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Hello All..This is Elsa from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Aviation As a kid, everyone used to love airplanes?
We still do. Aviation, in a literal sense, means operating or merely flying of an aircraft.
An aviation degree counts as an initiative to provide willing candidates to empower education
regarding departments in the airlines as well as those of airports. It gives an overall
spectrum of this course. The bachelor’s degree provides insight to
the learning of aviation at a basic level covering aviation insurance, international
aviation management and air transportation economics. The master’s degree, however, refers
to providing a broader and in depth peek at the aviation course as a whole. Here in this
course, students who have cleared their bachelor’s degree are expected to focus their entire
research on aviation as well as attend seminars regarding airport and aviation management. A normal program course of aviation includes
the following subjects/ topic of interest: • Airport planning and design
• Aviation labor relations • Air transportation economics
• Airline management • Airline marketing Business law
• Corporate finance • Aviation insurance
• International aviation management There are a hell lot of career options to
choose from after attaining a bachelor’s degree in aviation. Below mentioned terminologies
are just a few to name from the hundreds that could be opted after this course: • Airline personnel manager
• Airline safety manager • Airline safety inspector
• Airport terminal controller • Airplane maintenance manager
• Airline human resources manager • Contracts specialist for an airline
• Airline operations manager MBA degree in aviation management
Following is an array of topics that are to be taught in a class of master’s degree in
aviation: • Decision making
• Business research methods • Global information a& technology management
• Managerial finance • Air cargo & logistics management
• Business policy • Airline operations & management Also, there is a lot more to choose whilst completing the master’s degree in aviation.
To name a few: • Operations analyst for airlines
• Technical service manager for airlines • Purchasing manager for airlines
• Aviation planner • Aviation human resources manager
• Financial analyst for airlines • Senior staff analyst for airlines India provides an array of colleges/ institutes for aviation courses, which are ranked topmost
in the world. Here is a few to mention: • A. J. Aviation academy Bangalore
• Indian Aviation Academy Mumbai • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy Hyderabad
• Wingsss College of Aviation Technology Pune
• Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ahmedabad • Indian Institute of Aeronautics New Delhi
• Indian Institute of Aeronautics science Jamshedpur
• Hindustan Aviation Academy Bangalore • Indian institute of aeronautical science
Kolkata • Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering
& Information Technology (IIAEIT) Pune. • Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy,
Coimbatore • AeronautX Flight Training, Mumbai, Maharashtra
• Airavat Aviation Academy, Mumbai, Maharashtra • Airline Training Academy, Mumbai
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95 thoughts on “CAREERS IN AVIATION –Pilot,Air Hostess,Aircrafts,Training Institutes,Salary Package

  1. thanks for all the informations you gave ….. but what can you say about BS Avionics course cuz I'll graduate in few months by the willing of God

  2. when u finish tourism and airline ticketing for nine months course (diploma)can u use it to become air hostess

  3. PLZ REPLY U R REPLY MIGHT CHANGE SOMEONE S LIFE,……..HEY" FRESHERS " I M A 10TH PASS STUDENT OF PUNJAB WITH 7 CGPA can i do AIVTION?? if i can then in which post?,i m looking forward u r answer miss.

  4. i am working as security agent in Airindia. i want to improve my cadre. which role I should take

  5. mam recantly i pass out from 12 class and my aim is to become cabin crew can you tell me that boy will becomw cabin crew ? if yes then how ?

  6. I am a student what should i do for mba in aviation management (study)and after completing, what process should i do for admission in colleges

  7. Mam i am Adinath i hv completed diploma my age is 24 i am elagible for this airport ground staff job. I know About English communication

  8. Kya BBA in airport management government college hote hai kya ya ab private he hote hai plzzzzz ans it it's very important

  9. mam mujhe airline ki asi padai karni hai jisme acadamic traning fees kum ho so aap mujhe aesa istut bataiye jisme mai airline ki padai ki fees aford kar sakun

  10. Airline pilot kavadaniki how to study's and course and training how to money Telugu videos pettandi please send me

  11. I am in class 11 and next year I decide to join polytechnic collage and then after I start to prepare myself for pilot or any other job in airplane

  12. Most of the people on quora are agents of flying schools..Please don't fall in their honey trap. This is my story.
    1. I can't disclose the exact name of My flying school but it is in india and is DGCA approved.
    2. It takes 200 hours for your commercial pilot license( cpl). Flying 1 hour will cost you Indian rupees(inr) 12000. So the total cost of flying 200 hours would be between 25-40 lacs in india. Moreover you need a multi/single engine rating as well as instrument rating which the flying school will provide you after your cpl completion. These ratings will cost you INR 5 lacs. So the total cost of CPL with multi engine and instrument rating is 30 lacs in the cheapest flying school in india.
    2. Type rating is a course in which you will be trained on a specific aircraft like an AIRBUS a320, BOEING 737, Atr, etc… Type rating will cost you around 15-30 lacs. I would recommend you to do type rating from a reputed and known institute since if you fail your Simulator test then the airlines will ask you to redo type rating which will double your costs.
    3. After type rating you apply for a job for the aircraft you have type rated on. If you get hired then the airlines will send you for airline training which will cost another 10 lacs.
    4. The total cost may vary between 65-80 lacs.
    5. Talking about air india and jet airways…These airlines have order of bigger planes such as boeing 787 or the Airbus a380. For flying such planes you need atleast 3000 flying hours on type.
    6. Every year 800 CPL holders get inside the market but only 40-50 pilots jobs are available in a very good year. For eg: cadets who applied for jet airways in 2012 got hired in 2016. Similarly cadets of 2005 got hired till 2010-11.
    7. Pilot shortage is a myth. There is a shortage of commanders that is CAPTAINS. There are 8000+ jobless cpl holders in india. My colleagues who mortgaged their houses for the LOAN they took ( nearly 70-80 lacs) couldn't repay the loan and the bank auctioned their houses. Most of the pilots get jobs after 5 6 years. The interest on the principal amount makes the loan amount twice..sometimes approx 2 crores. Right now it's been 3 years and my father is paying off my debt..I feel very sad and powerless and regret my career choice

  13. Mam whether BSC Aviation is best or not. Because I am studying 12th right now, I am going to take bsc aviation after this. After finishing this course Can I get a best job or this course is useless.

  14. Hai myself rahul from trivandrum iam completed bba aged 25…i need to work aviation related field …so please suggest me one of the best avaition in india…..

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