Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

33 thoughts on “Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

  1. Look at location of all the cicada qr codes then point them in one location that's how you get the answer
    But as Garebare said to me that cicada 3301 was just an group of professor hackers that can linked in darkweb
    This is some sort of a work of a puzzle Creator

  2. They talking about a Cicada group I thought they were talking about a damn Cicada bug but it was interesting

  3. I've never understood these people who hold both privacy and open information as ideals. How they say that all censorship is bad when censorship is often used to protect anonymity and privacy? It seems at the very least that they need to more specifically define what they mean by "censorship" in their statement. Most people would agree that a government censoring its critics is bad, but what about censorship for the purpose of witness protection? What about censorship of child pornography? What about censorship of information that could lead to breaches in national security? What about slander or libel cases? What about doxxing and other leaks of private information? Even ignoring the blatant conflicts between privacy and open information, the idea that all suppression of information is automatically bad is patently nonsense.

  4. I think of some talented person can hack the account that gives the clues and solve the mystery.cant they???anyway but way more interesting

  5. We want the best, not the followers
    Sounds like the popular kids in high school that you can't sit with
    Screw you preps!

  6. The winners were told to be patient and wait and they didn't listen. Cicadas are known to be underground for years, some lasting up to 17 years, before emerging above ground. Who knows, we may have to wait up to 17 years after the last puzzle before they emerge to the public and show their true objective(s).

  7. Can't authorities just check who has gone off the grid around this time? I'm pretty sure authorities can look at our emails if required.

  8. I don’t really think you can use the fact that every poster was located within an hour of an airport as an actual argument for proof of anything. Even back in 2012 there were airports everywhere. There’s nowhere on the east coast of the United States that’s more than an hour away from an airport of some size. Yes, international airports are one thing but they showed some of the biggest airports in each country anyway like sydney

  9. An activist group that hasn't taken credit for anything seems kind of counterintuitive, don't you think?

  10. i thought the cicada 3301 is some person/cult talking about the earth ending or something going to happen but holy shit i never thought this will happen

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