Create a Google Earth tour directly in the Chrome Browser. Plus automatically saves in Google Drive

Hi everyone this is Brad today we’re taking
a look at way you can create a tour directly in Google Earth using just a
Chrome browser which is really cool so we’re gonna go head into Valley Forge
here we’re gonna add the Visitor Center to our project we need to make sure it’s
a new project and select save now I’d like to add a few more places I’d like
to go ahead in and I’d like to add the arch so what I’m gonna do is I’m just
going to come over here I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to select right here
so it might be a little bit easier I’m gonna select Pegman and I’m gonna select
Pigman and drop him right in here now we need we may need to change the view just
a little bit here that’s gonna be facing the opposite way they like here we go
that’s pretty good right there so what we want to do we want to capture this
view and we’ll just call it arch we’re gonna select save now I’m gonna come
back out here a little bit so let’s go ahead and select the minus and what I’d
like to do is love this walking path so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to select
draw a line or shape and I’m just gonna select a starting point and I’m gonna
double click for the ending point and I’ll just call this walking path select
save and there’s one more that I’d like to do I’d like to go ahead and I’d like
to put in one more place mark so what I’m going to do is I’m going to select
to reset our view and I’m gonna go ahead in and I want to add right in here I
want to go in and I want to add the chapel so I’m gonna get a little bit
closer so when I put the landmark in people will see that right away so let’s
go ahead let’s zoom in just a little bit more okay so I want to add this place
mark so I can put it select a location I’m gonna put it right here and I’ll
just call this chapel and select safe now what you can also do is over here of
course where you want a title your project so let’s call this Valley Forge
oops okay now I’d also like to add in a slide which is nice you can add a
full-screen slide you can go ahead in add a plus now you can just type in
right in here Valley Forge you can see your other options as well gonna choose
this image select it we can say thank you for look okay that’s fine
of course you have other options here as well if you’d like to do that we’re
gonna go head back and I’m gonna move my slide up to the very beginning and now
I’m gonna go ahead and present it so here we go you can of course the
lockdown in here or see the table of contents so those that are taking a look
at this could go ahead and they could fly right there
and go ahead and go through some of the information that is available already
built into Google Earth we’re gonna go head back out we’re gonna go into our
third which is going in and taking a look at the arch right here which is
nice let’s go ahead and here’s our walking path of course users could go
ahead in and drop Pegman and take their nice walk and last but not least we’re
gonna go ahead in and here is the chapel so there you go of course you could
always go ahead in as well and when you are creating yours
there is tutorial here as well if you have any questions let me know thanks
for watching take care

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