Claw Machines ! Moj Moj Squishy Animals Surprise Blind Bags + Grossery Gang

cookies world Wow good fans what do we have here wait a minute are we gonna be playing a game today insert coin there's coins right here sweet well I guess we can just insert a coin right into the machine here moach mode insert the coin right here in the coin slot whoa it's folding open it's blowing open surprise so one coin opened up to reveal the claw machine let's insert another coin here so we can actually get a blind bag out there we go yes our very first surprise oh look at the shape of these blind bags they're kind of like triangle shaped that's really cool let's see let's open this up and what is a loach much well it's gonna be so soft and so cute and here they are poppy dog and this one is a teeny tiny little mint green elephant let's check out the checklist I want to see what the rest of the collection of merge merge looks like hmm oh whoa there's a whole bunch to collect like little cute bunnies little pandas there's Sun Bay there's although there's a unicorn they're SuperDuper soft and extra extra extra squishy and they're a little bit sticky too let's put another coin in so let's see which ones are in here what's so soft and so squishy we get a little bunny ears and this one looks like it's a little bear Oh much much so cute it almost looks like you can kind of stack them up because of the way that they're shaped oh look at this Oh stack up the much much stack them up careful careful Wow okay you can only kind of stack up oh so sticky though and in this one I see a little duck oh and what is this one a little more Schmo okay it is so chubby and cute and squishy little ears and this one is a cute little duck that was extra cute you can stack that one up wait put in another coin you got the pink surprise blind bag oh all these ones are really cool it's the cutest little panda bear that's laying on its tummy extra squishy and soft stretchy but look at it's a little bit kind of translucent so you can stretch it and you can kind of see through it just a little bit you see my finger kind of changing the color that is really cool little eggs this one's so cute you you will poach mug that one is the flattest one it's like as flat as a pancake you mean like me wait a minute you're a stack of pancakes on a stack of pancakes oh yes I am huh so much there's 2 more surprise blind bags but I need another coin oh right there's another coin right here perfect all in it oh is it gonna be two in one oh no is it stuck oh there we go Oh see who's inside and it's much much much much much much much this one we have oh it's a big round one cute look at the little stars oh they're so cute okay this one is a party animal and it shows it right here it is just a very cute like little Bush with eyes so much much what else do we have bird look these are so cute these are love one more but I'm all out of coins what is that is that the ice cream in Oh buddy ice cream coin oh no it's stuck oh no I may have to reach in and get it there we go I got it so which one is inside on this blind bag open it up and this one Oh what is it yellow little plumpie Panda look there's soap yeah so we can see this one versus this one Oh Oh No extra extra squeaky squeaky squeaky in the last mode mode this was a blue elephant so we've got the green and the other blue hey these are adorable I really love them I don't know which one of them is my favorite love this one and now and this my little Oh seriously why are they so cute this almost looks like a little chick inside of an egg or something so we transformed it to the rusty claw machine sorry gang inside alright let's go ahead and we will get this claw machine box a shake it's kind of mix up some of the grocery gang inside there we go okay we got him all shook up so now they are inside of the claw machine now it's just time to play the game so we'll press the button beep there comes the claw machine which one are we gonna get oh we got a cell phone ill but instead of a cell phone it's a smell phone you don't put this up to your face to make a call and it's squishy – oh he got something it got something it's a hot dog yeah with slime coming out of its mouth beep down it goes again what are we gonna get oh oh we did okay so let's see which surprise grocery gang is inside this one is Ella it's a bus she's slushy yucky yeah what is that it looks like two speakers it's almost like two grocery games than one but it's just its eyes oh this one's a peanut butter but all that nutty peanut butter is oozing out of the lid Oh another surprise black bag which one is it going to be this one is oh it's a laptop you know but it looks like it was found in the garbage so it probably doesn't work oh it's a shocking light bulbs poem Oh what did we get next it's a busted-up battery what is that it looks like it has chocolate drizzled on it oh yeah it's a yucky Eclair nope totally not good to eat oh I think we got another surprise blind bag Louie did okay which one's inside and this one oh it's a trash tablet they probably threw it out because the screen is all broken and it's covered in slime wow you what's that smiling and with a bottle of cooking oil it kind of looks like syrup though because the oil is now all brown and gross keep things surprise egg crate and inside of this one yo it's a soggy tea bag this one's been left in the teeth way too long well we filmed lots of lots of lots of grocery games from that rusty claw machine this little Eclair still kind of looks a little bit delicious is that weird chocolate drizzle look at the pictures I am a huge fan I want you almost every day I was very excited while writing this I'm excited to read it I hope you like this picture I love it look at the bunny with the cookie there's a girl riding a pony while it's raining down these heart sugar cookies Maria I love this there's a cookie girl in here look how excited she is Oh in a cookie cat surrounded by cookie a cookie dog I love your vids so much my favorite is when you put on a hundred shopkins on a cake for Bridget you are the best youtuber ever I loved that video too and I loved this cookie alicorn look at you drew a shopkins that helped fit it says I heart spk on the pants says your favorite shopkins are kooky cookie and apple blossom my favorite shopkins is kooky cookie – and look at those a shopkins maze so hopefully I can get through the maze oh go this way no I don't know where to go oh you drew little cookies where else but alright cookie fans I hope you enjoyed this video please have the happiest day ever I mean look at how happy this cookie girl is she's jumping up and down cuz she's so excited about much much I'm a cute little cookie dog thank you so much for your sweet sweet sweet fan mail and your guys's comments seriously you guys are so sweet you're sweeter than a sugar cookie like just the sweetest ever had the best day and I'll see you in my next video bye cookie fans hello awesome cookie fans did anyone notice that this big jumbo amazing cookie swirl see cookie that was drawn by a real cookie fan look at that there's glitter on there was actually hiding in one of the vending machines but which one wasn't hiding it in the mode mode machine or in the grocery game claw machine

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