what's going on guys welcome back to I trust room if you guys are new make sure to hit that subscribe button turn on post notifications so you never miss out on the video and if you guys do find this information informative you guys can go down to the description below to find out all my information where you can contact me via email make sure to go ahead and follow me on social media you guys can hit me up on Instagram DM me sometimes I respond faster through a DM sometimes versus emails I get a lot of emails so I definitely try to put out different avenues for you guys to contact me and also probably the easiest way of contacting is comment below on this video in today's video we're to talk about how you can build your own IP TV empire how can you be an IP TV owner is this something that in 2019 something that you can actually do from home on I trust stream on this channel we do provide two services which our main one is glitch IPTV and then the other one is society streams which is that we finalized a few months ago it's been running great and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about rebranding and what you guys can do as an IPTV seller of you our reseller for other companies how you're able to rebrand how we're able to offer you guys actually free rebranding we're gonna get into that in this video and now to clarify a lot of things a lot of people wanted to know the differences between the two services that we do provide now glitch IPTV is my bread and butter that is my home this is something that I have created a while back now and it is self sustainable and everyone knows they want glitch IPTV that they go through me directly its self sustained it's a one-stop shop for a lot of people and Glitch is a is only offered through I trust streams here on this channel that is something that you would get just buy and you use we don't offer a rebranding with glitch me and my team design Society streams for one particular reason we wanted to create an avenue for people to be able to sell IPTV and also ghost it and have their own branding on top to where you can create your own massive income so we wanted to create something to where we don't want to have thousands of thousands of thousands of customers to have to try to keep an eye on just as much as we have glitch we want to be able to focus on the people with glitch with the clients that we do have the thousands of thousands of man there's so many of you guys in you know so thankful for you guys but if we don't want to have to duplicate that on a completely different service and not give the attention to do to both services that you guys do deserve so what we're going to do what I decided to do with society streams is open it up for resellers actually this is gonna be it's gonna be a one package type deal the people that have the most amount of money they're gonna be paying just the same price as the people that are just now starting out we want to make it equal for everyone just for right now at least to get people's feet wet when it comes to IPTV services so okay talk we're gonna step away from glitch for a moment because I eat guys always hear about glitch today we're gonna be talking about society streams not to make this video super super long we wanted to let you know that the reseller options are available as of today and that we are gonna be talking to you guys personally one by one and to speak with me directly that's what you're gonna be getting when you comes to the whole Bri branding I'm gonna actually provide you guys with coaching I'm gonna provide you guys how to set up your guys's merchants and I'm also going to help you guys actually target the right people to sell if you guys are coming from firestick of flipping to to actually even start an eye on YouTube so we're gonna make it to where if you buy at least 40 to 50 credits now one credit is per month subscription with society if you at least buy 40 to 50 credits you'll be able to get you're gonna be getting impersonal free rebranded to whatever um a company name that you have so I mean you if you do need help with graphic designing I can actually provide that for you we're gonna offer you guys two IPTV players which one is from smarter z' and then the other one is an XC IPTV app so we're gonna have two apps for android and also will have a portal link that is a non branded or the links so you can actually share it with your clients and they're not gonna even know that it's Society streams so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna have it this is why I've been waiting so long to do this because I wanted to do the right preparations before we even talked about this the time is now to be able to do this and we're gonna be starting taking resellers as of now the moment that I opened these floodgates in this moment this video is up I know a lot of you guys have been asking about it so if you guys are ready to get it's going on that and you want to start off even if you want to sell society that's fine it's just we do have regulations when it comes to certain prices that you need to be priced accordingly now there is also when it comes to selling society we do want to make sure that you guys are representing the company and that brand the proper way so that's one way you're gonna be competing against pretty much just the main site or you have your own name you have your own brand that you're wanting to provide to your own clients and I'll be able to rebrand all that stuff for you guys for free that's right we're doing this stuff for free because we want to give you guys the right information coaching there's a lot of people that do IPTV services and I know what I applaud them for doing it their style doing it their way there's a lot of competitors and we're here to not talk down upon other IPTV services or other providers that provide services and in the ways that they do it I do things a little bit differently I'm a little bit more personal and that's what you're gonna be getting through me so time is now we're gonna get going on this so we're gonna do a quick walkthrough before we even get started or like hey I don't even know what the service of the union looks like so what I'm gonna do is there's gonna be you know what we're gonna go ahead and do a full demonstration what the apps do look like when it comes to society but it is society what I went ahead and did is I put a no-name your brand here type of things you guys can actually get an idea of what your IPTV is gonna look like again before we even get started with that demonstration of what the apk is it'll look like with your branding is that the fact that you're not having to go look the server's not having to come out of pocket you're not having to come out of pocket to paper channel and getting channel packages which they can range between two to six dollars per channel depending what packages you do get you don't have to pay for that you don't have to pay for that server space you don't have to pay for the also for the downloading of the video on-demand stuff you don't have to do any of that and also you don't have to buy extreme coats panel which we provide you the extremis codes panel 100% for free everything everything's for free all you have to do is to maintain your own panel maintain your own clients make sure that you do your own customer service however you want to do it I have a couple suggestions of how you can do telegram form an app called band which we use for glitchy and also for such also for society so you're literally not having to come up with all those no heavy lifting anything that goes wrong any type of maintenance all and also free um we're always gonna be doing updates for your guys's apks we also set up your guys's file links store so we get to completely set up to get started and what how long does it actually take so I trust how long does this actually take for me to get started I can actually guarantee I can get you up and going less than 48 hours 