Defender of the Basic Meets The April Fool

– Here comes April Fool. April Fool is here again. Here to bring you jokes and shapes and all kinds of merriment. Hey there, agh! – You’re gonna get it now. – No, no, no, no! – Go, go, get out of here! Gotcha now April Fuck. – Yeah it’s April Fuck’s Day. – Oh, oh, very good, thou has entrapped me
in a most comical joke. Why, this reminds me
of a perilous encounter with the dangerous updog. – What’s–
– No! – Hmm? Do you have a question about the updog? – I am sick of these
basic boring ass pranks every April Fool’s. This ends now. (metal clanking) – Stop murdering this moron. It is I, Sir John Duh,
defender of the basic, champion of the plain. – Yeah, we know. You’ve been here before. (sword slicing through air) – Aa-haa! Ha ha! Have ye seen this map of Google? Very exciting news here. There is irrefutable evidence
of the Loch Ness Monster. Here on the map. – It’s not real.
– That isn’t real. – By Jove, are you this enraged when a magician does a trick? Course it’s not real. Let him have this, c’mon. – The map is a fiction! You have been bamboozled again! Ta-ha, ti-hi, ti-lum! – Look at his simple joy. Would you rob him of that? – These aren’t jokes. They’re barely pranks. – Yeah, they’re like clumsy lies about things I don’t care about. – Well, perhaps here, in your gilded hall, the difference between a
joke, a prank, and a lie, is obvious but to the common man, this day represents a chance
for all to play the fool. Even if they are truly
desperately unfunny. – That’s why I’ve given
you all whoopie cushions. (gasps) – Really?
– No! You have been hoodwinked again. – Fuck this guy! Sir fool, you have done it again. – I am the cleverest boy in the world. – You are. – No, he’s not the cleverest boy. He’s a menace. – He’s everywhere all day. – Yes, an entire day devoted to frivolity. I’m sorry are we looking
for less whimsy in 2019? – This is bullshit. – Bullshit? Well, perhaps this will
brighten your spirits. It concerns a flame war on between Wendy’s and the Bell of Taco. – My word! What has happened? – Oh, venom words and
barbed tongues, my lord. Except, it was all agreed
upon in days before. It was a marketing campaign, you see. And you believed it all. – I mean it’s fun to imagine
that it might be real. – No, it’s not. These aren’t jokes. – Yeah, they’re half-baked commercials from disingenuous companies. – So you would like powerful corporations to be more humorless? – No, that’s– – I’m just trying to understand. – They’re pretending to
be better than they are. – I agree, many corporations
are quite wicked. Shall we go make war on them right now? – Well.
– We’re kind of busy. – And that’s, I don’t– – Busy? – Oh, you have to make time
to stop and smell the roses? Would anyone like a whiff? – Could be a real– (water squirting) Nope, it’s fake. – Baha, tis a fake flower you see. Once that squirts and squibbles and spits out little moisture blobs. – Friends, you are
entitled to your feelings, but in an age of increasing isolation, even the silliest holiday
helps unite us all to fall on our backsides, laugh at our misfortune, and rise again. What could be more human than that? – I agree and further more. (screeching) – God!
– God! – Ye were not expecting
that yet you should have. – Every time! – Can I do one? I’ll try one. (easy going music) – I like that joke because
everyone’s included. Bless this mess!? Who would call their own home a mess? – A home a mess. It’s not really a joke. – C’mon, this day’s a hoot.

100 thoughts on “Defender of the Basic Meets The April Fool

  1. Screamers aren't bad because they're unfunny, they're bad because they can physically damage headphones or trigger people with hypersensitivity.

  2. "Are you this enraged when a magician does a trick?"
    No, but that's because I paid to watch the guy. The April Fool just… shows up. Without permission.

  3. I love John Doe. He is the greatest knight of our time.

    But I think he might be in the wrong here. There is a limit to inane stupidity. We can only stand so much pointlessness.

  4. Marvel: Infinity War is the Most ambitious Crossover Ever

    Ch: *Laughs in The Dark Corner off the Room*

  5. I read the comments. I expected the jumpscare. I paused the video to see if I could expect the jumpstart soon. And, my luck being the worst luck of anyone's luck, I paused the video right at the picture.

    I can never unsee that.

  6. Marvel: avengers infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event
    Me (an intellectual): BASIC APRIL FOOLS

  7. 3:44 I was cleaning and ran down to the basement. Then this fucker played. I have never ran upstairs so fast.

  8. Wow I love the defender of the basic

    He’s just so loving and accepting and will cut anyone who hates on his small stupid friend

  9. oh i thought the fake roses were meant to be shot up the person's nose when they sniff

    edit: the jump scare came up as i was posting this comment
    thank god

  10. Damn, CollegeHumor is awesome. Mike Trapp is hilarious, whole crew is fantastic. Just wanted to say thank you for such cool content. Peace. Love Um, Actually! 🙂

  11. I said whoopee cushion out loud right before he said whoopie cushions isn’t that just so weird when that shit happens?

  12. Collegehumors quality has really gome up lately.

    Haha, you have been bamboozled, their quality has actually gone down.

  13. This video is the most joyful thing in the whole world. I could watch Mike and Brennan doing this all day.

  14. I am here for 50 more Defender of the Basic sketches followed by a Defender of the Basic TV series and film trilogy.

  15. We PAY to see magicians do their tricks, though, because they're entertaining. Pranks follow us home and bother us at the worst times.

  16. Who else is think sir john doe is the april fool's older brother and the fool is just a little out of synch so hes just being a good brother

  17. This Fool must join the jester gang…. The only requirements are:

    A fools hat.
    To be a basic Jester.
    To have something seriously wrong with you.

  18. I was confused by the jump scare. My reaction was just "why have they put that picture there?" Took me way too long to work out what it was.

  19. Literally got bamboozled even though i have seen this sketch twice before. I can't wait to get pranked again by this video in the near future

  20. Lol when the jump scare came I was like woah a new character and then realized it was a jump scare when grant start screaming

  21. I was kinda expecting the end pop up. April fools days are annoying. Especially when a company posts something the fanbase wants and the company knows it.

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