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• From whether humanity can evolve again
to what would happen if we never stopped eating, we answer some of your most BURNING questions
about life • How’s it going, folks? I’m PringleTheOne – I’ll be reading out
the questions and answers • I’m Danger Dolan
and I’m here to blow your mind with truth 10 – i-have-a-great-name How can cockroaches
survive nuclear explosions but humans can’t? • Because they’re basically indestructible! They roll up into their shells, harden up
like a metapod and at that point they become the toughest material on Earth. • Look, I’ll demonstrate this on Frankie. You’ll notice he doesn’t even feel my
foot- • *
• Ohhhh – Frankie. You’re supposed to not get crushed. (sigh) I should’ve warned him of my awesome
stomping power. • Cockroaches wouldn’t actually survive
a nuclear blast; the heat would destroy them. However, they’re capable of enduring 100
times the radiation that humans can take due to their slower cell cycles – though they
likely wouldn’t be able to lay anymore eggs. 9 – takumi nightcore Is there a limitation
of how much we can put on the internet • There is a TYPE of limit that not a lot
of people know about. It’s called a meme quota. You’ll notice popular memes only get shared
around for about a week or two before they die? It’s because the internet literally cannot
fit more of that meme on the servers. • Oh! So that’s what happened to all those dank
sonic memes? There were just too many to put on the internet? • Na they were just bad. • There’s no risk of the internet approaching
a “size” limit as the amount of storage and data supply is theoretically limitless
– so long as we keep connecting more computers together. Interestingly, back in 1997 they were able
to back up the entire internet onto 44 two-terabyte tapes. Nowadays it’s a “little” more than that. • *
8 – Eltoria Why do we dark circles under our eyes when we’re tired? • That usually means you’re gonna die
soon. That’s the universe saying, “what if you
just slept, but, like, forever?” It could also mean you haven’t had much
sleep lately but na mostly it’s because your time’s up. • What about me, Dolan? My eyes are almost pitch black. Is that bad? • Means you’re already dead, like, 8000
times over? How you been feeling lately? • I feel great!
• … yeah, I think you’re dead. • Being tied means your skin gets dehydrated. This hollows out the area under your eyes
exposing the dark-coloured blood vessels underneath. Though it could also be caused by allergies
or other conditions, so see a dermatologist if they won’t go away. 7 – ChiefSurgeon Have we developed technology
to understand the speech of any animals? • We already understand them. If you go in the kitchen and a cat meows at
you, it’s saying “I’m an annoying rat, I’m a difficult burden for you and you know
what? In reality, I don’t even know what I want! Me? I’m having an existential here. Perhaps food will satiate me. But I can’t be sure.” • Funnily enough, we’ve already proven
we don’t need technology to communicate with animals. A lot of pet owners “teach” their pets
certain words and non-verbal cues. Machine-learning technology could one day
translate animal noises into English words, though they have to be taught first, making
the translation fairly redundant. • *
6 – Peter Piper Why do we get a brain freeze? • Depends how tiny your brain is. If you got a little pea brain, it’ll freeze
much faster. • That makes sense actually! I get brain freeze all the time, but I found
if you get yourself a really hot coffee or cook up a juicy sizzling steak, then you snort
them, that gets rid of the freeze in no time. • …what? Snort!? What you actually… you do that? • Of course! I snort everything. • I don’t know how I feel about that…
crazy alien thing… yellow weirdo… snorting… you tried DRINKING coffee? • Drink it? But how would that reach my brain? • Good point. Well-reasoned. • Brain freeze is when cold drinks freeze
the nerves at the back of your throat, actually simulating something close to a headache. Due to this, an interesting fact is that migraine
sufferers intentionally give themselves brain freeze to reduce the pain – and it works! 5 – ddgreen94 Can we as a species evolve
past humanity? • Do some sit-reps, some cardio, eat some
green beans, fish, the food pyramid. Look at me, I used to be a man, now I’m
a completely white cartoon character. Transcended… reality. And that’s just with a healthy lifestyle. • I wish I could be more human… • Well then you should stop looking at dank
memes and snorting everything. Just a suggestion. • Humans are evolving faster than before
we developed culture and technology due to the end of natural selection. Not only that, but DNA techniques means we
can control and upgrade future generations for increasingly fast evolution to come. It won’t be long before we have to figure
out if we are indeed, “still human”. • *
4 – zoey5672 Why can’t men give birth to a baby but women can? • Because the law hasn’t been passed yet. Everyone knows when you’re planning a baby
you have to sign the baby contract and the girl gets instantly pregnant as soon as it’s
signed and co-signed. Us men will have to make do with beer babies
and food babies for now. Sure it’s fun to give birth to a 6 pack
of lager and a chicken schnitzel, but one day we’ll do better. • Unfortunately, men aren’t biologically
capable of producing children due to the lack of uterus. There’s been a lot of research into uterus
transplant surgeries transgender women, but at this time it’s still highly experimental. 3 – Jarry913 Why do sharks die if they stop
swimming? • Just like cats, sharks are also prone
to momentary existential crises. They stop for one second, they realise they’re
swimming in circles, trapped as humans watch them from glass. No escape, no way to contribute to shark-kind. A prison. Shackled. A shark tank of pointlessness. • But what actually kills them? • They get dark circles under their eyes. Then they die. • Sharks pump oxygen into their bodies through
swimming, however a lot of them can idle for a short time unless they have weak pump muscles
– in which case yes, they could die if they pause for too long. It’s rare, but it does happen. • *
2 – Laurie and Donyell Why does fire turn green if you burn plastic? • That means you’ve burnt a magic shopping
bag, you’ve exposed the wizarding world. Soon they’ll be after you. They’ll hit you with a neutraliser-type
wand gizmo and blow up your skull and stitch it back together with blu-tack. You think that’s a hangover you got? Na, wizard blasted your skull because you
saw some green fire. You can’t dispute this. • Green fire is caused by the chemicals
into the plastic burning up and getting released into the atmosphere. It’s generally not a good idea to do this,
as some of the chemicals can be harmful to you or even fatal – so don’t warm your
marshmallows over it. 1 – alphahuntingwolf What would happen if
we kept eating without stopping? • That just means you’ve discovered the
noclip infinite eating hack. I’ve shown it to Pringle before, you just
eat fairy floss, suck in air from a balloon, backwards long jump 360 noscope until you
hear a ding and you’ll be able to eat without limit!
• (fat voice) It’s true, I’ve eaten tons and I … oof… ugh… I’m totally… fine… • Pringle, you only did a 180 long jump,
didn’t you? • (Fat pringle groans)
• If you ate without ever feeling full, very quickly your risk of diabetes, cancer,
diseases, breathing problems and asthma would skyrocket. Prader-Willi syndrome is just that, a real
disorder where you never feel full no matter how much you eat.

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    – They can live underground and thrive in sewers
    – They have an incredibly high rate of reproduction
    – They require less food than humans to survive

    And the amount of data on the internet is not limitless. Even the Universe is not limitless.

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