100 thoughts on “Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – Story Trailer | PS4

  1. me born in 1986, i havent missed 1 captain tsubasa game in all consoles ! my fav anime ever ! i accept the game in any form i dont care as long as it is Captain tsubasa am DOWNNN for it !

  2. Captain Tsubasa has many different arcs , why making the same high school one over and over again !!!! There are better ones like the world youth !!!

  3. I’m getting this just because of how awesomely cinematic this game looks, American titles need to take note of Japanese games they knock it outta the park with visuals and story every time, if they can work on the stiff gameplay it’s a 10/10. I just don’t want every thing to be on one button like most Japanese games ya know..

  4. but wait any body see something wrong lets talk about Toho team is they are Young or not beacuse there is another type of toho . where is ( T ) – ( N ) – ( H ) and more is that is Original 1

  5. Tons,oliver psdt si wey soy latino es oliver!!,en la historia solo estara en campeonato nacional..?

    (En idioma de gringolandia no)

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