Deal Alert – $150 Intel i5-2400 Quad Core – Desktop Windows Computer – How to buy one on eBay

hello and welcome to tech deals today have I got a deal for you today I'm going to show you how to get a excellent desktop computer for under $200 yes you heard me right under $200 now there are many many computers on the market high speed low speed expensive inexpensive if you want a new computer this video is not for you because these are all refurbished and used computers but that's ok because I'm going to help you sort through that and figure out what to buy if you want a new computer if you want to click a link know exactly what you're going to get have full warranty and not have to worry about anything then what I recommend is the azouz m32 CD desktop computer I've previously reviewed it I'll put a link to the YouTube video here you can click that and go watch that excellent computer state-of-the-art in all respects but that computer is 450 dollars it's a good deal for what you get and I highly recommend it but what we're doing today is going what if I want to spend less what if I want to spend a lot less under $200 for a fully functional computer ready to use out of the box now I have two computers in front of me and the reason these are here is primarily to show you what's possible what you should look at and what you should avoid this computer is an Acer Aspire XC I bought this a few months ago off of ebay thinking it would be a good deal thinking that it would be a home-theater machine I was going to put this underneath my television at home and use it to surf the web on the television and play videos and whatnot it turns out the performance of this thing is terrible it is so bad I'm actually selling this because it's just not usable now I know what you're thinking wait a minute why do you think acer is bad no no no don't misunderstand me Acer's fine this is not a knock against acer it's a knock against the processor in this machine I have in the very next room an Acer I 5 desktop computer that is just fine this is not a knock against Acer it's a knock against the Intel Celeron J 1900 CP you and here Intel Celeron J 1900 and Pentium J 2900 terrible processors nobody should use them don't buy them but they look attractive on paper because this has a true 4 core processor running at up to 2.4 gigahertz 4 gigs of RAM 500 gigabyte hard drive it looks great on paper HD graphics it sounds great it's I can't overstate it it's terrible don't buy this machine don't buy anything with the Celeron J 1900 or a pentium J 2900 in it they all or horrible in fact those processors are so bad intel has just canned the entire division within the past couple of weeks that makes this line of processors and they've completely canceled them and discontinued them because it really is that bad so there won't be any future lines on this department over here we have an Intel i5 2400 CPU now what's interesting is this computer is one year old this one is 5 years old this is from 2011 so in 2016 where we're shooting this video this computer is now 5 years old these are actually very common and easy to find now I'm gonna tell you in a minute how to find them because they're off lease machines this was a business class computer this is a Dell Optiplex a 790 computer now there's many different models that's not just this one it's the CPU inside that we're interested in the i5 2400 there's more details to it but I will put a link in the video description below that will take you to a bay non amazon I can't find any decent sellers on the Amazon selling these for reasonable prices you want to find these on eBay that link will take you to the computer desktop section of ebay pre searched for I 5 – 2400 Buy It Now sorted from lowest price to highest price but you need to look at more details than that more on that in a second I bought this computer last week for less than $200 there are hundreds of these listed on eBay right now there are thousands of them coming off of lease from large companies so you can find many many many of these and they're not all Dells there are HP and compact compact machines there are lovino machines a variety of manufacturers it doesn't really matter any of the name brands are fine maybe even a sir there probably weren't a lot of a sirs back then put it into businesses but if there aren't they're fine too the reason why this is such a good deal is because this is what's called Sandy Bridge or the second generation of Intel's Core icre CPUs what does all that mean Sandy Bridge is a codename Intel has had various code names over the years I won't bore you with the code names but this is a Sandy Bridge chip and it's the first of the modern generation of chips that really competes well today in 2016 they have chips from before this that are still decent but they're starting to really show their age this is the oldest I would recommend for most people now this machine came with 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 250 gigabyte hard drive but that's not important because they come in all different sizes some come with no hard drives which I don't recommend some come with 250 some come with 500 I've seen even a few with a 1 terabyte drive this is where you have to be willing to do a little bit of investigation yourself you have to look through the listings and find the right machine for you so talking about eBay friends and family and my youtube viewers who as far as I'm concerned all the same thing if my friends and family in real life came to me and said I want to spend max $200 I want a good high performance computer and I want it to work out of the box with no hassles I don't have to install