Cross-Browser Testing with BrowserStack

Cross-browser testing can be time consuming. But it’s the only way to make sure everyone
can see your site and that helps the Internet stay open and accessible. But testing doesn’t have to be so tedious. BrowserStack Automate lets you test your site
on multiple machines and browsers at the same time. Here’s how it works: You write your own
Selenium test scripts in the language of your choice. You specify your test site and link to the
BrowserStack cloud in the code. Then specify your browser and OS combos in
a simple JSON file. Then you run your test across multiple browsers
and operating systems simultaneously. Test data, screenshots, and videos are automatically
logged and stored in your BrowserStack account. Here we can see our site failed to return
a confirmation page in Firefox. And thanks to full API access, all test data
can be pulled into your own reports. Cross-browser testing doesn’t have to be
tedious. Services like BrowserStack make it easy so
you can spend less time testing your sites and more time making them. Watch this channel to learn more about cross-browser
testing and making the Internet more open and accessible to everyone.

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