consent for kids

Consent for kids. This is you. Okay it doesn’t look exactly like you. But let’s say it’s you. This is your body. And you get to decide what you do with your body. No one else is entitled to tell you what to do with your body. Not your friends. Not strangers. Not adults you know. No one is entitled to decide what you do with YOUR body. Except you That’s called bodily autonomy by the way. And that is what consent is all about. Some people love to hug and some people hate hugs and each person gets to decide what they’re comfortable with. Can a hug loving person just start hugging someone at random? Nope. They need consent. How do people know if they have consent? They ask. Would you like a hug? Yes I would. Can I hold your hand? I’d rather not. Okay. If a person doesn’t say yes. Can I hug you? Umm I ahhhh Then they haven’t given their consent. It’s really pretty simple. Ask for consent listen to the answer. By the way if a person bribes someone or threatens someone to yes that’s not consent. Sometimes adults will try to tell a kid what to do with their body. Go kiss aunt Doris goodbye. But the kid still gets to decide. No thanks that makes me uncomfortable. I’ll just wave goodbye. Some things kids can’t consent to. They can’t enter into legal contracts. They can’t vote and they can’t consent to sexual stuff cause they’re kids. So if an adult does something that kids can’t consent to that’s not okay. The adult is wrong and it’s not the kid’s fault. And that is when it’s most important to tell a trusted adult like a techer. Why? Because it’s your body. And no one is entitled to tell you what to do with it.

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  1. Promoting pedophillia…if children gives theyr consent…the pedophilles cant be charged… see between the lines , this agressive propaganda must stop!

  2. They need to make this video with real kids and at the end, perform twisted sisters we're not gonna take it. Mic drop.

  3. Now my cousin won't take a bath. No one (not even adults you know) can tell you want to do with your body

  4. Sometimes we adult use our power to force our kids to do something's just because they are kids and we don't believe that the also have autonomy as their moral right. Parents need to watch this video.

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  6. I wonder how many adults saying "This makes perfect sense!" also see nothing wrong with female, or male, circumcision.
    Because after all… "It's YOUR body, No-one else is entitled to tell you what to do with your body except you ".
    Pretty simple, right?

  7. People actually are entitled to tell other people what to do or not to do with their bodies, because while it is technically your body, it's condition and actions have an influence on the people around you.

  8. This will make bath time difficult for parents. Most parents need to hold their kids hand in a parking lot or crossing the street. This is America and kids are legally obligated to go to school and wear clothes in public. Kids need to be vaccinated. Kids can't consent to tattoos and piercings. If someone bribes someone to say yes it's still consent because they still have a choice. Kids hug each other without asking all the time. It's not a violation unless they know the kid doesn't like hugs or being touched. The dislikes are because of how problematic this video is.

  9. This is so idiotic. It's what happens when mentally ill SJWs dispense advice. Children do not have bodily autonomy and the absolutely can be told what to do with their bodies. "Get up. Get in the bath. Get dressed. Blow your nose. Brush your teeth. You're getting a haircut today. Hold my hand as we cross the street. Let me put iodine and a bandaid on that cut. Take this medicine. Eat your dinner. Go to bed."

  10. The irony is in America if you're under the age of 18 and you give consent you're still considered a "teen" and it's "statutory rape"

  11. Welp, it's official, I'm a rapist. I used to hug this kid without consent to annoy him ALLLL the time. He would always hit me to get me away, but I still was in the wrong too…

  12. Great video! this song is about consent…it's a little dark but I think it really drives home the whole "No" part of consent 🙂

  13. Sorry but this is crossing over into something over the top. Sure, random strangers shouldn’t hug kids but family members want to show love. There is a clear line of what’s wrong but this will result in children not having my affection, which they need. As if people will even ask to hug a kid!! This will result in kids not gettin hugged, kissed and will result in even more absurdity. This is too far – focus on how to help kids when to say no to actual inappropriate affection not ALL affection.

  14. My family is south East Asian, Aussie and South American and this would result in a ridiculous situation where they would be standing afar from their nephews, nieces, grandchildren, children.

  15. Wait, so I won't get in trouble for killing 965 Norwegians with my bare hands simply because of their heritage? Phew! That was a close one

  16. Just curious…I know a lot of people who follow this also ask permission to change a diaper. What do you do if they say no? Neglect them? Wouldn't changing them or making them take a bath even after you ask just teach them the opposite? That they don't have a choice?