operating systems I don't want have to install hard drives or RAM or do anything else I just want a computer that I can plug in the wall and use great this is the advice I'm giving you what you want to look for is a you want to find a machine that is not I repeat not listed for parts that means they don't work that means that it's just for resellers and refurbishers who just want bare-metal you can find those for $50 or less but the problem is is if they don't work what good is it now you also want a machine that has Windows 7 or higher there are a number of machines on there that do not have Windows at all they may have a hard drive but the drive is blank you don't want those you want the ones that have at least Windows 7 or higher now why Windows 7 you will find some with Windows Vista which is the one that came before seven and you will find some that came with Windows XP the problem is Microsoft will let you upgrade Windows 7 for free to Windows 10 but not Vista and not XP it's not worth the trouble don't bother this particular machine has right on the top a genuine Windows 7 in this case it's a home premium certificate of authenticity with the product key written right on the machine so you want a machine that has the windows COA which stands for certificate of authenticity right on the machine and preferably you want windows already installed on the drive so you can just plug it in and go now Windows 8 is okay as well I mean you may find a couple of these with windows 8 but windows 8 was relatively new but Windows 8 came out you might find one or two most of them are going to have windows 7 now you also want one that has 4 gigabytes of RAM or more a bunch of these have two and two is not useful anymore in 2016 gee even for browsing the internet you open up Internet Explorer you open up Chrome you open up Firefox even 2 gigabytes is just not enough I personally recommend 8 gigabytes but very few of these machines have 8 this particular machine has four but it has 4 memory slots 2 or filled with 2 to 2 gigabyte sticks and the other two are empty it's relatively easy to add the RAM if you want to do that sort of thing 4 gigabytes is enough for a basic web browsing machine it's better don't get to furthermore you want to look at the seller themselves eBay is not like Amazon you want to look for a seller and this is again my opinion who at least several hundred feedback not 10 not 20 not 50 i preferably would like to see at least 500 a thousand is better but if you're selling these type of machines you should have at least 500 feedback if you don't what are you doing it should be 99% or better it's very hard to have 100% I mean 100% is obviously the best but at least 99% are better and you want somebody who writes a decent product description why because anybody who cleans up these machines and gets it ready for sale who can't be bothered to do more than write two sentences isn't somebody you want to buy a computer from let me show you something I have not done anything to the inside of this machine I got this machine this morning I've been waiting to get this to shoot this video I did open this up just to look inside I did not clean it out I did not use any compressed air to blow this out this is exactly how I received it this morning this machine has been out of the box for about three hours now how much you can see in here will depend upon what resolution you're watching the video at but that is clean as a whistle they clearly cleaned this machine there is no dust on the fan on the heatsink I run my hands inside the computer it is remarkably dust free it probably has more dust on it from being in my office than it did when I first opened it it is incredible how clean this is now I did not buy the least expensive one of these I could find on ebay you can find some of these for a hundred and twenty hundred and thirty dollars I paid a hundred and fifty for this why I want to buy from a seller who's got at least five hundred feedback I want them to have at least 99% feedback rating I want at least a 30-day warranty on these things many of them are basically well it'll work when you get it but beyond that it's not my problem as far as I'm concerned I want somebody who will stand behind you at least thirty days some of them off for 60 days some off for thirty a few ninety you're not going to get much more than that a 30-day warranty and in the description they actually had a full description typed out listing all the parts that came with it this CPU this much memory this kind of hard drive and it said in the description we have cleaned these machines out blown the dust out of them you will get a nice ready to use machine I said you know what I'll pay you an extra 10 or 20 bucks for that because I don't have to worry that I'm going to get some piece of junk that's been kicked around the floor and paid no attention to furthermore this machines five years old and it was sold as used take a look at the case now I realize you're not gonna be able to buy this exact machine but if you buy from the right seller if you listen to me and go you know what that guy is selling for 120 but he has 50 feedback and he just typed three sentences and put nothing in his description and he's offering no warranty and this guy wants $20 more but he actually typed the description out offers a warranty he has 3000 feedback it's ninety-nine point eight percent positive that's what I bought this from I bought this from a guy who had thousands of feedback and it was ninety-nine point eight percent positive and he had a nice description typed out and let me tell you it's not new you can clearly tell this machine is not new look how nice that