24 hours depending on how many people that we're doing I do run a full business when it comes to IPTV it does being run with when it comes to glitch I do have a full staff now I do have a manager that actually helps out with a lot of my emails so or you know what freed up a lot of my time to be able to start another whole nother project and you're gonna get me personally you're gonna get me personally in your guys's messages so they actually help you start up this little process so let's go and do this full quick demonstration of what those two apps are gonna look like it's just gonna have no branding on it and we took the brandings out and we're just gonna put like there just a your name here logo in there and so you have enough rough idea what it looks like so again let's go ahead and get started on the demonstration part and again you find this information informative go down to the links in the description let's get your company started today here we go okay so we're currently here on the fire stick and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys two applications these are I just made this up your brand TV and your and IPTV again this is from society Pro and then the other one in society streams so what I went ahead and did is I changed out the logos just so you have an example of what your logos where your logos are gonna sit so we're go ahead open up one of them let's see this one is the X C IP TV application and this is gonna be one of your guys's apps so I just want to do a quick walk through don't write down this passcode it won't work this is just for demonstration purposes only so don't think that you guys are gonna get free IPTV right now so we're gonna go ahead and sign in real quick and we're gonna allow and we're gonna wait for the video on-demand at the series of catalogs all to install so the background right here where it's like the black and white background we can change that out to any background that you want where it says you're a brand here that is gonna be your logo so and then these will stay the same where it's gonna be live television guide and then video on-demand you go over here to your settings you can go to the account information it doesn't have anything that's in here that says society so people will know that you you are your own brand and hopefully people don't pick up that it's a rebrand of society so I try to do this for you guys you can change the stream type so let's go over to the live television section and right now we just had a pay-per-view event we had four on glitch and also on society so you definitely will be getting everything that society has you will have so you'll be able to get all the pay-per-view events ESPN plus the UFC premium it has all the nice logos everything loads it fast and super quick so as soon as you click on it it'll load right up the stream looks great and then you can just change the channel if you want okay the sports local networks so we're adding more and more and more local news so if your client is from like Dallas or Orlando destroyed California San Diego Los Angeles we have nationwide we're gonna be adding some foreign stuff assume all of the kids selections news local networks sports everyone asked about our sports section you got it all and they'll be extra innings you'd be able to select what team you guys like say your favorite team is my favorite team is the Yankees so if I click on the inky's if the Yankees game is on they'll play their league pass and then also we're adding more categories like 24/7 streams so if you were just a you want to put on Family Guy or Batman Bob's Burgers let's go to Batman real quick just turn on Batman and it's gonna play Batman all day long Game of Thrones Game of Thrones it will play at twenty four seven okay so we're gonna be adding some more Hispanic stuff and then live cameras this was due to popular request everyone liked the to see like beach cams and live cams throughout the world and just people watch all day and then let me just show you the video on demand real quick video on demand is really really simple to use what's in theaters we try to load what's currently in theaters based off the streams that we're able to get two thousand pack 2019 new so just wanted to give you guys a rep demonstration of what the type of quality that you guys are gonna be getting to say you want to put on the cartoon let's say dance it select ANSI just click play simple as that your plan to be super happy and then there it goes it plays okay so that is the XC IPTV app which is the society streams app so society screams this is what you're getting we'll be able to update all of that update the the branding so let's go over to the pro version and let's go ahead and sign in so this is society pro and we're going to go ahead and sign in here I just made a Bell County okay so let's go ahead and sign in it's gonna download again at the top you'll see that your brand here and also we can change out that that rocket ship to something else like subscribe or whatever we can change that also on the top left-hand corner it says your brand here that is also where your logo is gonna be the gradient colors we can change to any color that you want based off your guyses branding I just put threw in some colors also the background where it's the black and white background we could change that to whatever you want so if you want your gradient to be a certain color like green or whatever we can change it to not create it we can change it to actually even a photo of your choosing it's full customizable also we can even change out the television icons so we can do whatever you guys want so just to kind of give you guys a rough demonstration of what the pro looks like this is a smarter zap it so which is supported we will do all the updates for you guys again before then you can go and update the guide and then catch up features movies so your television movies will be here what's popular what's trending and then has the icons so you select what movie you want and then after that so you have your two branded apps we can do banners on each and they will have will make you guys a own personal filing store which we will add whatever apks that you want so say your store wants like two like TVs ion or like titanium TV TV tab any of those apps we can add to your guys's own personal store so if your client does want to use like cyber flicks or a video on-demand application with your guyses IPTV service well we will do that and also host your stuff for you so we'll be able to host your guys's apk so they'll be able to be downloaded anywhere in the world super simple so again I just made these your brand your brand IP TV and then your brand TV so let me know guys let me know in the comments below what you guys think we are going to be starting on to do the rebrands for people as of today so first come first serve to get services through us and again I only talk about the prices when it comes to the credits inside either email me directly follow me on social media you guys can go over to the links inside the description to contact me personally all those stuff does get directed to me I do appreciate you guys watching in today's video you guys did like this video make sure to hit that like button hit the subscribe button while you're at it and comment below if you find this video informative again I do appreciate you guys bearing with me we are still building out the I trust dream headquarters so we're trying we're trying different things it's gonna be nuts and I got a few people coming out to San Diego to come help check it out so guys again I do appreciate appreciate you guys's patients we do you have internet we're getting going I'm testing out a a lapel mic a wireless mic to help with recording right now until we get some more stuff on the walls to help with the echo hope you guys enjoy today's video I'll see you in the next one late you


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