ClickFunnels Tutorial – Integrating Google Tag Manager In 2020

Hello and welcome to another CF Power
Scripts tutorial with me Christian Rauchenwald. In this video, I’m going to show you how
you can add Google’s Tag Manager to your funnels with just a few mouse clicks. In order to do that, we need to log in
into our CF Power Scripts account and go to Power Scripts. Once we’re there, all we have to do
is click on add new, select Google Tag Manager. Click on next. And it will load the settings for
the Google Tag Manager Power Script. Now head to your Google Tag Manager
dashboard and they are simply click on the Google Tag Manager ID and from the scripts
that you’re seeing here, all you have to copy is the ID itself, which is GTM
minus, and then some random characters. And that you’ll simply put into the
setting here, click add script to save the script and go to your funnel. Open it in preview or live mode. Refresh the page to make sure you don’t
have a cached version of the script and use Google’s Tag Assistant Chrome
extension to check and verify that Google Tag Manager has been added properly. So click on the extension, click on
enable and refresh the page one more time. And it should show you the tags that have
been added through Google Tag Manager. You can also verify that the ID matches. So it says WJ284PC, and if you
check here, it’s also WJ284PC. Now, that’s how easy you can add Google
Tag Manager to your funnels, and further on manage more of your scripts within
Google Tag Manager or depending on the kind of scripts you’re using, you could
simply use the Custom Script option within CF Power Scripts to manage the additional
code that you want to add to your funnels. Now, don’t forget, if you have any
questions, make sure to check our FAQ and if you are unable to find an answer there,
use our contact form to reach out to us. We are more than happy to
help you with all your issues. Thanks for watching and thanks
for using CF Power Scripts. See you in our next tutorial. Till then. Bye. Bye.

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