Cross Country Vs Monstercross | Blake's Lycra Showdown

30 thoughts on “Cross Country Vs Monstercross | Blake's Lycra Showdown

  1. Do you want to see more of Blake in Lycra? Where should he ride his cross bike next? Let us know below

  2. Great review! I had to make the same decision last year at having only one bike. I chose an XC Specialized Chisel Expert. I can ride in a lot of different conditions with it and even get on the road and not be bored on it. As far as the lycra goes, it keeps us young, fit, and fast. Baggy pants are for old men. LoL. Cheers

  3. like the attempt but obviously to compare (lock out the fork), and if you actually tried to cross your country (the whole thing) you would take the drop bar.

  4. In witch MTB park are you in because seems to be pretty cool and I gonna move to the UK so I would be very thankful if you could recommend me some MTB parks😎🚵🚵

  5. Sorry do not see the point to the cross bike! I started MTB in the 90's and the MTB bike then was like the cross bike. But you could not stop and The broke a lot!

  6. @GMBN – whatever happens, don't get @zimblake anymore pints! He ends up misbehaving, and doing weird stuff, like wearing lycra. And those thighs..! #beer4blake #gay4lycraBlake 🤣🤣🤣🤘🤘

  7. Put flat bars on the cross bike, I have a Salsa Journeyman with flat bars and it has so much more controllable.

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