celebrities promote eighty-year-old instagram scam

Woah. Wait a minute. Is this a new microphone? Is this a new video setup? Is this a new outlook on life? No, not really, I’m still disappointed by
everything. I wanted to change things up to be more exciting,
so that’s why I’m now sitting in on the floor in my room by myself. Because that . . . was apparently exciting
to me when I thought of it last night at 2 AM. It’s not now. But today I’m here to talk about the most
exciting thing of all . . . mass panic. And Instagram! You know, when I spend [up to 12 hours a day
browsing Instagram, there’s always one thing I feel like it could use more of: mass panic. Because like you, I live in a failing economy,
on a dying planet hurtling through cold, dead, space, so . . . why would I would not want
additional anxiety in my life? And who better to spread that anxiety than
celebrities like Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson, and . . . Tom Holland? And pretty much every other celebrity who
uses Instagram. They were all reposting this text post claiming
that Instagram was going to steal our information—which, the text post itself was really iffy, but
I’m going to get to that in a second. But you know what? I don’t want to just talk about the celebrities
for ten minutes, because . . . I don’t care? As a gen-Z millenial man-child nothing is
less intriguing to me at this point than Taraji P. Henson’s Instagram. Instead, I want to focus on . . . why in the
world did anybody believe this was true, and how did it get spread so far? See, this entire situation is giving me déjà
vu, because I feel like I’ve seen it before. Which is what déjà vu means, I’m not sure
why I felt the need to clarify that. My point is, in order to set the stage for
this video, we need to need to go back in time to the 1930’s. I love the 30’s. If it was a place, I would go there. People were nicer to each other, life was
slower, the clothes were better, Civil Rights hadn’t been—oh wait, that’s not good. I love admiring the 30’s, from a distance. Anyway, it was just a sunny day in 1938, people
were minding their business, listening to the radio, walking their dogs . . . listening
to the radio. I don’t know what people did in the 1930’s
okay, but whatever that was, that’s what people were doing. But little did they know what the radio had
in store for them that day. We interrupt our program—A huge flaming
object, believed to be a meteorite—A hissing sound, like this—Spreading everywhere, coming
this way now! About 20 yards to my ri—
Ladies and gentleman, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue
our broadcast from Grover’s Mill. And then havoc ensued. Writer/Director/Actor Orson Welles took H.G.
Well’s 1897 book War of the Worlds and turned it into a radio play. But for some reason, he thought it would be
quirky to make that play sound like not a play, and the interrupt normal radio and play
that instead. People were panicking. So when Orson Welles got called on it the
next day, he played the “Oh my gosh, I had no idea this would happen” card. Of course, we are deeply shocked and deeply
regretful about the results of last night’s broadcast. Look at this man’s face. He looks like a guilty dog. This is the face you make when you know you
did something wrong but you’re not sorry, but you also know you’re expected to apol—This
is a YouTuber apology face. Logan Paul, take notes. Also, since we’re talking about faces, can
we just talk about this guy’s eyebrows. I . . . how. I feel inadequate. And it’s not often that I feel inadequate
about my own face, I mean look at me oh my gosh have you seen me? But this man’s eyebrows put my eyebrows
to shame. Hey girl, if you’re trying to hit me up
but your eyebrows don’t look like this—then don’t even bother messaging me because I’m
not interested. What I’m trying to say here is that people
literally thought Martians were attacking in 1938 because they heard it in the radio
and thought it was true. Or at least that’s what I learned in school. But apparently that’s not true either. There is literally no evidence that there
was some sort of mass panic in 1938 sparked by Orson Welles’ radio show. It’s just a story the newspapers made for
extra views– wait, they’re newspapers- -for extra reads, and it got distorted from
one person to another, getting bigger and bigger until eventually, everyone thinks it’s
true and now it’s 10 times bigger than it ever was. And that is the exact pattern that this Instagram
post has followed. Instead of teaching me fake stories about
Orson Welles and mass panic while I was in school, why didn’t they just teach me how
to handle my finances and find a good job? Then I wouldn’t have had to become a YouTuber
making videos about Orson Welles– okay this is getting too real for me. [SMPTE]
Now, there is some hope in this situation. The whole Orson Welles thing was tragic—uh,
not that I care if anyone got hurt, I just find it tragic that people believed that. But the bright side is, it was a different
time. All people really had to go on back then were
the paper and the news and the radio, and there was no real way of fact-checking anything. But then in the 1990’s the internet went
