Coffee picking by hand in Costa Rica as the season begins by Tachiz Travel

well hello from Costa Rica this is Alex Adam and today we’re going to pick coffee because it’s December early December and it’s great for the coffee picking season we’re in a coffee plantation in the slopes of the Barba volcano for us over to the left was volcano as well first of all I’d like to start with the basket the canister it’s a made of a national natural fiber that you find in the mountains and this device over here is what do you what you used to tighten your belt which is leather and then of course rope I back in the day. Best coffee maker with grinder. when I had a black hair I didn’t have a I used to have a six-pack now I have a a beer belly I guess or for a cage built cage instead anyway this device you used to tighten it I think one turn or a couple will do in my case I used to have to do many turns but this is how it happens and you have the rows of coffee over here as I have told you in other videos the coffee does not ripen at the same time begins in November and goes all the way to almost March so this this one over here is a great example we’ve got the green beans and also the yellowish and then the red beans and for a gourmet coffee there are five conditions that I explained to you in the other video but one of them is for the coffee to be hand-picked as opposed to with a machine that shakings and hurts the tree other conditions are the Arabica coffee double Kanak soles I just mentioned Boris and Barbara out of 250 that we have in Costa Rica certain amount of sunshine we can see the ocean from here we’ll look at it at the end of course and for the fact that in hand-picked and also patio drying those are five conditions for gourmet coffee this is how you pick it you have to do it by hand and you have your master be quick and also thrown in your basket not outside and you must leave of course the green ones or so that you can pick it when it ripens but not not not now so this is pretty much how it is I have to pull it with one hand but in the lower branches I can use both hands and fingers for instance of course leaving and it falls into your basket but you don’t have to leave the green ones this is this is really how it’s done in Costa Rica. Breville BES870XL Review  It’s great income for the families for three months and this is how the coffee comes from our plantations to your cup so thank you very much for watching please write to us or talk to us about hands-on experiences in Costa Rica for coffee if you are a coffee lover or coffee connoisseur which is curious and thank you very much here is here is a look at the coffee see it’s gonna be red okay and the coffee see there’s actually only 20% of this of this coffee bean thank you very much for watching I’m gonna go back with my roll of coffee I still I think that’ll be a while

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  1. Thats not compleatly true , in Costa Rica coffee trees are grow in complete sunshine there barely few trees in the farms as the opossite in El Salvador , we grow coffee in tree shade in the mountains best quality , better than Costa Rica.

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