Country Sweethearts Grace Leer and Hannah Prestridge Sing a Sassy Duet – American Idol 2020

[SINGING] Do you want to pick somebody that is gonna outshine you? Complement you? Are you the victim in this? [SINGING] This is almost our little
psychological test, if you will. We get to see their personality shine without asking them who they are. [SINGING] Grace, we’re so proud of you and you are going through to the next round. Hannah, you have grown. We’ve seen you fight. But unfortunately for right now, you’re not going through to the next round. Don’t give up on your dreams, Hannah! Oh, I won’t. I’ll be back next year. Oh, good girl!

73 thoughts on “Country Sweethearts Grace Leer and Hannah Prestridge Sing a Sassy Duet – American Idol 2020

  1. Grace is not what American Idol is about. She is already established in Nashville. Poor judging on their part on this duet

  2. To everyone saying that Hannah should've advanced with Grace, she ain't gonna give up or stop. She's gonna work hard and come back another season. All right?

  3. Hannah's voice is better than some of the country duets who have both made it through. I fell in love with both her audition and solo round. Dang! These judges are unfair! She deserves another solo round.

  4. Wow I have to admit they both sounded fantastic together. Hannah did an amazing job and same with Grace. I loved it. Great job to both of them. They were both pretty even for me.

  5. I thought they were both good enough to go through, But, Grace she's in another level. American Idol is just her publicity videos. She's gonna be Big! Just watch.

  6. Grace has voice and she moved around which is what you want when you go to any concert. Hannah did good, but she just stood there kinda blah. I can't wait to see what Grace does later on!!

  7. It's almost like Hannah was intimidated a bit. If she does come back next year I'm sure she'll be even better.

  8. Awwwww my brother literally just asked me who was my favorite, and I said Hannah Prestridge. And seeing her go just broke my heart. 🙁 🙁

  9. Something was up with Hannah tonight she has an amazing voice but I feel like she felt intimidated and she didn’t seem like she was giving it her all, I hate the way this was filmed though why are you cutting off this whole video talking ! When she didn’t go thru she didn’t even seem upset about it, but hope you come back next year !!

  10. I feel like hannah has an amazing voice and she can go further and I'm glad she's coming back next year keep going girl keep going and dont let your thoughts get to you, you have an amazing voice!!!! 👏🏼 practice makes perfect!!❤🎈

  11. Theres so many good we may like a certain contestant but unfortunately there's only one champ at the end of it. And we are not the one to choose it. Whoever the champ may be, it will because of hard work and the judges.
    Ps. Love you Katy! ♥️

  12. hannah is great and i was like rooting for her, top 5 maybe, but she seems so tired here! 😔 yes, please come back! ❤️

  13. Had Hannah cried a little bit more and gave the judges more drama as did others, she too would've gotten through… just saying.

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