100 thoughts on “Dershowitz, Bondi discuss the upcoming impeachment trial

  1. What about former secretary Kerry he be a great witness on all kinds of corruption going on right now how come all Democrats get immunity and respect but republicans don't ?

  2. In case you havern't been paying attention, Jay Sekulow is a witness to Trump's extortion plot, just like Devin Nunes. Talk about a swamp! If you don't yet know these facts, you'll hear all about it when Bolton testifies. Popcorn time!

  3. This whole thing is a very serious danger to our Republic. Democrats have tried to weaken our President and split our nation. Sedition to remove a duly elected President of the United States because they got a majority in the House of Representatives and abused their powers.

  4. Their power is not unlimited … The president can sent the military to congress and straight things out by taking them away for putting the nation into a devised civil war …

  5. i super love alan dershowitz!!! God bless him!!! and thank God he agreed to be part of this team… thank you mr dershowitz!!

  6. Please put an end to this impeachment thing!this is waste of taxpayers money!It is good president Trump,has trillions of dollars in the treasury to pay for this Pelosi show!

  7. They know that the President will not be removed. So their strategy is to smear Republican Senators to control both Houses. It is nothing less than a political hostile takeover of the government. They want total control and half of Americans are fine with that. It's pitiful.

  8. song for the house.senate, and our illustrious POTUS Donald J. Trump
    Nothing From Nothing

    Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'

    You gotta have somethin' if you wanna be with me

    Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'

    You gotta have somethin' if you wanna be with me

    I'm not tryna be your hero

    'Cause that zero is too cold for me, brrr

    I'm not tryin' to be your highness

    'Cause that minus is too low to see, yeah

    Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'

    And I'm not stuffin', believe you me

    Don't you remember I told ya

    I'm a soldier in the war on poverty, yeah, yes, I am

    Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'

    You gotta have somethin' if you wanna be with me…by Billy Preston

  9. Is pam Bondi part of the family That they were going to get rid of . Reid and China wants there land for Solar farm. Really land they are useing.

  10. Tell the relative to change the last name. At this point in your career it makes more sense that THEY mix in with the Jones' or whatever.

  11. Any high school debate team could slam-dunk the socialist Democrats. "We believe the evidence is overwhelming. Our witnesses will testify as to just how overwhelming the evidence is. At first, it was whelming. Now, it's overwhelming."

  12. Hahaha first he's kicked off Martha's Vineyard then his family wants to repossess their name from him similar to Miller.

  13. Democrats know they cant win so they will want to drag this out to allow Biden to be free to do what he needs to win nomination, all bad ideas but thats what mud slingging is see what sticks

  14. There's two democrat senators that come to mind who will vote to acquit President Trump, Joe Manchin from West Virginia, and Doug Jones from Alabama. The Democrats are going to lose on this phony impeachment. I want witnesses, especially Schiffty Schiff, the fake whistle-blower and the Biden Crime family, Joe and Hunter.

  15. The funny thing is, when Trump was asked during the debate, if he were to lose what would he do, no asked the democrats – but they the answer is very clear, they would do this non-sense for the duration of the 1st term of this president. Americans please vote the democrats out this fall, they need to go to losing school.

  16. Pelosi is a Real Piece of Work, to say the least = continually calling out our Constitution as the basis for her Impeachment Lite is as idiotic as her Joyful signing with Her signature pens

  17. Impeachment scam is a diversion and EVERY American knows it. Both sides are an embarrassment to be wasting our time and money. I just want to know what they are doing to us during the diversion. How many of us are going to die? Anyone?

  18. Democrats, or republicans, shouldn't have to be persuaded. Common sense should tell them nothing the president did is an impeachable offense. What are they doing serving in congress if they don't know otherwise?

  19. Dershowitz. Starr. Doesn't matter. When they sham through this trial, they will cost republicans the white house and the Senate. Cant wait. November. Tick tock…….