mainstream. Cyberspace. The World Wide Web. The information superhighway—that’s literally
the dumbest name I’ve ever heard in my entire life. My point is, we now had the ability to fact-check
any piece of information in the entire world. We were finally free from mass panic caused
by misleading information spread by– Oh my go—that’s right, that did happen,
didn’t it. See, it turns out the information superhighway
was a lot more like the misinformation superhighway. Now we can spread world-wide panic attacks
literally at the speed of light. Basically, everyone thought that when the
computers that were now running the whole world, had to switch their date over from
1999 to 2000, the computers were just going to be like “hi, we can’t count that far. We know that 2000 is only one number higher
than 1999, but uh . . . that’s a no from us, chief.” And then the world was going to stop. Life support was going to stop working, clocks
were going to stop ticking . . . toilets were going to stop flushing? It is also important to consider what you
will do if the toilet won’t flush. What are your alternatives? I don’t want to think about my alternatives
if the toilet doesn’t flush. Again, looking back, it seems silly, right. But it’s completely understandable at the
same time. Politicians, scientists, celebrities—that’s
not surprising—news reporters, these were the people telling us that our toilets were
going to stop flushing on the first day of the year two thousand. So, um it’s pretty easy to guess what happened. It was New Years Eve, 1999. I wasn’t born yet—wait, was I born in
1999? Actually, I was born. Bro, I don’t remember how old I am. I have to look at my own Famous Birthdays
page sometimes just to remember my own age yes I am on Famous Birthdays oh my gosh thank
you for asking. Anyway it was New Years Eve and everyone looked
down at their Casio calculator watches and waited in horror . . .
Yeah nothing happened. Literally nothing happened . . . nothing. Again, I’m not blaming anyone—I am laughing
at them, let’s just get that out of the way right now, Y2K is hilarious, but I understand
it. If a bunch of prestigious people are telling
you “Hey this thing is true, and also it’s definitely going to happen”, then of course
everyone is going to believe it. And that can be good in some cases, but in
other cases it’s just. . . extreme levels of cringe. And this Instagram post definitely falls into
the extreme cringe category. Now that I’ve ranted about Orson Welles
and Y2K and how events like that set the precedent for how mass panic gets caused by misinformation
spread by mass media, I just want to spend the remainder of my time laughing at everyone
who thought this Instagram post was real. First of all, how could you look at this and
think it was real? The word Instagram isn’t even the same size
in various places—look it’s 24px here, but 12 PX right here. “Don’t forget, tomorrow starts the new
Instagram rule where they can use your photos” First of all, Instagram already has permission
to use your photos, you gave them that permission when you signed up for the app but you said
you read the terms of service, but you didn’t read the terms of service, because let’s
face it . . . nobody reads the terms of service. “Channel 13 News Talked about the change
in Instagram’s privacy policy”. Which channel 13? There’s a ton of Channel 13s! Channel 13 is something different in every
single part of the world. “Note: Instagram is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this”. That’s easily my favorite line in this entire
trainwreck. Instagram is now a pu—meaning it wasn’t
a public entity before– It sounds fake, right? Like it sounds fake. It sounds like Y2K, it sounds like Martians
attacking. It sounds like the kind of thing you would
look at and go “oh, there’s no way anyone would think this is real, right?” Why do I say “right” when I know it’s
wrong. Yawn. I sure do love waking up in the morning in
the and being superstar actor Tom Holland. Let me check my Instagram and see what my
superstar actor friend Niall Horan is posting. Oh no! Instagram is . . . about to become to public
entity. Let me verify whether this information is
true—Just kidding, Niall has a blue checkmark of course what he’s saying is true. Time to share this with my 30 million Instagram
followers. And that’s how Rob Lowe, Niall Horan, Tom
Holland, Taraji P Henson, Pink, Julia Roberts, Usher [insert all the celebrities ever], and
countless other celebrities wound up falling for a repost scam. Now if you add together all these Instagram
follower counts, how many people saw this? A hundred million? 250 million? Half a billion people? I don’t know. But what I do know, this is absolutely hilarious,
I’m sorry. And what makes it funnier to me is this is
the exact same thing that happened 20 years ago. And eighty years ago. And will probably be the exact same that happens
in like, a week. In conclusion, don’t believe anything anyone
says on the internet, except me. Anyway, looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes
of content out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think and subscribe if you haven’t’
already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 209,000 subscribers. Okay bye.

