22 thoughts on “D-link DSL-2520U Setup Guide

  1. Dear Discover BD: Amar Vai Italy theke D-Link DSL 2750 B(Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router) pathiyese but ami use korte parsina bcoz eta te RG11 port and sathe kono ADSL Splitter silona.. jehetu amader desher Broadban connection RG45 port a hoe akhon ami kivabe ei WI FI router use korbo.. Apner kase ki kono ADSL Splitter hobe? or any idea?? Please janaben,, onek onek help hobe..

  2. +Nazrul Islam When I put this Modem in bridge mode there is no 'Data' Light anymore, so it will be difficult to know whether the server of BSNL is down or not, when I connect a Wifi Router in PPPoe configuration while the computer is switched off. Would u suggest an alternate way of configuring the Wifi Router while keeping this Modem in PPPoe mode(whereby, the 'Data' light would be operational once more), since the Wifi router fails to configure as PPPoe mode when this modem is also in PPPoe mode! Thanks, and a solution by a prompt reply will be really appreciated 🙂

  3. I can't able to update the firmware it shows the error as "The uploaded file was not accepted by the router".

  4. I  tried fixing the equipment and all the lights are on except for the DSL. I used a cable connected to the telephone jack but it's still not working . Please reply me asap

  5. Is it possible to connect my Reliance NetConnect+ CDMA USB Dongle and share the internet with multiple devices? I don't have an broadband wired ethernet connection.

  6. আমার কমপিউটারে CD লাগানো যায় না… CD কি important?CD ছারা installation হয় না?ধন্যবাদ।

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