  20. Fox needs to get some crews in Virginia for Monday's 2nd Amendment rally. Soros, Bloomberg, and other groups are organizing armed Antifa and other groups to cause a trigger from a peaceful assembly for our 2nd Amendment. Now the FFA is saying it's a No fly zone. Not looking good. Send camera crews!!!!!!!!

  21. Mark my words, this is another round of 4D chess being played by our President. If witneeses are called the Bidens will get caught lying under oath, when Guillini also gets called as witness. Guillini says he has all the evidence to support the Ukraine corruption investigation. The Bidens are going to prison!
    We are witnessing the draining of the swamp, Trump is exposing it all even with the cards stacked against him. Its not going to be just the Bidens going down, the Pelosi's are apart of all this aswell. I'm telling all, reverse uno card is incoming…

  22. WHY spend all this taxpayer money on this SHAM! ??????? Shameful demturds with TDS! Vote them OUT in 2020! Make it backfire!

  23. Trump blocked everything. You know "Executive Privilege?" That's one of the Articles. So just abuse his power again. Another Article!

  24. Democrats didn't give us a fair trial…..they gave a one sided totalitarian trial. I don't want to give Democrats ANYTHING fair. I want them to get pissed because we didn't give them the time of day.

  25. The DRINOs (Romney, Murkowski, and Snowe) are going to vote for witnesses, expose themselves for what they really are, and end their political careers. This is a good thing.
    Then we'll have a trial where Hunter, Shifty, and [email protected] are also exposed. Also a very good thing.
    This is the beginning of the end of demonrats and DRINOs alike! Grab your popcorn, folks!

  26. The Democrats knew Trump would be given a pass by the Republican Senate! What they wanted was the facts to be shown! Trump has blocked the facts at every turn and in every way! Lied constantly! You may want a corrupt president, but most Americans don't! They want a strong person, not a bully!

  27. The case against the President is simple, and the evidence overwhelming. He abused his power by soliciting foreign interference in our election, withholding military aid from our ally, and Jeopardizing our national security, elections and democracy.

  28. After hearing Dershowitz's defense strategy, Lawrence Tribe, a more senior Harvard Law professor, said that Dershowitz has gone wacko 😄

  29. How can Dershowitz be for Hilary, I just don't trust him for that reason alone and for still being a democrat!.

  30. Alan Dershowitz has earned his place in the pantheon of those considered to be a profile in courage. It takes guts to swim against the tide in times like these. I admire his apolitical stance on these impeachment proceedings . His impeccable sense of the law and judicial fairness is also quite admirable. And I jump with him entirely that this particular impeachment involves Constitutional issues concerning the Presidency itself, the future of that office and it's office holder, be it now or at any time in the future. So it is imperative that we get this trial right and give the President every advantage of proper due process and his Constitutional rights as a citizen of this nation.

  31. Sorry but this guy still gets me sick to my gut Dershowitz., I know he has flipped but he is still the same man that was helping J.E. get away with what he was doing… cant finish vid..

  32. Biden(s) will most certainly be called as a material fact witness(s) to verify whether or not Ukraine approached him(them) and tried to investigate him(them).

    Game over Dems.

  33. I would have thought a man with Alan Dershowitz intelligence would never have voted for democrats??..🇦🇺🇦🇺

  34. Dreamer Dems thinking President Trump will be removed from office. What a sham and waste of taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$…lots and lots of it. Tell me people aren't outraged by that!