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  1. I heard from some tech engineers the y2k was a problem for hospitals and other services that had automated services but it wasn't a surprise that 2000s were coming so they had time to recode systems so it was no longer an issue.

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  5. If you google “don’t forget tomorrow starts the new rule” and go to the images tab you will find the exact same post with the exact same phrasing except it’s about Facebook instead of Instagram. So basically some bozo saw that old Facebook post, thought “haha, I bet spreading misinformation will give me some free clout!” and then had a humongous brain moment wherein they decided that instead of just copying and pasting the Facebook post, they SCREENSHOTTED it, poorly edited the word “Instagram” over every instance of the word “Facebook”, and then played it off as “The original poster spelling it as ‘Instergram’ lol”

  6. You didn't mention that the instagram copy paste thing originated from a facebook copy paste scam that happened in 2013

  7. The EXACT same image went around on Facebook a couple years ago. Literally the same image. Someone just whited out all instances of Facebook and changed it to Instagram. Fucking embarrassing how many people fell for it

  8. Y2k was an actual problem engineers had to fix, and the panic definitely helped pressure companies into spending money on fixing it. So ironically: you saying it wasnt a problem at all, is in fact misinformation 😉

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    Your artwork is beautiful.

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  14. Everytime i know the end of the video is coming my anxiety kicks in because I know the clock ticking is coming but then it didn't come and I got triggered for like 10 seconds because I was expecting it I'm suing you Mr. Wallace I hope you're ready for a scandal

  15. orson’s show was part of a radio show were people would perform plays it didnt interupt normal broadcasts and actually didnt gain many listeners, and orson stated at the beginning of the performance it was fake

  16. Didn't Edgar Allen Poe make a newspaper article thing about a hot air balloon trek over the Atlantic for shits and giggles and people believed it and he was like "yo… I can milk the fuck outta this". I'm too lazy to remember what the actual story was but it was something like that. Edgar Allen Poe trolling folks

  17. This is literally the same thing as the Premium Facebook scam. Posts were going viral about how Facebook as going to start charging for service, and it took Zuck himself coming out and making MULTIPLE announcements that he would never charge people money to access Facebook to finally debunk it. This is just another scare tactic to (possibly) try to scare people even more about social media using people's likenesses, photos, selling their info, etc etc. Which is all stuff covered in their TOS agreements, just hidden by a bunch of legalese.

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  21. isnt it more work to make sure every video is exactly 10min than it would be to just film the thing include all the relevant points and let it be however long it is naturally

  22. In fourth grade my teacher played the War Of the Worlds radio, and I somehow missed the part where they said it was fake so my ass was scared half to death until it was over

  23. to be fair, tom holland has exactly zero (0) clue when it comes to any form of social media. considering he can barely upload an ig story w/o accidentally posting it 5 times, i’m completely unsurprised he fell for this

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    i shouldn't have but i laughed

  34. This was also circulated on Facebook about eight years ago or so, and then cropped up again just a few years later. It's like a fake hysteria zombie. Why will it not die?

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    Also the Tom Holland thing is brilliant.

  36. Everyone’s mom or aunt has shared one of those copy and paste posts on Facebook saying you need to share it or else Mark Zuckerberg is going to trace your IP, bust into your home, steal your Frosted Flakes, and punch your cat in the face.

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  38. Parents: Don't believe in everything that's on the internet
    Kids: Ok
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