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2077 Lore. In 2005 the Net made a quantum jump to its second generation with the commercial
appearance of the cybermodem from Kenjiri Technologies. Kenjiri had been working on
their cybermodem for several years under the guidance of noted Net wizard Janice A. Grubb
and the Kenjiri brothers, Nobuhiko and Tsuneta. EBM tried to steal the new technology for
themselves, attacking the Tokyo office of the Kenjiri firm. They managed to appropriate
plans for the cybermodem, as well as the only prototype and a beta version of the interface
programs, but Kenjiri had off-site backups, and one of the EBM solos turned coat and sold
a copy of the plans to Zetatech. Kenjiri and Zetatech both released cybermodems within
the year, and EBM followed suit with the next. The beginning of the end of this stage appeared
on the horizon in 2009, when Internet, taking advantage of the mob war in Night City, extracted
Nobuhiko Ihara from Zetatech’s Night City office. They also enticed Jan Grubb away from
Kenjiri that same year. Together these two took over the software team which redesigned
the Net from the ground up, developing a uniform interface for a consistent look and feel.
The Ihara-Grubb Transformation Algorithms were released in September 2014, with only
one day’s advanced notice. The panic that ensued was truly remarkable. Everyone was
afraid the Net would go down, possibly permanently. The IGTA’s were downloaded and after about
ten hours, the Net was fully transformed. During the implementation of the I-G protocols,
Super Wizard class Netrunner, Rache Bartmoss infiltrated Ihara’s code and planted his own
virus via a backdoor he had set up months earlier on Manny Ihara’s computer. Knowing
something of Ihara’s proclivities, Bartmoss had made it look like a hentai anime porn
file. In short, whereas most viruses must infect a computer system, the DataKrash was
automatically loaded into every single computer that ever ran the Net. For five years, it
sat dormant in the directory files of these computers, until that fateful day late in
the 4th Corporate War, when a black ops team killed Rache Bartmoss. His death triggered
a Deadman switch that activated billions of DataKrash viral links.
The DataKrash was a pervasive, computer virus that created links between different bits
of data stored on millions of computers. Inserted into the very fabric of the architecture of
the worldwide computer Net, its programming was deceptively simple: Hide, Seek and Swap.
Hide: Randomly transfer data files of the same size between computers, while keeping
the original header. For example, say there was a file in Computer A called Cyberpunk
2077 Secret Info that was 1GB long, and a file in Computer B called Cyberpunk Cookie
Recipe that was also 1GB long. DataKrash would exchange the contents of both files, but retain
the same headers. Show: DataKrash was designed to level the
playing field by locating secret data, and exposing it to others. For example, most of
the Megacorps kept extensive files on covert operations or espionage. DataKrash would note
files with secure headers, read the file contents, and drop copies of that file to every single
name mentioned in the files. Since many of these covert ops involved subverting government
agencies or corporate rivals, this created pandemonium.
Swap: DataKrash was programmed to substitute altered files for similar ones. For example,
there were lots of copies of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer? But they all had the same basic
header. So DataKrash would seek out any video file with Cyberpunk 2077 in the title and
in a certain number of them, substitute a digitally altered file in its place. DataKrash
also did this with text documents and sound files. Rache’s intent was to make information
totally free, by making it purely subjective. There would be no way to hoard information,
or to lock it up. There would be no lock on the truth, since there would be a million
versions of the truth. By the time Netwatch, knew the truth about
the DataKrash, it was too late; the process of the Krash was well underway; to stop it
would have required stripping the operating system out of practically every computer on
earth. In late 2022, the RABIDS started to appear.
The RABIDS (Roving Autonomous Bartmoss Interface Drones) were AI killer programs designed to
resemble the late Rache Bartmoss, created as one last proverbial middle finger to his
Corporate enemies. Powerful, homicidal and ubiquitous, they began to infest the besieged
Net in greater and greater numbers. At first, they attacked only known Bartmoss targets
like Arasaka and EBM. But as time went on and Rache wasn’t around to rein them in, the
RABIDs evolved a murderous hatred of anyone they encountered in the Net.
Unable to wipe out the DataKrash and overwhelmed by frenzied hordes of killer RABIDS, Netwatch
finally gave up. The IG Overwatch Council activated IGTA Dissolution Prime, propagating
a code wave that crashed the IG Protocols. The Net was dead. Over the next few years,
