Cuby Smart App overview works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa smart air conditioner

hello everyone thank you once again for
tuning into our youtube channel and today we’re going to go through the app
the QB smart app so you have an idea of how exactly it works and what it can
control for you so basically the module once it’s already been set up it should
be set in an area where it’s close to the actual mini split on the wall as per
the instructions but what we’re going to do next is just show you some of the
basic functions so you can hit the more button here and you can change your
vertical vein or your horizontal vein according to what your remote can do so
if it has a turbo feature let’s try that now turn on and you can kind of hear it
and we’re in front of the unit now so you can hear the speed of the fan
starting to speed up in the turbo mode so there’s that function there and we’ll
go ahead and turn it off and you can hear slowdown will actually set it on
eco mode see how that works I guess that would be the slowest mode on the fan but
then you can see that actually here to where you can set your fan too high we
should hear it speed up let’s see there you go you can hear that then you can
also set it on low and now you hear slowed down so you have that available
to you you have the mode if you want to run it on cool on heat on fan only or
dry if you want to just dehumidifier you can do that as well so we’ll leave it on
cool obviously and then of course you can change the temperature as you can
see there it goes down in increments of two degrees Fahrenheit it doesn’t really
affect a lot of our customers that that have already installed it and and the
reason is once you’re using this for some odd reason it would display Celsius
on the actual mini-split but it can go back to Fahrenheit once you start using
the regular remote so this is kind of like one year away from the home you
want to make sure let’s say you didn’t leave your unit on you can turn it off
or if it’s extremely hot and you need to run it for about a good hour just to get
the area to cool down and if you’re in a humid climate to remove humidity or
whatnot but it will display up at the the dissenter top right under where it
says app connected it will display the current temperature in the room and then
the humidity level as well and of course you can go as high as 87 and by doing
that you’re basically the unit’s going to turn off it’s just going to run the
fan but it won’t run in cooling mode now you could also go lower but another
thing you can do is you can just turn it off completely and you can hear the vein
closing and that’s because the unit completely just 100% shut off at the
moment so you do have the basic functions that you can control when
you’re away from home and again you can do this with any mini-split that you
have you just have to install of course the the QB smart module and then
download the app which is free you can download it on iOS or on Android it’s
free to use and you have that available to you as well so thank you once again
for watching I thought I’d go over the basic functions of the app if you have
any questions please post them down below and of course please subscribe to
our channel it helps us in producing more videos like these in the future
anything we can do to save you green and make life a little bit more easier and
enjoyable we believe that this Q be smart module is a good way to go if you
have had these mini split units already installed in your home you can basically
integrate it with any mini split that’s already there but anyways thank you for
watching see you next time

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