Deaths in Internet cafés

looking up any Western media coverage on Taiwanese internet cafes brings up stuff like stabbings deaths and other horrendous conditions we decided to come to Taiwan and check it out ourselves to see if those things are absolutely kind of true or if the internet cafes are nicer and cleaner and more entertaining let's check it out kun masters master casemaker five features the freeform modular system allowing you to customize adjust and upgrade on your own make it yours at the link in the video description down below welcome to League waha and cyber cafe housing 200 computers equipped with 160 NVIDIA GTX 960 s 40 GTX 970 s 200 intel core i7 2670 bytes of ram it is the biggest internet cafe in all of Taipei and it is the only one in all of Taiwan that has NVIDIA certification which is only one of three in the entire world let's go check it out membership is cheap as hell about 30 cents in u.s. dollars and then for actual game time if you spend 15 bucks you get about 22 hours after that naturally the more you spend the more bonus hours you get competitive online games foster an electrifying atmosphere of frustration intensity and surprisingly often victory the fourth floor is covered head to toe in NVIDIA branding and there's 255 competitive rooms which can be used for many different tournaments and booked for different teams to host 'scrimish azure practices or whatever they would like li hua hua has been open 24 hours a day for 15 years but is it too old to innovate they're constantly trying new things to see what works for their customers like mechanical keyboards and 3440 by 1440p ultra wide monitors and you need never fear for going hungry they've positioned themselves as a restaurant as well and you can call for food at basically any time by just clicking something simple on your desktop after you die in League of Legends because you're a noob and the food is actually surprisingly good and they have a lot of it their menu is huge so you'll probably be able to be satisfied with at least something on it and you never have to leave the comfort of your leather chair I love it here the food the environment the games it's it's all great it makes me want to grab for friends former competitive team and try really hard probably get rekt because the caliber of players here is very high but it would be fun anyways this place is great but it's really high-energy what if you just want to be laid-back enter queue time I'd about $3 for a membership and about $1 an hour after that hanging out at queue time is pretty freakin cheap but that also includes stuff like tea various other beverages and unlimited ice cream if that's more your game if you're not really into the tea stuff moving on that price also includes a room so where to hang out with if you have two like-minded friends so at least three of you you can get this room my favourite one jumping inside there's an upstairs bunk we have to climb a ladder which is just fantastically fun a downstairs bunk where you can hang out a big nice TV a little bit subpar computer it's got a 760 Intel processor GTS 460 and four gigs of ram not tended to phone home about but you might be able to play Warcraft 3 or something in here you have a smaller room it could be in here by yourself or maybe with your partner or something you've got a computer a TV and a couch to hang out on to keep your company while you're relaxing they have near endless amounts of manga and novels and comic books movies and you can even borrow an Xbox one or PlayStation 4 all for free and then if you need some extra stuff you can pay a little bit more and use something like their laundry machine or even their showers I like it here and while it might not be my first choice compared to the more gaming inspired cybercafe I understand the appeal its relaxing and comfortable someone's literally asleep right now you can do that the age range of people that come here is more like 18 to 85 instead of the cybercafe which was like 15 to 35 it's quite different let's talk to one of them to see what he thinks what that even that's a bit a suti summer ago yo gantetsu can tell you somebody or someone you've been cheating dividend sending so quickly that it totally could into switching how we seeing things up it when you pair the strengths of these two cyber cafes together you get something pretty cool you have two different options to create a home away from home somewhere to game somewhere to relax you don't have to be at home to do those things you don't have to have the stuff that these places have in order to do them that's pretty cool both internet cafes or cyber cafes or whatever you want to call them we're uniquely attractive entertainment options for ridiculously low prices I see why people go and considering the amount of people that go to these things I'm not surprised that there happened to be some deaths yes it's a horrible thing but a lot of people die watching TV to ting is the mobile carrier that is focused on customer service and customer satisfaction first don't speak to a robot get pushed directly through to a person potentially like the guy over there with the muscle car or motorbike or whatever that loud thing is and pay only for what you use average ting bill is only $24 a month per device if you're stuck in a contract and switch to ting they'll even cover 25% of your cancellation fee up to 75 bucks so head over to lino staying calm and try out their savings calculator to figure out how much you can well save when you sign up with our link you also get $25 in service credit or 25 bucks towards a new device you can save more money to spend on your gas guzzling vehicle if you guys liked this episode give it a like if you just like to give it a dislike be sure to subscribe to see all the rest of our content now get subscribed on the forum that's the you join the forum and then you can become a contributor you don't really get subscribed there and check out this video which 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44 thoughts on “Deaths in Internet cafés

  1. Well my pc is quite good but not complaining the monitor my dad bought me was sqaure so when the monitor gets old i would ask my dad to buy me a rectagular monitor

  2. Internet cafes were so big back then in nyc and counter counter was huge at internet cafes then it was a good chill spot and to eat snacks and smoke cigs

  3. What about the deaaathhs….that is the facking name of the video… you just doing a comercial of the internet cafe….tryyy web in inionina city …its much better

  4. If you come to South Korea, you can feel batter than this internet cafe. Korea internet cafe only for game. I saw I9 9900K 5.0(oc) RTX2080Ti 32GB ram Full SSD and BenQ 240hz monitor and samsung curved 32inch monitor. so amazing place. I can't naver forget it. 1hour price is 1.5$(AUD) so good.

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