Databases versus Google

“Hi, welcome to the Nashville State Mayfield Library. Do you have to write a research Paper?” “I have to write a research paper. I need a computer, so I can find research on Google!” “The computers are right over there; however, I can show you how to use our Nashville State Mayfield Library Databases.” “What is that? Is it like Google?” “Databases are collections of magazine, newspaper,
and journal articles. Most of which cannot be found through Google.” “If it’s not Google, why would I want to use it?” “The library pays money to have access to these scholarly resources that cannot be found on Google. When you are using Google, you need to check the websites to make sure they
are reliable sources.” “I don’t care.” “If you use sources on Google that are not considered scholarly, or authoritative. Your
instructor may mark down your paper.” “I don’t care.” “When using the databases you can be more certain the information you’re using is reliable.” “I don’t care.” “Our databases can be accessed from your home
computer, with your A number and pin, and contain hundreds of scholarly journals.” “I don’t care about any of that. I want to use Google. Google is easy.” “Might I ask, why you are unwilling to even look at the databases?” “Yes, Google is easy. I do not have to think. When I use Google, I can easily find reliable
information on Google, or” “If your instructor offers you extra credit
will you use the databases for your research?” “Yes, if my teacher offers me extra credit,
I will find information on Google, and cite it as if it came from the databases.”

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