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  1. Each and every one of them a glorious white male.
    So proud of my white ancestors. The white male – truly a gift to all mankind.

  2. God bless the Tai-Pans who funded the fleets and the competitions. 15-22kts is damn fast even in modern terms. Gambling in Hong Kong, London and Macau was huge. Cutty Sark was envisioned by the Tai-Pans of HongKong and Aberdeen Scotland who owned the holding company majority interest in the Jock Willis Shipping Line, which was a private consortium of ship owners (my ancestors were in the owner group). Jock "white hat" Willis had been a top square rig skipper, a minority member, and ran the boatbuilding yard. Due to his expertise, Jock was "hired" to manage the engineering nautical engineering design and building of Cutty Sark. He in no way "commissioned" the vessel and at best only had a 1/16th interest. He was the figurehead, not the owner. Why? taxes…

  3. the cutty sark was designed in a scottish village called Inverbervie by a gentleman called Hector Linten the ship being named after the poem Tmoshanter and the witch who wore a cutty sark ,/ short shirt/ who pulled the Tail of Tams Horse in the poem and a copy of the Bow Sprait i is in Square in Inverbervie

  4. Windjammers are more awe inspiring and were nearly as fast. The Preussen, (known as" Queen of the Queens of the Seas"), clocked 20.5 knots which very few cippers could exceed, with considerably less cargo. They frequently sailed around Cape Horn, (to Chile in the Nitrate trade), which clippers rarely dared.

  5. 15000 miles Divided by 113 days= 132.74 divided by 24 hrs=5.5 MPH and they were the fastest. Hell you can walk that fast………..

  6. My great grandfather sailed on the Cutty Sark – he was the carpenter. I only have one memento of him which is a small piece of logwood ( used for dying) which he got during his travels around the world.

  7. The 'Tea Clipper' ships must be among the most gorgeous and aestheticaly pleasing devices ever created.
    The pinnacle of the sailing ship…that had a history and development of 1000s of reach those fast trading vessels of the late 19th century.

  8. @ 16:39 the ship's names, building yards, sizes, captains, departure dates in a newspaper.
    1866 China to London 15.000 miles in 91 days is approx. average 10.23 km/h (then max. 15 knots and 12.5 knots (23.1 km/h) average per day).
    1885 Australia to London via Cape Horn 13.000 miles in 73 days is approx. average 13.7 km/h.

  9. Were there women on the clippers?….they were considered bad luck. Funny how the British always support the underdog. Thermopylae won the tea race…yet Cutty Sark took the glory..

  10. The Cutty Sark has a sister ship called “The City of Adelaide”, she is currently and slowly being renovated in Port Adelaide South Australia

  11. Ahoy mate, Ya did a fine job on bring'en this picture show to us. May your'n next mermaid have a set of legs for ya.

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