Coronavirus could permanently close some department stores: Former Toys R Us CEO

78 thoughts on “Coronavirus could permanently close some department stores: Former Toys R Us CEO

  1. Retailers like JC Penny or Macy’s didn’t adjust to online demand. They cancelled an order cause I ordered too much products. Went to Amazon and bought them without a problem.

  2. Lets be honest.. JC Penny's was done anyways.. Now Bed Bath n Beyond actually was doing well before this so they will be ok..

  3. You know???? If I got a small loan of a million dollars from my father I think I would be okay with anything that happened right now.

  4. They were already on the way out. Most people would go into those stores to shop for prices and then order them online for cheaper prices.

  5. I haven't stepped foot in Macy's since they announced their new "hijab line" several years ago!
    No big loss there!!

  6. Or some already failing department stores can use this as an excuse to get out of financial responsibilities, and end it not in bankruptcy court.

  7. Necessities buying every day what a joke these people are shopping everyday in a bad way. Should be smart enough to shop by weekly, and cover face and hands dips out there.

  8. Pelosie 🔥👹🔥 took CONTROL on Who an How much 💰💰💰 Will be given to WHO ☠️🇺🇸☠️. They Come FIRST. As Usual 🔥👹🔥

  9. On line stores are making a killing. As the Internet tax went into affect months ago. So don't be fooled. States are racking in revenue..
    Matter of fact. I want to see their balance sheets before and after. And I mean both Accounting books the States keep. As they show one for the public, Then hide the second. That shows how much they actually hold in Bonds. Mutual Funds. Property…Which is $Billions….

  10. CEO of toys r us failed bigger Then companies he saying or failing that’s why there’s no more Toy r Us around. Why listen to him?

  11. 🇺🇸TRUMP + REP 2020🇺🇸
    🇺🇸TRUMP + REP IN 2020🇺🇸

  12. They could have re-implemented the welfare to full benefits for an extended period for our poor community. The poor teach us to have compassion one day we may become the teachers.

  13. Of course these companies will all be gone. If human trafficking is involved, all assets are siezed. May be somthing to look into if a CEO is unexpectedly stepping down at this time. Also, look up adrenachrome and the white rabbit.

  14. Apparells will get hit like macys and jcpenney but remember its a lot of hassle just to return your clothing if you dont like it. Trust me

  15. Toy r us owner ga e money to planned parenthood for abortion..they shut down for murdering their own future customers..look it up

  16. Great job Mr. President Trump. Stabilized the economy, stopped the panic and if you want to control it keep the gasoline cheap.

  17. 👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎 Businesses May have been safe, less lives taken, supplies more available, hospitals more ready Ect. If he had taken this virus more seriously in the beginning. And even more if advice was taken, mos. ago! trump👎☠️🟥👎☠️🟥👎☠️🟥

  18. I would like a new wardrobe but now is not the time. I do my shopping online however, saving my money for food, sanitizing items, new pistol and ammo.

  19. Don’t care about former Toys R us and what he has to say. He mismanaged his store. Hired crappy workers. Should’ve lowered prices to compete

  20. Who would of thought that selling nothing but toys at an overly expensive price would be a poor business model? (Anyone with common sense, kids do not work)

  21. Maybe these companies can use the stimulus to restructure themselves to become something more useful in the new socio-economic world we were already pushing for. Nah that kind of restructure would take way more time, money, and energy than they probably have. Maybe if existing successful companies in those sectors weren't already so powerful, but those companies worked to get that powerful. May take too much to catch up enough to survive. But maybe new businesses could form to somewhat be competitive, cause they wouldn't start out with so much extra overhead.

  22. And this information or anything is coming from the FORMER CEO of toys R us and last time I checked they were out of business. Take this with a huge grain of salt

  23. Toys r us CEO? Giving us advice? I think he lost his job because he ran toys r us to the ground. Lmao that is your expert? Now he wants a bail out pretending corona virus made him mess up toys r us

  24. All the major stores knew this. The time's are changing there trying to get there last dollar. Shopping at home is awesome. I can't speak for the women though.

  25. Sears has been trying to commit financial suicide for 15 or 20 years now, but they are still open. You walk in and there are more employees than customers who are all over 70 years old. The restrooms look like Katrina hit them. Isle after isle of outdated, overpriced crap. So don't tell me Macy's and J.C. Penny's are going under. I Don't believe it!

  26. Is just material things that mean nothing be thankful for what you got stop whining about shoes then you probably have 20 pair in the closet people are more important

  27. Movie stars suck to it's all about the money for them stop making them idols there nothing important and I can't sing either

  28. All the CEOs step down because they knew this is going to happen and they will just want it more money it's never enough for people that have more money

  29. Walmart sucks! They constantly don't have what your looking for, cancel orders and why would I pay my hard earned cash when people can buy the same stuff for free with SNAP!?😒

  30. GOP donors, you're the ones who thought squeezing the younger generation for every dime was a good idea . Now they can't afford kids. They can't afford cars. They can't afford houses. You made your bed, now sleep in it. Reap as you sow.

  31. I quit shopping Macy's several years ago over their social justice policy. I got sick of being followed and cased out by security while I spent money and observed the criminals around me getting a free pass. I was a cardholder for well over a decade, bought tons of high end merchandise. Not anymore, not ever again. I'll do without.


  33. Pretty soon cash transactions will be obsolete. People will no longer be able to socialize. Everything done online. Globalists want to know your every move.

  34. WRONG! I am a woman and yes I DO go shopping to try on a dress, can I order a well fitting dress on line or feel the fabric/ make of the dress on line?? Or, how it suits me? No, I cant,

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