100 thoughts on “Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

  1. I moved to FL for a year from Hawaii a decade ago. I remember the news channel telling residents to put trash bags over their plants one night to prevent them from dying from the cold. Freaked me out. Never seen iguanas on the ground though XD

  2. Sounds like you could make a good amount of money by walking around and picking up iguanas.
    Just fill a garbage bag full of a few hundred of them, heat em up and sell them online for 20 bucks each.
    That's what? $6k? For what, a Saturday of collecting and a week fulfilling orders part time.

  3. I can't believe that people live in a place like Florida and didn't know that iguanas will get cold and fall from trees!
    Then I find out and make a big deal out of it.

  4. Ice Age part 2.. I hope you know how to make an igloo, the world will freeze with ice again… dam global warming

  5. I hope that the psychopathic woman in the start of the video gets burned to death in a horrible car crash, sending her back to Hell… where she belongs. Scumbags who are that evil should be removed from society in the most painful ways possible.

  6. Take a moment while they're immobilized and put a 22 in their head then toss them in the trash… They are an invasive species and need eradicated like the boa's and pythons in the Everglades…

  7. Global warming at its best, I thought the planet was burning up? Oh well I guess Al Gore and Greta have it all wrong. Silly narrative humans!

  8. Good time to cut down on the population of an invasive species. We all know people and their local government are not smart enough to do this though. They'll go with emotion instead.

  9. Apparently not enough people have watched the Magic School Bus episode on reptiles and cold-blooded animals. It teaches about how they slow down in the cold like this.

  10. they are living creatures
    who can't create a place to stay warm .as caretakers of this planet. we should make small enclosures for them .

  11. they don't die, unless it really is 32 degrees fora length of time, and in south Florida that rarely happens…they are just stunned, like in a coma….once in the sun comes out or the temps get back into the 50's they'll be fine….

  12. The same thing happened to me, I was wondering through the streets when I saw Mark Zuckerberg on the floor, I wonder why?

  13. that's what happens when stupid people don't pay attention in science class… or they'd know that all reptiles are cold blooded… back when hurricane katrina tore through it destroyed the one zoo down there in Louisiana, they figured they'd lost pretty much everything by the time anyone finally got in there only to find that an albino alligator had gone into a state of suspended animation for almost the entire year it took people to get in and check on the animals there. chipmunks do a similar thing when hibernating, they shut down all functions save for a few critical systems that keep blood circulating around the heart…

  14. I would have took like 3 ,of them and when they wake in the tank I’m gonna laugh my self to sleep and free them in the morning 😭

  15. If my dog were alive he would be having a field day. He was good at catching and eating them in Brazil (no winter). Sitting ducks like these wouldn't live.

  16. Oh no 39 degrees… People in Florida are soft. Where I live it got down to -18 last winter.. I don't even wear a jacket when it's 39

  17. Wow, a true Floridian here, but I have never seen anything like this – must be a south Florida phenomenon. Amazing! Gather those little guys up and cage them (so they don't eat the good bugs & plants). Very cute little dogs!

  18. They are reptiles, cold blooded, if you have ever watched documentaries about the Galapagos Islands, early in the morning these iguanas have to stay motionless for a long time in the sun before being able to go fishing underwater. They need lots of warmth and sunlight

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