Consumer Cellular review vs Google Fi review basic calling plans

hello everyone this is Noah once again
with save green here and today we’re going to compare the difference in
pricing that is between Google Phi and we’ve also been asked by some of our
viewers about consumer senator and they play commercials all the times
especially during a day time so their target audience is those that are
retired you’re on a fixed income and of course here at save green here we are
all about saving you money giving you tips to save your your pocketbook and we
also do from time to time reviews on electronics as well but anyway going
straight to the matter Google Phi is Google’s phone service and just like
Consumer Cellular they do not own their cell phone towers those towers are owned
by five of the biggest cellphone providers in the US and they are AT&T
and t-mobile on the GSM networks and then Verizon Sprint and US Cellular on
the CDMA side of things so those are the five largest providers in the country
everyone else every other provider their leasing towers from these five companies
I just mentioned so Google five does the same thing
now Google Phi leases and tenet hours from t-mobile from Sprint and from US
Cellular those three companies and the way they went about things was since
they’re leasing all three of them your phone can easily just ping to the
antenna that’s closest to it or the antenna tower that’s closest to it
Consumer Cellular kind of does the same thing they’re also using t-mobile and
AT&T so what makes Google Phi a little bit of a better choice for you is you
have gsm networks which is t-mobile and 80 that’s one type of antenna signal
and then you have CDMA towers those are Verizon Sprint and US Cellular so you
kind of want to have the best of both worlds here’s why whenever if you’re on
let’s say you’re a sprint customer or ever or a US Cellular customer if you’re
in an area where your signal is not the best Sprint and US senator will will
ping or will Rome to Verizon and we know that Verizon is a very dependable
network so they will roam and use their signal so if you’re on google phi you’re
getting t-mobile Sprint and US Cellular but on the US Cellular and Sprint side
whenever their signals are weak it will roam to Verizon so you’re kind of
getting the best of four out of the five major carriers that being said since
Consumer Cellular also uses t-mobile and AT&T and Google Phi actually gives you
more of a coverage area let’s compare the plans and we are specifically
targeting to customers that are just going to need talk and text you’re not
needing any internet we know many of the ones that are on a fixed income or
retired or elderly you may not need internet you might just use your tablet
when you’re at home using the Wi-Fi at home so with that in mind let’s say you
need to two lines on the consumer side of your side of things
one line will cost you 20 bucks every additional line will cost you 15 so you
can see that here how that changes down here one line is $20 but when I hit two
lines it’s 35 because it’s $20 for one line and $15 for each additional line
that brings our total up to $35 okay well I’m sorry two lines is actually $15
a month which is good but your your tork plan here if you want unlimited talk
worried they’re not gonna up charge you or charge you for going over
and stuff like that and you just want to talk as much as you want to friends and
family $20 a month unlimited talk $15 for the two line so that’s about 750 per
line I didn’t notice that until recently so 15 plus 20
there’s your 35 so 35 bucks a month to talk and text unlimited okay now if you
look at Google thighs plan they also give you a $20 a month charge for talk
and text and then $15 for every additional line you can add as many
lines as you want so you’re looking for at $35 there and as you can see here I’m
not even using any internet so I’m doing an apples to apples comparison $35 here
$35 here so far the key difference that we’re seeing between these two providers
is that you’re gonna have much better coverage on Google 5 because Google
thigh is using again t-mobile Sprint and US Cellular and whenever you’re on
Sprint or US Cellular towers and their signals not so great they automatically
roam you to Verizon that’s a good thing you’re actually getting four providers
for the price of one out of the top five with consent consumer senator you’re
getting t-mobile which Google i/o offers as well but you’re getting only AT&T as
the other provider so you get two providers here four providers here the
reason why I’m putting this out there for the consumers out there is Consumer
Cellular is just I mean they are running commercials all day long during the
daytime and the target audience like I mentioned before our people that are at
home if you’re at home most likely you’re retired or you don’t have income
right now you’re not working you might have been disabled so you’re you’re
needing a good cellular plan that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg and
you probably are saying heck I’m home all the time I need good internet but I
don’t need to be paying for it on my cell phone when I’m home all
time I can just use the Wi-Fi go with Google Phi you don’t have to use any
internet you could actually shut your internet on your phone off on the
settings and only pay for talk and text okay and with Consumer Cellular same
thing $35 for their plan talk unlimited talk unlimited talk and text and you’re
gonna pay $35 a month now both of these companies will allow you to buy data
just like you can see here you got all kinds of data plans here you know up to
$40 a month Google Fiber same thing you can you’re
gonna pay $10 for each gigabyte of data but again if you’re home
and you’re using your Wi-Fi and you just need talking text you don’t need the
bells and whistles I don’t mean it back right there and you see it sets a zero
here $35 same we’re comparing apples to
apples $35 both plans but again what you want to look at here is coverage signal
you want to have the best signal for your buck for the $35 that you’re gonna
pay either way you want to make sure you have the best signal now Google Phi is
very particular about this but they do recommend you go with their phones that
are mentioned on their website that will automatically have that ability to
switch over from one antenna to the other seamlessly so you want a phone
that is unlocked to both GSM towers which is t-mobile and AT&T
and also unlock to CDMA towers which is Verizon Sprint and US Cellular and the
reason for that is to it your phone will be unable to flip from one place to
another another thing to with Google Phi is it also enables Wi-Fi calling and on
Consumer Cellular you don’t have that ability to use Wi-Fi calling unless you
have a t-mobile phone if you go with Google Phi and by one of their pixel
phones my suggestion to you if you want to save some money is don’t buy the
pixel phone from google buy on Amazon what I’ll do I
will post a link down below in the description that will have an automatic
discount on it when you click on it you can get any one of these phones but
personally I suggest you go with the pixel to XL or the pixel 3 XL or pixel 3
because these phones are made by Google and they are optimized to work on Google
Phi the rest of them are as well they will work the same but I just have an
eerie feeling of using other phones that are not Google’s phone on their phone
plan and you can try it and you can switch your your phone that you have now
you can use switch your phone number to it without having to pay anything
additionally and you don’t have a contract also on Google fine but it’s up
to you both of them are $35 but I’m giving you perspective here you’re gonna
be have a better coverage with Google Phi than you would with Consumer
Cellular again this is no one with saved green here you all have a nice day

4 thoughts on “Consumer Cellular review vs Google Fi review basic calling plans

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  2. I went with Consumer Cellular about eight months ago. For the last two months I cannot receive or send photos with a text. I called them they could not fix it. I bought a new phone from them Samsung Galaxy J-3 it has never kept time. I keep resetting it and calling them they cannot fix it. You get what you pay for.

  3. One of the things that makes Consumer Cellular better imo is they don't charge $10.00 per gig of data.
    If I don't notice I'm using data Google will charge me $1.00 every 100MB which can be problematic if I'm on the internet without noticing my WiFi went out 35mins. ago 😢
    Consumer Cellular uses three towers right?👍 That's fine with me since Verizon has coverage almost anywhere in the U.S.

  4. Why are we being charged for unwanted Robo Calls & Tele marketing Calls?
    Consumer Cellular charges 1 minute, for calls not even picked up, we let them ring!
    In 14 days we are being charged over 100 minutes and CC automatically puts us in a higher $$ plan.
    We are blocking the calls, put they still call, the phone rings twice and stops, We are being charged 1 min. as well.

    Consumer Cellular should protect its customers with "Block Calls & Messages" The technology is available!!
    Other Cell provider offer this support,.
    Thank you

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