looks I think that was worth the extra twenty dollars i I paid extra thirty dollars it was one hundred and forty something dollars but it's really really nice I'm very happy with it now positive feedback good description you don't want it listed for working or parts you want the person to say everything works i warranty for 14 or 30 or 60 days you want to make sure it has the windows certificate of authenticity on it it'll say like you know win CoA or or win7 CoA or something like that no Vista no XP make sure it's Windows seven make sure that it comes with both the hard drive and ran many of the descriptions can become as you know shaky they might say sure it's got a hard driver shirt has a CoA but there's no hard drive now in theory you could get a hard drive plug it in download Windows put it in type in the COA and you might be okay why mess with all that why not just go ahead and have the whole ready to go like I said I paid just under a hundred and forty eight dollars I think it was with shipping with this that's well under $200 now you may or may not find a deal that good you might find one for 160 or 170 speaking of which you might find one for 180 but if it comes with a 700 Meg hard drive and eight gigs of ram that might be a really good deal too you got to take into account what's in it this had a 250 gig drive if this had had a 1 terabyte drive and had been $30 more it would have been worth every penny if this it had a 1 terabyte drive and 8 gigs ram out of paid 200 for it dale ong so what comes in it you can look down the list and pick out the one that's right for you 4 gigs of ram hard drive is personal frankly it's easy enough to add an external hard drive if you need a lot more storage than this you might need a faster computer anyway performance I will be doing a second video where I've taken this and put it away I'll have this hooked up to a monitor I'm going to have it booted up to Windows now I'm going to show you what kind of performance you can expect out of a five-year old computer now I've done performance videos before this will be very similar I'm not probably going to put an SSD in here unless I get requests for it I do plan to keep this machine by the way I told you I had bought this machine to go into my media center well I'm actually selling this machine um this machine is going to go into my media center it is so much faster I haven't actually turned it on yet but frankly I know how fast Andy bridges are I'm not worried about it questions comments thoughts feedback that's what the comment section below is for was this helpful for you did I give you enough information to help you find the right machine on eBay now feel free to find a computer on eBay and link it in the comment section below just realize that if you do that somebody else may buy it relatively quickly that being said look at the quantity field on eBay some of these sellers have dozens of these machines there was one seller I looked not five minutes before I started shooting this video as I was kind of going over what I wanted to say and where the market was one seller had several of the slim machines from pack HP they were sort of this size a little bit taller they had four gigs of RAM and I want to say they had 500 gig hard drives Windows seven hundred and thirty dollars quantity more than ten so you could buy five of them if you wanted to so some of these some of these companies on eBay have hundreds of these machines a couple of will have pictures of pallets full of them so they're really good deals was this helpful a post a link below if you want specific feedback about a machine I'll be happy to give you my input thoughts and advice like this video don't like it you know what to do subscribe is right down there I know there was one other thing I wanted to mention hopefully you're still watching at this point and haven't gotten bored video output less of an important thing but I think it's still important five-year old machines often don't have HDMI output this one does and all new machines are going to have HDMI output but five years ago a lot didn't now some did the consumer line of Dells did the inspiron lines but they cost more the business lines didn't but what they do have is something called DisplayPort and it's right here if you've never used display port before DisplayPort is a digital output unlike VGA video graphics array which is analog DisplayPort is like HDMI but kind of different you can buy off of Amazon a DisplayPort to HDMI cable for ten dollars or so I will put a link to that in the description below as well when you look at the pictures on eBay preferably you want to get a machine that has got DisplayPort in it because that will give you digital perfect video out and you can plug that into basically any monitor because the adapter cables to convert this to either DVI or HDMI are inexpensive and they work in 99% of all cases if you have an older VGA monitor no worries there is a VGA port but and I'm pointing to them on this computer the computers you see on eBay may be different but most of them have a display port so that's a really nice thing to have so if you need an adapter cable I will put links in the video description below to DisplayPort to HDMI and DisplayPort to DVI but if you by chance you have a monitor that has a DisplayPort well this is relevant you just use the DisplayPort to display important it's not an issue if you have a VGA only monitor not an issue plug in the VGA port and off you go that was the last point I wanted to make thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Here in 2019 with a 960 4gb and a optiplex 970 with a brand new 400w psu for 200 dollars

