Connecting a remote workforce [BGC Contracting Case Study]

MAN: As an organisation,
we’re changing, we’re growing. We tend to have more
larger-scale projects now. Quite often, we need to mobilise
without a lot of notice and secondly, purely the remoteness
of that location presents major challenges in
getting the infrastructure to site. But the primary reason
why we need good telecommunication or robust communications is from a health and safety
perspective. Telstra has
a very good regional presence, which I believe is
a major competitive advantage. The immediate cost savings
I see with this solution is by virtue of its scalability. So it allows BGC Contracting to
scale up and down the cost base and use it as required. It is very important that we… ..put our money and our energies in the areas
where our business sees value. We have to remember what we do here. Our responsibility is to provide
successful projects to our clients. We don’t want to be experts
in telecommunications. That’s Telstra’s job. But we do want to have the tools
and capabilities to grow our business
in that regard when we need to. Security is a major factor for us. We were reassured by virtue
of the fact that Telstra’s data solution
and data centres were located physically
here in Australia. We will be using the Telstra Cloud
Collaboration Cisco Powered solution to leverage off
what we have already invested significantly in our business. In doing so, what I see is that
our workforce will be more mobile, more independent,
more collaborative, more efficient and productive in delivering
their everyday responsibilities.

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