‘Can You Please Just Not Be A Bitch?’ Ep. 10 Official Clip | The Affair | Season 4

[MUSIC PLAYING] So, uh, is it just us tonight? Are Trevor and Stacey coming? I was thinking of making
saag paneer for Vic. I’m taking this Indian cooking
course and I’m kind of good. No, she’s really good. Yeah, I am. Hashtag humble brag. I’m really good. Actually, Vic’s not
going to be here tonight. He’s in the hospital. Come on. Tell him to beg off early. I’m only here for a couple days. Tell him to like
punt the surgery. Is Vic a surgeon? You didn’t tell me that. Yeah, he is. He’s like a super surgeon. Whit, actually he’s
not at the hospital. He’s in the hospital. He’s sick. What? What do you mean? I’m sorry. I should have told you. I meant to tell you. Should have told me what? Vic has cancer. What? It’s stage 4. So is he– is he going– Yeah. No. No. Look, I’m sorry. I really didn’t want you
to find out this way. I wanted to call
you a while ago. But you just seem so happy and
I didn’t want to ruin that. What the fuck
is wrong with you? With me? This is why Trevor and Stacey
have been such zombies when I talked to them on the phone. God, Helen, you are so
fucking irresponsible. Whitney. Just once, one time, I’d like
to come home to some fucking normalcy for a change. I have my shit together. Why can’t you? Can you please
this time just not– Not what? Be a bitch. I’m really sorry that
this isn’t the reality that you thought
you were walking into at this particular moment. But this is what’s going on. This is what is going on. Did you just call me a bitch? [MUSIC PLAYING]

48 thoughts on “‘Can You Please Just Not Be A Bitch?’ Ep. 10 Official Clip | The Affair | Season 4

  1. It's funny that the name of the actress playing Whitney appeared in the main credits of every episode this season when she was only appearing in the final one and had a brief voicemail in a prior episode. Why couldn't they just wait to include her name as a guest star like they did with the actor playing Martin in the episode where we heard his voice over the phone with Helen?

  2. There’s nothing more insufferable than bratty young adults, but I’m with Whitney on this one. Helen’s been a bitch all season (all SERIES if I’m honest) and now she’s plain stupid. She should’ve warned Whitney instead of throwing it at her like that, and in front of a stranger no less, with no lead-up. At the very least she could’ve said on the phone listen I’ve got something important to discuss with you when you get home. Something.

    I can’t stand Helen. I don’t understand all the love for her.

  3. Who the fuck would call their mother irresponsible when her husband is dying of cancer!? She has always sucked 🖕🏼🙄

  4. Well in this case, I'm with Whitney. Helen should have told her. Like I get her husband is dying and she's unhappy in L.A. but Helen can't just keep standing there looking at the horizon while everything falls apart, she has to react (still love Helen)

  5. THANK GOD SHES BACK! I hate Whitney but I love her sassiness I find it funny and shocking! She was the only reason I watched the show! I think it’s bc I love Julia alot

  6. Why do you always give the worst version of Witney. Omg the character could be more interesting… she is completely a bitch for sure. Now i dont like só much her cause of that

  7. I like Whitney! Shr was raised in a dysfunctional family. She stands up for herself! Maybe a little disrespectful but she'll grow out of it.

  8. Why on earth would they waste valuable screen time on the season finale after Alison died and Vik is dying and there’s Alison’s funeral, on bringing this girl back in when she hasn’t been in one scene all season?!!! Seriously.. it’s one hour split up we deserve more about the stories we’ve been watching all season. What a waste!

  9. I don't know is it the part of her role of Whitney, but Julia Goldani Telles has an extremely annoying way of talking in this scene!

  10. Vik is so hot. Totally love this character. It’s so endearing to see how much he has loved Helen and her children. I hope he doesn’t die.

  11. I love Whitneys character, especially when Noah was creeping on her and she goes " dad WTF" lmfao Helens mother does it for me every episode shes in as well. I just love this show and everything about it, cheers for next season. Really sad that Allison had to go, I hate her new boyfriend introduced in the last season, it felt forced upon us.

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