  2. The Dell Precision T1600 is really similar to the Optiplex 990 and it has a chipset that will allow you to use a Xeon CPU from that generation if you're feeling particularly insane. If the pinout for the front panel connector is the same and I suspect it may be you could probably stick a T1600 board in an Optiplex Case.

  3. I got my i5 2400 Optiplex 990 from Mclean-Surplus on ebay, for $90 shipped. I know how to fix it if it gets blowed up so I don't care about warranties. It's a standard MicroATX case for the 990 model so you can swap PSU and motherboard. Replacement 990 boards are like $20 on eBay or you can just get another MicroATX board.

    I stuck an Evga Geforce GT 1030 (The GDDR5 version- 02G-P4-6333-KR )and an Evga 600w PSU in it and it runs Yooka-Laylee at max settings with very little slowdown.

    She's a bit dusty but I like me FleaBay Optiplex:

    I cut out the stamped grille on the rear fan, and added 8GB more RAM to the 4GB it came with.

  4. your sound was so bad back then, static background, but I bought the $150 PC and a 1050ti…. 3 years later I have a 1080 TI and Ryzen… went down the rabit hole 🙂

  5. I have the large model I bought for 115$ on Ebay, excellent refurbisher, it's like new. Put my 600w PSU in it, along with my GTX 970, and 14gigs of RAM, so it cost nothing to upgrade it, literally. I may get an SSD since Windows 10 is pokey on even the most powerful of machines. The I5 takes everything I throw at it, and my cores all stay in the low 30 degree's. Sandy Bridge still rocks.

  6. i was about to buy Dell core i5 optiplex 790 for 700 riyals about $200 in US currency. It is already upgraded to 8gb ram and 2TB HD is the cpu board really posible to upgrade the ram and Hd that big? please answer… thanks

  7. i got a a 790 sff like an itx size on offerup for $70 with 4gb of ram and an i7 im gonna spec it out and make a video

  8. i have i5 2400 3.10 frequency(8gb ddr3 ram), so would {gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb g1} be good or it became bottleneck? please tell me.

  9. I had Macs for the longest time. Then one day it died on me. I was in a panic because I had a ton of work to do and did not have the money to get the imac pro. After seeing this video I went to ebay and was able to get a dell OptiPlex 7010 with 8 g of ram with a 3rd gen I7. I thought it was going to be a piece of crap. Man was I wrong, this computer is great. It only cost $175 plus $75 more for a ssd and more ram. Next computer will be my first build with the new 2nd gen Ryzen when they come out.

  10. Intel celeron is a great processor, when opening and closing applications it
    always gives you just enough time to think about life, the choices you made
    that day and answer just about all the unanswerable questions about the
    universe, and when you've shut down you feel like a new person.

  11. For those who are concerned with the meltdown and spectare, the 790MT has a bios update. it's on Dells site look up the MB Bios updates and you should find it

  12. I recommend buying pc's withOUT hard drives! Install SSD and LinuxMint and have a heck of a LOT less headaches!! Of course there is a learning curve. But if you are willing… you could make your life a lot less of a PAIN.

  13. I'm really dumb when it comes to tech, and all I want to do is watch videos preferably 1080p, play like one browser game, and be able to play dvds because my niece and me watch shows together. This computer would still be enough even today right? I know this is over a year ago, but wanted to ask anyways.

  14. Hey Tech Deals, I'm planning to use a Dell Optiplex 790 MT-type of case for a sleeper build. Do you know if a 120mm or 140mm AIO could fit in the front to use with a NZXT G12 for GPU liquid cooling?

  15. i had a 790 sff unit with a gt 1030. it served me well until i sold it. great pc

  16. Uh… this video was in my Youtube recommended page.

    The only good you can get from this recommended system, is that it has a case and a power supply. Both of which anybody by brand new for half this price, and buy a motherboard with a cpu for less than $70, and then a HD for pennies, everywhere.

    People are buying laptops on eBay for half this price, that has everything and will perform better. Anyone can prove this in 20-minutes of doing their own research.

    Come on folks, this is the ‘… age of the laptop …’, even Microsoft agrees with that. I don’t see them building this kind of computer (er um, do they design any computers? No…)
    Basic rule of computing “Friends don’t let friends run Windows” for any reason whatsoever….

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