Connect Your IPTV Device to VPN Router

if your IP TV streaming device blocked from accessing the channels you want more and more web users around the world are discovering at their fire TV mag box is a gamma a smart TV or now TV boxes are blocked by their ISP from a popular content at specific times the solution is to connect your streaming device to a VPN router from Liberty shield our VPN router connects to your existing ISP router of the Ethernet cable we provide and this creates a new VPN protected network in your home or business you then simply connect your IPTV device using Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable direct to the VPN router instead of your ISP router our VPN routers also work just fine with powerline adapters and Wi-Fi extenders you just have to move them from your ISP router to the VPN router once your streaming device is connected to the VPN router all your traffic will be encrypted and your ISP will not be able to log your traffic or block your connections whilst you can set the VPN router to several countries to bypass geo blocking often there is no need as the VPN is encrypted so a UK VPN setting will bypass ISP blocks for some of the most popular IPTV services it's designed to be simple but if you do have any problems then Liberty shield can help seven days per week 365 days per year just head to our website and click support

3 thoughts on “Connect Your IPTV Device to VPN Router

  1. Can you connect it to a powerline connected to the original ISP or does it have to be connected to the original router

  2. So if i wanted an ethernet connection for a device would i connect through an ethernet port on the vpn router?

  3. a bit confused i am. the connection coming into your home first goes to the isp router. Sothat suggests the ISP can see any heavy traffic coming though that router. Sure you can hide the machines after that but the isp will see the heavy traffic at its router then will throttle it.

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