  35. I don't trust Dershowitz. He is too self-serving for my taste. Bondi is inexperienced and seems out of her depth.

  36. So the Republicans and Fox Opinion Hosts have stated over and over that Trump was only interested in fighting corruption in Ukraine. Ok, great! But where is that ever mentioned by anyone on the "perfect" call in question? And if this was Trump's true motivation, then why remove an ambassador to Ukraine who was already known to be tough on corruption? Like so many others before him, Les Parven is now being thrown under the administration's bus. And how telling it is that his claims have fit into the overall timeline of known events specific to the House's argument for the prosecution and further implicate the circle of those witnesses (Guliani, Perry, Barr, and Pompeo) to what the OMB defines as a definite crime–withholding congressionally approved & appropriated funds of the nation. This crime was directed by and expressly to benefit only the President personally by smearing the image of a political opponent in the current 2020 election in order to assist his re-election bid. The withholding of funds was used as leverage to influence the President of Ukraine to announce on television that it was opening corruption investigations into the same company Hunter Biden's served on as a board member. By the way, his tenure there was investigated officially and not charged with ANY crime! Evidently negotiating a salary larger than the conservative media deems an employer ought to pay compensate a top executive for their time is a crime? Really?? Ok, then show some evidence of this supposed crime then. However, simply hinting over and over again that his salary was in any way associated with anything illegal or corrupt is just an outrageous accusation that has no merit in fact, and on the record, remains unproven by any evidence still. As of this date, it should be noted that there has been no effort put forth in the defense of Trump's actions–as the claim of a perfectly legal call to a foreign leader doesn't hold up under scrutiny.

  37. The magnificent seven should be in prison plus paying the bill ,and Barry Obama and Hillary Killery as well they are behind this with others

  38. I pray for this legal team to have TRUE GRIT, GUTSEY, and have a pit Bull persona!!!!
    If not, the Democrats and their men are deceitful upon belief and filled with obstruction and surprises to come against this President You will see the depth of their divisiveness!
    Please be smart!
    Wise as serpents
    And Alan is smart and will only do what will benefit the Presidency and as some say, help fellow Dems. But GOD!!!

  39. Learned Harvard professor Dershowitz agrees that presidential impeachment is a political process and not a criminal process ——all the while leaving out the fact that neither the current president nor any of his henchmen are exposed to legal jeopardy at any moment during any impeachment process. Alan and many other legal experts agree that the chief executive would not be charged with any sort of criminal proceedings while in office.  It follows that the true purpose of an impeachment effort is to fully expose the wrongdoing of the party(ies) having direct involvement to the general public.  The face value of this effort is recognition of the public’s right to know.  This is why the American version of “impeachment” specifically does not include punishment such as it indeed did in Merry Old England where one not only was at risk for one’s political life but one’s neck.

    We Americans all allowed Spiro T. Agnew and Richard M. Nixon to abscond from public office without a proper impeachment trial & review which would have fleshed out each of their separate wrongdoings — impeachable or not.  Instead; what we got was a lot of people writing books about how Nixon and Agnew were never guilty of anything in the first place in somebody’s alternate universe.  Subsequent revelations made public revealed stuff that should have been made public in 1974; but defenders like Hugh M. Hewitt kept the cap on the facts for as long as they could.

    Dershowitz’s and the Republican’s approach is effectively the same as the President Jordan Lyman character in SEVEN DAYS IN MAY — let’s just cap this story off and NOT tell the American people the whole ugly truth about what was really going on and subsequently allow some alternate reality pumping station efforts like Fox News and Breitbart to vindicate this current set of Damon Runyon characters and thugs who are currently serving in the White House and Government Agencies and Institutions and/or are not in prison already. With Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, and the infamous Pam Bondi’s help; they’re gonna do the whole thing again.  If they get away with suppression of witnesses; Dershowitz gets a twofer since the Epstein connections to all will evaporate as well.

  40. "The democrats are just trying to cover-up their own crimes"…..this is the talking point Trump and all GOP should be relentlessly driving home…..especial since it's so obviously true.


  42. Using federal funds to extort an international government for a republican’s personal desire is not impeachable? Then, my dear republican citizens, remember that WHEN a democrat is President and withholds federal funds from Kentucky until the state government agrees to pass some socialist agenda (say “Hello” to the end of a woman’s right to chose and “Goodbye” to your guns).

  43. How do you do a good job polishing a turd 💩it’s not that the Democrats did a bad job it’s just hard to make a lie look real

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