Creating Unique Images for Google SEO Juice with Images that are Unique

Hi. I’m going to show you how to actually
do the images so they are unique each and every time. So I’m jumping on to
just to go ahead and grab an image and I’m going to pick the very first one because that’s
probably a very popular one that people pick all the time. I’m just going to download this
just to show you that once you download it, you can take that and do some things with
it to make it actually unique. So I’m going to take that image and save it
just so you guys can see how Google works to start with. So I will call this “kitten”.
I will save it to my desktop so I can find it easy and then let’s go on to Google and
just take a quick peek at what we can do with Google. So when on Google, up here at the top, you
can click on Images and when you click on Images, right over here on the right you can
search by image and so I’m going to go ahead and upload an image and go find the kitten
that we just downloaded. So now Google is going to go out and see if
it can’t find that same image and of course it looks and says, “Hey wait, I actually see
this cat.” Look at all these sites. Look at all these people who have uploaded this kitten
photo. So it would not be considered unique and therefore
Google will not give us any credit for uploading a “new image”. So let me show you what we’re
going to do. I’m going to use Photoshop but if you had
some other type of program, you could use another type of program and do the same thing
I’m about to do. So I’m going to create a new file and I’m
going to paste that image of the kitten in. So it’s really important that we need to do
— this image is probably well — we can see it was well-used. The first thing we want
to do is flip it. So I’m going to come up here to my layers
and I’m going to — I’m sorry, on my image, and I’m going to say “image rotation”. I’m
going to flip it horizontally. Now doing just that doesn’t often work with
Google because Google is pretty smart and they know that you can flip it. So a lot of
the things that I do is I might take it and change its size and change its proportion
a little bit and maybe even just try to skew it just a little bit to make this a brand
new image. Just as cute and then we could put some fun quote or something on there. So you put some little quote on there, something
fun or something unique and then from there, I’m going to go ahead and save this and we’re
just going to try to see if Google even thinks this is unique. So I’m just going to start with that and what
you could do if you just wanted to even have a little bit of fun, you can come out here
and so on, maybe I say “red ball” and I try to find something that the kitten
is playing with, right? So I could come out here and maybe find, I
don’t know, something. Yeah, here’s some yarn. So maybe I go grab the yarn. Download that.
I’m going to copy that. Let’s go back to our image and we will put
that fun little yarn. Now I will do the same thing. I’m going to flip this around so that
way Google thinks that that might even be different and it doesn’t detect it as the
same image. We might kind of change its direction a little
bit and, I don’t know, you even come in here and say, “Hey, I don’t want the string at
this point.” So, I’m going to take the string out or do some stuff just to make the image
just a hair different than what Google is used to. I’m going to get rid of this white here and
you can have someone do this for you. It’s not like for the most part you have to do
this yourself. You can have somebody do it for you and so we’re going to take that ball.
We got that ball of string to look kind of — maybe it’s kind of rolled off the page.
OK. So we will take that, take this whole thing,
the white background and then there’s our unique image that we did just ourselves and
let’s see if Google will consider this unique. So now I’m going to save this image and I’m
going to call this “kitten in motion playing” or whatever you want to call it. Now I’m going
to take that same idea and I’m going to go back to Google and over here in Google, I’m
going to go back to the Images tab and say, “Let’s go check that image to see if that
image is unique.” So I’m going to go choose the file, give it
to Google and now what you’re going to see is somebody else — look right here. Somebody
else has already kind of used this image and flipped it the other way. So this is a very
popular image. It was the number one on You probably want to go back to the back to
get something that’s not as well-used, something that might be way, way in the back. So in
this case, we’re not going to get credit for this image as being unique no matter what
we did to it because they already have similar images. So we either continue to work on this image
until we got it unique and until we think — Google thought it was unique — or we would
find another image to put here so get rid of this kitten and go back to Find something. So go over here to kitten
and I go way — go to page — maybe we go to page 40 and so on page 40, you’re looking
for a kitten. These images might be less. I mean you just don’t know until you try it
but maybe you take — and this is another good idea. You take part of an image and you
just grab parts out of pieces and that kind of thing. So another great trick is to use video and
take a screenshot of a video instead of using a flat image. So let’s grab this image, put
it in here and again we’re going to try to do it to where it’s a very unique image. So
I’m going to make this bigger. I’m also going to go this way and maybe we cut off some of
these kittens. We don’t want them to look too fixed. We do
something like this, right? So now, we’ve got a little bit different. It doesn’t look
the same and let’s see if we get away with it. Now obviously is a little bit
harder because everyone is using that. But it can be done. Sometimes it takes just a
little bit of extra time. So let me go ahead and save that. I’m going
to do the same thing. Save it and then again we’re going to go back up here to Google and
do another test to see if it’s a unique image. We’re going to do this until that image is
100 percent unique and you do this because that’s going to actually have Google rank
you. They’re actually going to attach your name to that particular image and again, these
are great examples of why you can’t just grab or something like that. Here, notice people have already cut out this
kitten from that picture and sure enough, it has been used on a bunch of sites. So Can
Stock Photo, Shutterstock, these people sell and they basically created this image by putting
a bunch together, so not very unique. What we could try to do of course is in this case
— OK, so this is the cat that’s giving us trouble. So using our Photoshop tool, our eraser here,
we’re just going to take this cat out of the equation because he’s the one that has shown
up as not being unique and there’s other ways to do this. You could use the — there’s a
whole bunch of other tools. I’m trying to just go quick to show you guys but you probably
want to do a better job than this. But just trying to — yeah, so we definitely
want to do a better job than what I’m doing here. Just to kind of give you guys an idea
how good Google is at seeing this stuff and knowing what’s unique anymore. You just can’t
fool them the way you used to. So let’s do that. Maybe we will make the quote a little
bigger to fill in that white space. All right. Then we will again save it. Not
the best artwork job but you guys get the idea. So we will try this one last time. Go back
to Google. Check the image and voila! So now what they’re showing here
is here’s our image with these two cats and our quote and our little ball and stuff like
that. There are not enough pixels in this picture for Google to pick up on this. So
basically they say, “Hey, here are similar images,” and all they can come up with is
bicycles. They can’t even come up with anything close and it’s probably doing it because we
used the keyword “motion” when we named it. We said “kittens in motion” and this probably
has something in motion. So this would be a great image to use now.
When we put this out on a website or on Pinterest or wherever we would put it, this image would
be logged as unique to Google. Google would give credit to the domain or to the entity
that went ahead and did that. So that’s why you want to put it on maybe your website,
your blog, Instagram, something that you’re trying to get some SEO juice or some ranking
too. So here you see we’ve created and it didn’t
take us very long but we created a very unique image just using our subscription,
a little bit of Photoshop. You can use something else and then just playing around with it
until we get something unique. So hope that helps and if you have any questions, let me

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