Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Hog Rider Rides Again

Easy. Take your time.
Just a few more feet and Oh, Air Sweeper! Uh, thereís gonna be a battle soon. I hope thereís no X-Bow.
Donít like X-Bows. Youíre so negative. Trust me, I have my reasons. Ooh, a battle, huh?
I donít envy you guys. When the Mortars are flying,
it is good to be inside, safe and sound. Here, serving drinks to warriors.
Who get to go to battle. These days, Frank puts all his fight
into food and drink. Daddy wears an apron now.
Oh, yes he does. A pretty, pretty apron. Daddy wouldnít have it any other way. You ever wonder
whatís across that water? And why, in the fall, do pumpkins appear
and then just disappear in December? And how about Gem Boxes?
Why wouldnít someone just claim that? Plus, somebody could trip over it. Yeah, sure is a lot of stuff
to wonder about. I wonder about stuff, too.
Mind if I join you? We do. – Giants.
– Stupid, stupid, stupid! – Ouch! I think I held it backwards.
– Youíre not an Archer, so. Iím just looking for friends.
Iím very social, not like the others. Sorry, there are lots of places
Giants can be. This is not one of them. – I asked for no meat.
– Good luck. Frank puts meat in everything,
even milkshakes. I have a story about milkshakes, too.
One time I got a really milky oneÖ Oh, man. You see, uh,
Iím lactose-intolerant, so… Iím becoming Giant-intolerant. Sorry. This is the first day
with this quiver, soÖ Whew, Archers, huh? Oh, yeah.
They have such interesting conversations. Thatís what I want. Well, you know what, I can talk to you. – Oh, yeah?
– Sure. – So, whatcha got?
– Oh, well uh… Those Archers sure have
interesting conversations. Yeah I, uh, I said that. Before. Fine, Iím lousy at talking!
You canít blame me. Look inside my skull.
Thereís nothing in there. Anyway, I say quit trying to be
something youíre not. You know, just stay
in your own lane, buddy. Uh oh.
Uh oh. Run! Iíll save you! Forget last time,
accidents happen, huh? Letís justÖ I wasnít even supposed to work today. – Amazing!
– Didnít know people could be selfless. Guess Iíve always wondered who were Skeletons
before they were Skeletons? So, we decided
we’re making you an honorary Archer! Excuse me, ladies! May I join you? Sorry, there are a lot of places
Wizards can be. This is not one of them. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I think Iím lost. Uh, one entrÈe and four kidsí meals? Yeah, just a second. You know every time you do that,
someone has to fix it. Frank! Lady, Iím gonna ask you nicely:
donít do that no more! I got what you asked for. Nice.
Iíll be back with my end of the deal. Shhh-tupid ribs. Look, Iím sorry,
but you canít come with me. Iím going out with the guys.
You need to stay home. Donít you sputter your fuse at me. I need some time to myself,
some non-bomb time, you know? I set up some Walls for you out back.
Go blow ëem up, have fun. Come on, come on! Yeah! Ha-ha! Isnít that your bomb? Go home, Bombie! Go home! Letís get outta here. So, youíre a Witch? I can definitely feel
something magical happening right now. Whoa, you got kids? I never knew
this place could be so dreamy. Yeah, me neither. What are you doing?
GreatÖ that peeping bomb. Letís get outta here. Sorry about you know who. When I look into your eye sockets,
I forget about everything else. No tongue!
Just warning you, I have no tongue. You know, I think Iím gonnaÖ
Yeah, this is getting a little weird. Iím gonna go. No, I donít want to hear it. Daddy misses Bombie? Wait, donít jump!
You have so much to live for! You know I canít stay mad at you. Now Iím mad at you again! Were you able to make it? Yep, and heís better than ever. Heís perfect, itís perfect.
What do you say, Stewart? Do you forgive me
for eating a little bit of you? And just in time. The battle is on! – Did somebody say Hog Rider?
– Frank? Hog Rider? No, sweetie. Heís not. See ya, Frank. Onward to battle. Go up and go that way. Awh man! Healer!

100 thoughts on “Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Hog Rider Rides Again

  1. 6:07

    Skeleton:so your a witch I feel something magical

    Witch:-summons kids-

    Skeleton :- has left the chat –

  2. Look at 1:41 there is one archer with purple hair and look at 2:01 they all have the same hair and 2:52 she is back

  3. 0:02 Easy does it. Eaaassyyyyyy… And… Drop! AHHHHHHHH AIR SWEEPER!!! Edit:also check out 6:66 the haunted scene

  4. These thoughts will destroy your mental health
    Mix troops with each others! Imagine archer pekkas or valkrie hog riders

  5. The lvl 3 archer 1:28 sounds like the voice of the healer, musketeer, and an archer queen

    People who watches all episodes will understand

  6. Should I try to make this village in my game?

    If it happens that I do, go see GemKing I.

    Current Clan : A gamer clan.
    (Not an ad.)

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