  17. i hate when i ask a girl if she wants a hug and says yes then the next day she changed her mind and didnt want the hug and then i go to jail

  18. I'm sorry this pure bs so they can consent to something but then sex is just no with the bs answer cuz there kids what kind of logic is that. I see how society cherry picks there morals kids either can consent or they can't no cherry picking they do what there parents tell them to do period no exceptions

  19. Okay so basically I kinda have control over my body but if I want to have sex I am breaking the law. I don’t get it… I’m 13 and if I want fun that’s too bad cuz the fucking adults forbid me. Why? I don’t get it…

  20. As a side note, kids never want tea, kids are not allowed to drink tea, and drinking tea will cause serious harm to kids. That is all.

  21. Agreed, there is only one thing in life you are truly entitled too and that is yourself. But unfortunately life doesn't work like that… at all.
    When teaching your kids to say goodbye with a kiss, it is called social behaviour. There is nothing wrong with that. You do not need consent always.

  22. "Because it's your body, and nobody else is entitled to tell you what to do with it."
    Except for public health departments, which say you must have dozens of viruses injected into your body.
    Except for society, which tells you to quietly put your body in front of a desk for twelve to sixteen years of your life.
    Except for your landlord and employer, who can tell you to remove your body from their premises at any time for any reason.
    Except for the national government, which can tell you to go have your body mangled in some foreign land because it's your duty.
    Except for law enforcement, who can search every inch of your body and confine it in claustrophobic places for long periods of time.

    Gosh, maybe we don't own our bodies after all.

  23. My mom taught me to always tell someone, be it family or stranger, not to touch me if I don't want to and to tell a trusted adult (like her and my dad) if someone's touch made me feel uncomfortable. Parents need to push that idea. No one has a right to touch you

  24. Oh shit I didn't realise that I could have just told my mum that I didn't want my foreskin cut off but I guess it's too late now

  25. I don't know who did the voiceover but they are obviously a child, and did a very good job at explaining this topic.

  26. I love this. The one thing I do wish I could add to it thought would be some explanation of how medical consent is also still an exception to this, since unfortunately we sometimes need to do things (such as looking in ears, giving needles, placing IVs) that a child might not consent to as they aren't able to appropriately weigh the medical benefits against what they perceive as the harm / potential for pain. We still try as best as possible to get the child's assent, but sometimes need to proceed without it.

    My thoughts would be something along the lines of:
    "Sometimes your parents might need to consent on your behalf for a doctor to do something to your body to help keep you healthy, like a checkup or even surgery. You still have the right to know what is going to happen and be told why it needs to be done, but sometimes it might be so important and so complicated to understand that your parents need to make that choice for you. This is a special situation and only applies to when you're at a doctor's office or hospital with a parent there with you."

  27. Anyone note the expressions on the young girls in the photographs as Joe Biden was "drawing close?" I don't think any of them would have consented to that touching if asked. I've been tweeting (@ksbocce) about this aspect of the controversy and suggesting people watch this great short film.

  28. I would like to do a Spanish dubbing on your video, for my classes in school. Is it OK if I I upload it to YouTube?

  29. Oh, big thing. If you ask Can I hug you and someone doesn't consent ( um, uh…no thank you… ) that doesn't reflect badly on you. You may feel disappointed. You may feel insecure. You may even feel offended. It's not about character, that something is wrong with you (or them).

    Respecting people's boundaries is super-awesome.

  30. I am glad I was told to hug my grandma when I was a kid. It taught me empathy and love expression.

  31. Er, No!, that's where your Lying!, it is a criminal offence to have any sexual contact under the age of 16,
    "The age of consent to any form of sexual activity is 16 for both men and women, so that any sexual activity between an adult and someone under 16 is a criminal offence. The age of consent is the same regardless of gender or sexual orientation.",

  32. "So if an adult does something that kids can't consent to that's not okay." I think that needs to be rephrased. How about "So, if an adult tries to get a kid to consent to something that the kid can't consent to, that's not okay?"

  33. This is speaking the truth! Many adults take it personally when a kid doesn’t want to give them a hug or kiss. In reality, it’s nothing personal. They just don’t want to. No big deal.

  34. well done! i like how you addressed things that a lot of people forget when discussing consent, like how not saying no doesn't mean yes, and that bribed or coerced consent isnt consent!

  35. Once, my teacher at school got mad at me for not giving my younger sister a hug before going into class, and called me out in front of everyone.
    And, well, they didn’t ask my family if it was fine with saying in front of everyone, at th entire school, that my sister had died, I know, it’s normal, but it made me, and my whole family extremely uncomfortable

  36. I'm forever grateful to the girl who taught me this concept and showed me this video. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.

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