what's going on guys welcome back to the channel hope you're all doing well today wife Lisa and I are doing something a little bit different we had this crazy idea to do sort of a 1v1 in csgo a game that we both personally suck in very much so I'll admit I'm a bit better than she is just because I'm a bit more familiar with FPS games in general but we decided to switch things up during this little 1v1 showdown so basically she's going to be gaming on Hotline my $5,000 custom water-cooled PC rocking the 69 50 x10 core intel i7 processor q gtx 980ti in sli and so forth along with the predator X 34 34 inch you know 100 Hertz g-sync IPS display peripherals up the wazoo all the good stuff whereas I will be gaming on this now in its defense we actually have a pretty good CPU in here it's an i7 4770k however there are no discrete graphics we're going to be running off of the integrated shush I'm trying to film the video here no discrete graphics card we're going to be running off of Intel HD graphics exclusively not just to play the game but to also capture the gameplay you're about to see with OBS so that's going to drop the framerate I would imagine even more in-game now the monitor I'm using was actually really good in its day but it's super dated now it's an ace deuce I forget the VG 2 7 8 or something like that it was like 144 Hertz TN panel obviously no adaptive refresh rate or anything like that but it's a pretty decent size 27 inches however I will be playing in windowed mode at 1280 by 720 we've also got some really crappy peripherals here we've got a wireless membrane keyboard sound stereo and this really crappy little laser mouse that I got from RadioShack maybe eight years ago it's it's really bad it's really really bad so all that said this should be an interesting an interesting little showdown don't you think honey are you ready you ready to get smacked we're to get smacked around so we're going to do here is we're actually going to play three different Maps five rounds each sorry for the cars driving by out the window five rounds each that gives us 15 we're gonna do best out of 15 so that would be the first player to win eight rounds is going to be today's champion and then the loser just up the stakes even further is going to have to down a full teaspoon of habanero hot sauce with their only chaser after 60 seconds of enduring the heat being a tall can of natty ice oh boy it's going to be glorious I really really hope that I don't lose so that's it ladies and gentlemen we're not taking things too seriously here this is just a fun sort of video for you guys to enjoy and make no mistake due to that punishment someone will be in a world of hurt by the end of this video and we'll get it all on camera I promise on that note let's fire it up honey are you ready that's a yes three two one but for the job all right here we go our first map is all day you can buy now you can't really buy much on the first round because you don't got no money got no money honey you got to kill me if you want some moolah come at me bro come at me I am I met it I'm actually at a pretty decent 30 frames per second right now you're in trouble honey if it wasn't for this god-awful mouse keyboards bad – mmm I was testing out another map earlier it might have been militia or something that I was getting like 22 frames per second performance it reduce the performance and this maps actually much better oh you got the hots you're writing and everything oh my goodness hard I think we're guys alright that's me this is a hard map I feel like like this claw I mean I like I like close quarters I'm higher about making you anxious I'm really bad with long range so just get a noob stake and just spray and pray oh I can't even teabag you at this frame rate so low 27 FPS the do this a hostage being taken right from under my nose oh it's on now better tread lightly my god you scared the crap out of me I did yeah I'm going to be right there I'm failing at this terribly no you're doing all right you've been telling me everything on how am i doing all right that's true but you know what they say don't give up yeah you know I think you're going to do better in the next map because the freight rates I'm getting here are the highest I've seen while testing this game on the system all the other maps seem to have like way more textures or something or maybe it's the draw distance that drops the framerate like well below 30fps this is definitely the best performing map that I've played so far so I'd imagine this is probably things really going to pick up for you from here are you even listening to me nope okay Oh oh thank God you came out of nowhere oh good Phoebus Jennifer rush park this is the last round of this map yeah making camp people why is it soft round because we're doing five rounds per map I definitely lose this one that's okay if you can if you can manage to win this one you'll be in good shape not too far up we're still in still early there's still q1 baby we're still in q1 oh hello oh my god this mouth oh my god I think we're out I had four couples you had four hell yeah like breeze would have knocked me dead okay all right so that's that's five rounds about it we in Italy yo ronamoon it should I knock up Enix mystify that's some old it all right so now i'm chugging along at around between 20 and 30 FPS it's it's chops video we have reached chop ville mother of god come on 26 FPS in the hall well darn well done good kid yeah gonna kill you yeah can't wait to kill you good okay yeah yeah yeah wait what oh yeah I hear you I hear down keep down 22 fps in the house whoo by the way I have a frame counter the steam in game frame counter that you guys cannot see kids not picking