Democrats Prepare for New Hampshire Primary

-Let’s get to the news.
The Oscars were last night. And “Parasite” won the award
for Best Picture, though it did have some
last-second competition. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Last night’s —
Last night’s Oscars were the lowest-rated Oscars
in history. Hell, Martin Scorsese was there,
and even he didn’t watch. [ Laughter ] Senator Amy Klobuchar released
a new ad in New Hampshire today, ahead of tomorrow’s primary,
that claims that President Trump has a “complete lack
of empathy.” Replied Trump,
“I literally cannot understand how she’d feel that way.” [ Laughter ] To avoid technical difficulties that plagued last week’s
Iowa’s Democratic caucus, voters in New Hampshire
will use paper ballots in tomorrow’s primary. So now there’s absolutely
nothing that can go wro– Oh, damn it! Damn it, guys! [ Laughter ] Former vice president Joe Biden
said yesterday he will only select a vice president
who is younger than him. So I guess you’re out of luck,
redwood trees. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] Scientists in Oregon believe
they’ve tracked a wolf that walked almost 9,000 miles
through California searching for a mate. You think that’s
a lot work to get laid? I once bought tickets
to the opera. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Ah. [ Laughs ] A univ– [ Laughs ] A university in Colorado
announced on Friday it will offer a new cannabis
biology and chemistry major. The way it works is, if you show
up to class on time, you fail. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] A candle company in Kentucky has released
a politics-scented candle which they claim smells like “bureaucracy, hypocrisy,
and old farts.” It’s called the Mitch McCandle. [ Cheers and applause ] A British Airways flight
over the weekend broke the record for
fastest subsonic flight between New York and London
after it took less than five hours to reach
its destination, which is crazy because that’s usually
how long it takes to get from New York
to another place in New York. [ Laughter ] A man in Minnesota
is recovering from hypothermia after he claims Google Maps
told him to cross a frozen river on foot
to reach his destination. Even worse,
MapQuest told paramedics he was in a Blockbuster video.

97 thoughts on “Democrats Prepare for New Hampshire Primary

  1. Trump is a Frikin'Ghoul like Ghouliani and Miller.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Trump is a man of Belial…
    Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is …

  2. I wonder what brand of stucco Traitor trump plasters his face with? This guy is a scam,a sham and a bad con. Don the bad con.

  3. When Joe Biden says he will only pick a VP younger than him it means he's not picking Bernie, the only one older than him. The feeling is mutual, Bernie would not take Obama's overcooked leftovers.

  4. Trump was trying to grab all the voters attention a day ahead of the Dems before they got to the voters in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

  5. Since there's only two running Democratic candidates older than Biden, I think Biden thought he was being subtle with that obvious dig. Bless his heart.

  6. That "ticket's to the Opera" joke was not good. Like 1990s sitcom that didn't make it to a full first season not good. Come on Seth, you guys can come up with better than that.

  7. Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, politician, and lawyer. He attended Brown and Columbia university. Among other things, he majored in political science, economy and law. He had a SAT score of 1220 and attended a programm for gifted kids. His father is a physicist and his mother currently an artist (previously graduated with a master in statistics). They are immigrants that worked hard to offer their children a future. Andrew Yang used this opportunity and founded Venture for America (VFA), a nonprofit organisation focused on creating jobs in cities struggling to recover from the Great Recession.

    And here is a video of him holding a TED talk seven years ago: Btw his skin was already flawless back then.

  8. That angle on Trump's photograph makes him look like Steve Bannon's brother. Same jowls and self satisfied expression. Hair all proofed up. Check it out.

  9. if someone is dumb enough to try to cross a frozen river on foot because a computer/phone app told them to… Idk what to tell you.

  10. No commenters are as predictable as Sanders fanatics. Before even the first vote is cast in NH they go on an attack… Not against DT, but fellow democrats. And they still act surprised that fellow democrats aren't flocking to join their hate group.
    We'd like Sanders, we like his ideas, but his hateful snowflake fanatic supporters are what is turning us away from supporting him. Chill people, or go found your own party if you hate democrats so much!

  11. I dread to imagine what the joke is like when the editors decide to snip it out of the footage and go to the next one.

  12. Lol that makeup didn’t help him either way. Nobody wants to be black/brown unless their makeup is apart of the situation.🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. MSM tomorrow: Pete won a surpring 2nd place in NH…only 10 points behind the first place…Do we have the name of the winner? Oh, we don't have it but in 1 week we will have it…

  14. 0:23 – Saying Trump has no empathy is like saying water is wet. You don't get extra points for stating the obvious!

  15. When Klobuchar, who throws things at staff and degrades them, says you have an empathy problem, girl you've got an empathy problem.

  16. Google Maps regularly tells me to walk across a 45 mph highway with fences on either side & a concrete barrier in the middle- usually to get to a road my building is actually on, & the parking lot connects to unlike the highway.

  17. So which is the joke? Is the picture of Trump competition for "best picture", or is Trump himself is competition for "best parasite"?

  18. It's going to be more fun than last time watching Democrats lose again . Biggest landslide in American history.
    Be on the winning side with America & Trump or the anti American losing side with democrats watching Mr. pathetic
    Seth Loser. Your choice !

  19. Seth may not realize opera can get spicy. At the SF Opera once the soprano did the Dance of the Seven Veils and ended up nude.

  20. Average Biden supporter when late night makes fun of Biden's being old, or Buttigieg being young: 'Hehe. It's funny because it's true.'
    Average Sanders supporter when late night makes fun of Sanders' age: 'These jokes are getting old, why are they hating Bernie all the time! They have been bought by corporate America. They never make fun of Biden's age! The system is rigged! Bernie is the ONLY sensible candidate! Hillary is old!'

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