a myriad of Netwatch runners attempted to enter the remains of the Net through the old
abandoned gateways. They found a virtual world of utter chaos, where mutated versions of
RABIDs and other creations savagely battled each other for memory space and bits of code.
Netwatch gave up, abandoning Netspace to the RABIDs. Within a few years, the Net became
only a memory to everyone except a few determined Netrunners.
During the early days of the DataKrash, Arasaka realized what was going on and decided that
if anyone was going to control history, they were going to be the ones. Saburo Arasaka
set up his own secure database removed from the Net entirely and spent millions of dollars
to isolate and purge all traces of alteration. The Alpha Secure Database was located in the
base of the newly constructed Arasaka Towers in Night City. The tower contained a 2-kiloton
nuclear device set to wipe it out if security was breached. With a staggering twenty years
of Arasaka intelligence gathering stored in the only DataKrash free computers in existence,
this database would have given Arasaka an almost unshakable grip on the next phase of
the Information Age. In addition, Arasaka had a special plan to deal with hardcopy records
books, papers etc, a bioengineered virus. To cripple its enemies datastores and gain
control over history, Arasaka released Paper Viral V524 an engineered bacterium that consumed
acid-free papers. Overnight the DataKrash invalidated the entire
structure of information that made Megacorps and governments viable. With no way to keep
records, no way to organize no way to even track economies and money, the very foundations
of the Information Age collapsed into the rubble of its already ruined cities. Ultimately
the Arasaka Tower would be destroyed by the actions of Johnny Silverhand, Morgan Blackhand,
Spider Murphy and their allies. However, rumour has it that the Arasaka nuclear device may
still be around in Cyberpunk Red. Without linked computers, there can be no
infrastructure for the Net. So, the Net was abandoned to become a vast wasteland of potential
connections, an empty superhighway with no off ramps to anywhere. Instead there are now
intranets; closed systems that operate only between computers run by individual groups.
They all have specific operating systems. You can’t hack into them from afar, since
they are usually hardwired, use very limited wireless nets or are secure coded to only
talk to other systems of that type. There is no information sharing; no vast cyberspace
to explore. If you want to hack a system these days, you need to go to a site where the intranet
physically is, enter it right there, and then hack it.
As for the AI’s, when the Net went dark, most AIs suddenly had no way to maintain their
existence over dispersed computer networks. The lucky ones were able to find intranets
big enough to survive in, but the vast majority were forced to carve out an existence in smaller
and smaller pockets of computational power. Eventually the AI’s were no longer able to
support themselves in these limited areas, and so like the dinosaurs, they went extinct.
Or did they? It is said that there are still areas of the Net that are closed off, isolated
like remote islands. One such area is the Ghost World, made up of a computer net based
out of Hong Kong that was abandoned during the fall of the city. Scattered sources from
the HK area have claimed that as the Net went down, many AI’s were able to colonize this
abandoned network and make it their own. But whether this tale is true or just pure speculation,
one thing is clear; no one’s seen an AI operating in cyberspace for years. There is also the
question of where did the survivors of Soul Killer end up, most notably, the super wizard
class hacker, Alt Cunningham. It seems Johnny Silverhand wants V to find Alt in Cyberpunk
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  1. if a virus downloads one day to all computers and then remains dormant for 5 years, when it reactivates about 80%+ of those infected computers will already be on junk yard. I change laptops every 3-4 years, PC every 4-5 years, mobile phone every 2 years.

  2. I really can’t wait to play and discover more of cyberpunk 2077’s story because it’s going to be awesome.

  3. One complicated stuff that is. How do you browse net on the street then, if everything is limited to closed networks among bureaus and companies ?

  4. i am sad about that i was hoping they would pull away from the puzzle box type of net running and lean more to like how shadowrun on Sega did it like a combat type of sim where you fire off programs and got hit not a screen shack and oh you messed up hell you could take a game most people find unentertaining like golf and if the guys messed up on a put they got shocked or may die and the dark side of people would get in on it just to see it where as a puzzle people go oh you beat it golf clap

  5. This series 2077 specific or is it just 2020 stuff? Meaning does it include stuff between 2020 and 2077

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