DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Extended Trailer (HD)

– There was no hope for this world. – [The Flash] It’s time for me to die. – [White Canary] There’s things we have
to accept no matter how much it hurts. – [Batwoman] I wish I was hopeful like you. – [Iris West] Baby, I don’t wanna say goodbye. – [Supergirl] My mistakes outweigh
all the good I’ve ever done. – [Green Arrow] Find your mother and
tell her how much I love her. – The end of the world is licking at our heels! – [Supergirl] They’re gone. – [Brainiac] And we’re next. – [The Flash] Every second another Earth dies. – [The Monitor] This threat brings
the annihilation of all life. – [Bruce Wayne] “Battle not with monsters,
lest you become a monster.” – [Superman] Even in the darkest times, hope
is the light that lifts us out of darkness. – [Batwoman] Let’s go save the Universe. – [The Flash] Keep lighting the lightning. – [The Monitor] Everyone has a part to play. – [Superman] The multiverse needs you! – [Black Lightning] (inaudible) – [The Flash] Oliver! – [Green Arrow] It’s not time! – [The Monitor] The battle is lost. – [Narrator] Crisis on Infinite Earths,
The CW’s crossover event begins Sunday at 8/7c.

100 thoughts on “DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Extended Trailer (HD)

  1. Its crazy how it all started with Arrow but let me go further back with what i call the great experiment. Smallville a show that proved a DC series could happen and be successful. 10 seasons. Now years later we have a total of 6 shows and 2 more in the work. I been waiting for this since Flash found the time vault and saw the article about Crisis. This will be the biggest crossover ever. Forever shaping and changing the arrowverse. But i cant wait for the future of all these awesome DC CW shows. Crisis is upon us.

  2. Batwoman just started and she's already dealing with an world ending event lol…find it hard 2 believe the monitor would get her

  3. Who came back here to see if Oliver shows up in another episode only to discover this trailer doesn't show anything and he might be actually dead. X_X

  4. Esses episódios afinal de contas aparece em qual episódios e de quais seriados de super heróis? Ou crossover DC é um novo seriado de super heróis?

  5. I didn't see Tom Welling I heard he's in it. Isn't his version of Superman way to powerful for arrow vs. He's faster then the arrow vs flash, stronger then Supergirl and Superman combined in arrow vs with just his pinkie. He did pushed planet Apokolips out of earth orbit in the smallville series finale. The arrow vs supergirl struggled with a spaceship. She can't even fly into space without a space suit. So I think he would be over powered for arrow vs. Or they would have to make him like 90% weaker.

  6. who's here after Oliver died trying to see if there is any scene with Oliver not shown in today's episode… RIP OLIVER QUEEN

  7. Iris- Amor, eu não quero dizer adeus.

    É tão fofo o amor puro e ingênuo dos dois. É por isso que shipo os dois.

  8. Why is the anti-matter wave not going from the highest to lowest? (Ex. Earth-38 then Earth-37 and so on)

  9. Идете нахуй. Хочу кроссовер сразу полностью глянуть, а не по кускам

  10. Ok so umm here’s a little spoiler Oliver died which makes me mad WHY DID THEY KILL OFF A HERO IN THE FIRST EPISODE!!!!

  11. Is 'Crisis' actually continuing in January? Because if it is I'm not watching any of it until then. Or is it going to be done this week?

  12. shame SKY has not got Bat-woman broadcasting rights, there is going to be a big plot gap in the crisis episodes when they broadcast it on sky one, looks like I will have to watch through alternative sources just to see the bat-woman crisis episode, I am hoping sky gets bat-woman in the new year and catches up to episode 9's of the crisis story line when they broadcast it

  13. You can imagine how confused I'm. Of all these series, I only watch black lightning, so when this started happening I lost all sense of the plot. Don't know what the hell is going on

  14. “ Battle not with monsters… Lest you become a monster.” FUCK yes that is Batman Brattle life. Not an actor. Not just someone who is very convincing. But the Dark Knight himself. Fuck yes. I goddamn love that. BTW, that’s good advice.”That’s good shit.” (South Park)

  15. BTW, the music that plays when he says that… Oh man, the music… It just makes it all the more surreal and all the more… HIM. Just give him a live action film where he stars as Batman, and he becomes Batman Supreme (like Marvel’s “Sorcerer Supreme” rank that Dr. Strange (“Mr. Doctor?”) has).

  16. Hola dónde puedo ver los capítulos completo ya he buscado mucho y nosé donde ver te agradecería si me lo indicaras gracias

  17. Yo they need to replace the actress that plays lois lane on supergirl. I cant stand looking at that lazy eye or those horse teeth. Hands down the ugliest lois ive seen.

  18. Just so I am completely clear on how to watch this: Is the name of the show :Crisis on Infinite Earths" or must I watch each individual show: Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Black Lightning, Batgirl individually??? I want to record this event and need to know what to search up on the Guide. THANKS!!!

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