,
so I can– – “So, so, so I can–”
I can burn up bugs like a little serial killer
in training.[high-pitched distortion]
– Hey, Roy. Today I want a Nerf gun with extra darts.
Bang! [scoffs] No, not you. I like you. – Well, you heard it here first,
fam. I’m gonna have to skip college
to pay for this kid’s meds. – See you tomorrow, Roy.[high-pitched distortion]My third wish for Christmas is I want a hammer
and some nails. Can I make wishes
for someone else?♪ ♪Will you give Hunter worms?♪ ♪I have a better idea than worms,
but I don’t wanna say it.♪ ♪[sighs]
Okay, but only if you promise
not to tell. For Christmas this year… [whispering]
I want you to do something to Hunter. Something really, really bad.♪ ♪– All right. If that’s how you wanna play! Fine by me,
but I’m gonna find you. Let’s see if you’re
with your little friend. [creaking] – Roy, for Christmas this year, I wish for you
to kill my brother. – [quietly]
Wha–no.♪ ♪[thumps, bell tinkling][suspenseful music]– [exhales sharply]
What?♪ ♪Holy shit.♪ ♪No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.♪ ♪[grunting, straining] Casey! Casey, are you out there? [grunting, door rattling] [bell tinkles] [breathing heavily] [bell tinkles] Who’s that? [thumping][dark music]♪ ♪Casey? Casey! Casey, come on, man. Come on. Come on! Come on, dude! All the pranks and stuff,
they were just jokes. Come on!
You gotta help me. [bell tinkling]
Come on! [grunting and shouting] Oh, sto–ah! [screaming]♪ ♪[wheezing, gurgling] [indistinct chatter]all: [humming
“What Child is This?”]
♪ ♪– You guys sure
you don’t want any company? – Roy thinks
we’re better off on our own. – Right.
Yeah. What time do you think
you’ll be home? – Whenever want to. – Of course. Well, whatever Roy thinks,
kiddo. [van door closes]♪ ♪[eerie music]♪ ♪– The pageant is about to begin. – What a bountiful harvest. – How lucky they are
to near witness. – Yes. The master… will be very pleased.[dark music][doors creaking] [doors locking]all: ♪ Up on the house
no delay no pause ♪
♪ Clatter the steeds
of Santa Claus ♪
♪ Down through the chimney
with lots of toys ♪
♪ All for the little one’s
Christmas joys ♪
♪ Ho, ho, ho,
who wouldn’t go? ♪
♪ Up on the housetop
click, click, click ♪
♪ Down through the chimney
with good Saint Nick ♪

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