Cheap DIY PVC Vocal Booth – Part 2 – Adjusting for different sizes and entrance configuration

In the previous video “How To Build a Vocal Booth Cheap from PVC” we suggested a new PVC frame design to construct a DIY vocal booth. Now we will show you how to expand the frame to any size… Short video recap of original PVC booth frame…
(For full video, click link in the description) [midtempo electronic music playing] Now we want to show you how you can easily use the same design to expand your frame to any size that you want.
[music fades] In the previous video we showed how you can make PVC frame for the vocal booths at home And this is the parts that we used in that video These parts make the 3 by 3 36 by 36 inches booths these long poles You’re gonna have 8 poles like that. They are about 6 feet tall or you can make it six and a half whatever fits your height. these poles are cut at 26 inches With that additional thing, it all adds up to about 36 inches Lengths we used only the T-connectors and the corner connectors The reason we use this 90 degrees elbows and only the T-connectors because they easily can be found in any department store and 3-way connectors and sometimes difficult to find they don’t always have them so these little connections that we use between The T connector and the elbow connector is what where the magic happens. That’s where if you can replace this with the longer connector like that Then your booth becomes Larger and all you need to do to make sure that you cut far long sides the same size. So you got two parallel sides Side the same size and you can expand your bottom So if you want to extend this booth and make it three by four. We just need to take this joint and Replace it with the longer and you can cut as much that when you want You know the legs and then the whole structure is going to move over just like this Just like that so we took this small joint and replace it with the longer and and down here 36″ by 48″ booth Great! So I’m going to connect it now and the next step is going to create the base That would look pretty much the same now assemble the top Rectangle and it is here we have 51 total and here we have now 36 total Obviously you can make this longer You can make it shorter. I wouldn’t recommend to make it longer than this. This one is 27 inches because you want more support to that The same thing if you want you can do the same here or you can do ththe same in here. You can simply open this one Remove this small connector and use this The same here Now this structure becomes 50 by 50 you can expand that corner You can expand these other corners so you can make it as large as you want and obviously the lengths of these You can cut out a little longer a little shorter So it becomes very flexible and you will see that each of those will provide distributed support. Now I’m going to take this one out To make it back a little smaller Right now we don’t glue the frame with or without gluing the connection because it’s just for the demonstration purposes We strongly recommend that you use the PVC glue the cement. And you make sure you push it very tight, and we just Spray this end over here and it becomes the lubricant by itself. It just goes on easy So now the connection is strong. Now, it probably makes sense first to assemble it without the glue Dry assembly and make sure that all parts fit.
Everything is good And then you just go and put the glue on the joint Otherwise if you made a mistake you see there are like few seconds. You can’t you can’t separate it anymore. That’s it. It’s done So now the top frame is assembled and we’re going to assemble the base [midtempo electronic music fades in] Now this is not a glued together frame That’s why they’re wobbling if you move the base first, then it’s going to be strong. It’s not gonna be like that for them. May we continue? [midtempo electronic music cuts in] [music fades out] In this assembly, we made the place for the door for the entrance on this side You see there’s no bar, so when you get in you don’t have to step you can comfortably walk in and out. but this can also be moved on the side and we’re going to show you how So to move this door on this side All we need to do is just to move these connectors over there and that’s it. [upbeat music plays ] Okay, so now we have the entrance over here. Just move these elbows from one end to the other one. Replace it. What I did, I replacited the T-connector with the 90 degrees elbow here and the same there and That’s it. Now here it was here Alright, so now we have the three by four booth and You know It’s relatively comfortable Yes You can walk in you can put your microphone over here and the blankets gonna be there So this is enough space. If you don’t think it’s enough space we can expand it this way, too by simply adding the poles I’m gonna show you how to do it Alright, somehow to extend we’re going to remove this part and replace this small joint with the larger ones [upbeat music plays] [music fades out] So now this booth becomes three by about five and a half and when you build a booth like that And you can put the blanket on top of it. This space It would be good to have a connector over there You can probably just use the strap like a Belt or something like that and just to prevent the blanket from sinking down And this is a special- we call it a soundbooth blankets. Because they have already attached velcro and we just Tie it up to the frame [upbeat music plays] Tada! And it put the roof on that because the roof is yeah, I don’t have any in the room for that, but you can already see here how the Sound changed even I’m still outside the booth. I’m still Talking and there are still plenty of reflective walls You can see how different. I hear how different the sound is and inside that it’s going to be completely dead completely echo free environment. So yeah, that’s how it is Welcome to your booth. You see I didn’t even do that at the back of that because you know just took like it’s normally for this three by six or three by five, you would need three blankets. Like that and one on the top so four blankets total. That’s a pretty spacious booth. You can put the microphone here. You can put the chair maybe a little desk, your computer It’s all nice! We are using a one-inch PVC frame I would recommend to use an inch and a half and two inch. A huge frame. So the one inch makes the booth much cheaper to make. because the poles are saved cheaper all the connections are much cheaper But you see it’s plenty strong One. Two. Three. Yes! Hello, my name is Adiel Aliev. And I founded Vocal Booth To Go. If you’re gonna call the company I’m probably gonna say, my name is Jeff, so don’t get confused my name is not important, what’s important is We offer you this design for the PVC frame so that you can do it at home on your own We call it the transformer because as you saw in the video you can easily, by changing these connectors Extend it make it larger or make it smaller It’s very simple and plain assembly and the parts are very much available? You saw the t-connector and elbow connector just two parts and Obviously the straight poles Why would we do that? It might seem silly for the company that sells vocal booths to offer people the PVC design, which is much cheaper than the metal frame that we sell with our vocal booths but we kind of believe in providing people solutions This is just another solution. You’re still gonna need the blankets Producer’s Choice blankets is the best sound absorption panel that you can ever find. We welcome! Go ahead! Build this one! Also we’re changing the acoustic vocal booth frame from what it used to be assembly in the parts into an expandable that has no assembly required at all. You just expand it. It collapses. With the PVC frame, once you glue it- You have to glue all the parts. Once you glue it, you’re done. It’s not pull-apart-able anymore. It’s not portable. So I’m not competing with our sales. We’re just offering another solution We just want to make sure that if you do your voice over that’s what you do. You do the voice over. You don’t need to think how to Make up the frame how to do all that stuff and spend time online and researching this even more some people called us and asked if we can actually pre-cut the pipes for them and ship it. Well, we didn’t do that before but we don’t mind. You can tell us the size, we can cut the pipes, You can put it all together, and wrap it up with the blankets and sell it as one kit, and all you need to do is just assemble it then. Here you go

3 thoughts on “Cheap DIY PVC Vocal Booth – Part 2 – Adjusting for different sizes and entrance configuration

  1. Nice concept! It seems like the only difference between your "Part 1" and "Part 2" videos is the length of the custom-cut connector, right?

    In the final, biggest version of this frame (3' x 5') , what length of PVC connector are you using to expand the original concept? I want to combine what I learned from this video with the measurements and parts that were listed in the first video so that I know exactly what to pick up from the hardware store.

    Thank you!

  2. So I can call you guys and give you the exact dimensions that I'd like for a PVC pipe booth, and you'll send all the parts for me to assemble?

  3. I would like to know the same about getting in touch with booth dimensions and you sending the PVC parts. I looked on your site but didn't see this anywhere.

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