up in OBS but I am keeping tabs on my frame rates at all times oh Jesus really Wow Wow Wow whee oh geez okay oh I bet it's how bad I am at games because we should not have one oh you have G think do you think come on yes yes what that's right truth sorry how'd you know oh my gosh I need to kind of think – – for Italy this one's for all the marbles how you feeling right now honey I want to think I'm gonna lose okay pretty confident Alan's pretty confident that you have over six thousand dollars worth of hardware at your disposal I'm going to lose I think I've probably got around 600 you literally have ten times the amount of hardware that I do right now the question is do I have at least ten times the amount of skill oh no I don't well that one goes to you honey well done well played well played you three you got three on that one all right this is the third and final map does to brawled marbles again the score right now is Kyle six Heather four first one to eight wins everything oh honey come out come out wherever you are oh Jesus oh yeah what's up are you even coming from oh yes oh no way how is that even have you know 25fps alright alright and I did you and you did yeah thank you yeah alright well now I've got a big boy gun I'm coming after you but your girl girls shouldn't have big-boy guns anatomically incorrect oh my goodness what 25 per second joking oh all right it is 6 to 6 ladies I'm scared actually you should be I'm a little nervous myself I'm a wee Britain or rough you know oh no you only need one more yeah I do yes I do I do even cares don't even know one should spend more than $300 on a gaming PC it's pointless seven to seven oh my god this next round take all the glory this next round is that oh my god this is it I'm really I'm so nervous gettin really scared actually it's terrifying wait this is where it says the promise are you at a or B you don't have much time you don't have much time on the game good job honey good job that was that was really close so what happened did you forget where the bomb site was or were you at the wrong one I went to a and not B but by the time I like to end I was like was completed I thought you're hiding I realized that the bomb wasn't there I was on my way to be almost got there but the end time right now yeah p1 that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes you played it cool you played it really cool almost so cool to the point where they can need something to heat yourself up end up no knifing I was I would have tried to knife you honestly but you were doing so well and it was a such a close game that I don't want to risk it you know especially towards the end there but yeah let's uh let's head downstairs I'm good you ready are you ready are you ready I think I think I think everyone else is ready yeah we are smile you're on candid camera I like your shirt grandpa looking stylish all right honey I'm gonna sit between yeah hey let me see the kid let me see the kid we see that natty ice oh that was horrible oh I don't enjoy at all I really thought that you were going to be doing this grandpa snow the cat's with me so basically grandma grandpa Heather and I we did a contest and I won so since Heather lost she has to eat a tablespoon of hot sauce mokou good and then she has to chase it with some some natty ice this is really awful tasting beer this is the worst tasting beer in the world yeah you should move a lot how do we just win all right that is that that's looking pretty good that's pretty full are you ready no bro yeah well you know what here I'll even open the cans for you about that because I'm a gentleman here you go now you have 60 seconds when counts 60 seconds on the clock nasty isn't even hot yeah but it's good to the throat now all right you're good a minute has passed enjoy your natty ice oh how could people drink this grandpa try some everybody in on it all I mean I burn worse oh yeah you got this you have to try you're on your camera I didn't think I'd get to punish all three of you with natty ice today not feeling me alright guys well that was a lot of fun I enjoyed myself wifey sauce for the most part till the end there hopefully you guys enjoyed watching it if you did be sure to toss us a like on the video before you go and let us know what you thought of this video in the comments below any feedback is greatly appreciated maybe we'll do this again or we'll put another spin on it and do some a little bit difference but anyway guys thanks so much for watching be sure to also subscribe to the channel for more tech stuff coming at you really soon and until next time we'll see you in the next video I'm flipped on the couch tonight on it definitely happening on the couch I can accept that Oh [Applause]

22 thoughts on “CSGO 1v1: HIGH END PC vs. INTEL HD GRAPHICS PC!

  1. Broooo when you said sorry about hte car driving by the window literly at that moment a car oast by my window perfect timing

  2. I first played Fortnite in Season 5 on an i5-4460s and a GeForce 840A. And the cheap setup was a mouse and keyboard bundle that was discontinued 6 months after buying, but a newer keyboard a Logitech K360 wireless membrane keyboard. All in one pc, 1920×1080, and 60Hz. Was fine until Season 7, FPS was dropping to below 10 consistently even on stretched res and lowest settings but still fullscreen #feelsbadman

  3. I've been playing on Intel HD graphics for almost a year and it fucking sucks. Wayyyyy under 30fps on dust2 and every other map was worse. I couldn't even look in the general direction of a smoke.

  4. I've been reading the comments, is it really just his recording software that's making the 30 fps look bad?

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