Cyberchase | 🍗🥗🥧Giving Thanks Day Feast! | PBS KIDS

-Oh, gosh. There’s so much waste here! Can’t you use any of this? -Well, I compost some of it,
and some I feed to my animals, but this happens every season. -Can some of this be eaten? -Sure! In fact, most of it can. -Then why doesn’t anyone buy it? -Because everyone wants
the most perfect-looking fruits and veggies they can find,
even though imperfect ones taste just as good,
and they’re just as healthy. -I felt the same way. I didn’t want to use
an ugly pumpkin. -Me too. Guilty. -[ Sighs ]
I think we’re all guilty. -Just think, if we used
all of this imperfect food, we could make enough dinner
for everyone in Cyberspace! -Great idea! Let’s invite everyone
in Cyberspace to a Giving Thanks Day dinner
right here on Cornucopia! -Yeah! We can use all this food
and cook it all together! -If it’s okay with you,
Farmer Stewart. -Okay? It’s better than okay,
and there’s a lot more food just like this
out in the fields. -Brilliant! But how are we going
to let everyone know?

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