Check Repair Appointment Status | AT&T Account Management

[♪music♪] Did you know there’s an easy
way to check the status of your upcoming AT&T
repair appointment? You can quickly go online, check the date and time
of your appointment, or check the current status
of your appointment. You can even change or
cancel your appointment online. To view and manage your
upcoming appointment, go to Once you’re logged in, your appointment information
will be displayed, including the date and estimated
arrival time of your technician. Here you can also
“Edit Appointment Details”, “Pick a New Date and Time”,
or “Cancel the Appointment”. For more help, visit us
online at Thank you for choosing AT&T. [♪AT&T jingle♪]

One thought on “Check Repair Appointment Status | AT&T Account Management

  1. They are overcharging me on my bill, after canceling direct tv, returned equipment and still, want to charge me a ridiculous bill. I am still waiting 72 hr for a resolve.

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