Despite Google and Facebook censorship, WSWS records one million monthly visits

I’m David North, the chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site. Two years ago in the spring of 2017 Google launched an attack on the WSWS. It manipulated its corporate search algorithms and hired an army of censors to render the World Socialist Web Site invisible on the Internet. Google sought to prevent readers from gaining access to a critically important source of Marxist political analysis and news coverage of events related to the International class struggle the fight against capitalist exploitation, the defense of democratic rights and the opposition to imperialism and war. Facebook launched a parallel operation suppressing the sharing of videos and other content posted on the World Socialist Web Site. Initially this double-barreled attack resulted in a significant drop in the readership of the World Socialist Web Site. Search traffic declined by approximately 70%. But the WSWS was neither intimidated nor discouraged by this attack. We fought back. We expanded our coverage of events and implemented new methods to reach our audience. These efforts have yielded significant results. Last month in May for the first time in its 21 year history the World Socialist Web Site recorded more than 1 million visits. This month based on current trends we expect to again reach the significant number of visits. This is not a temporary spike. Since the beginning of 2019 the monthly readership of the WSWS has nearly doubled. There are days when individual articles are accessed by well over 50,000 readers. Of particular importance is the fact that the growth and the readership is taking place in all the more than a dozen languages in which the World Socialist Web Site is posted. To what do we attribute this impressive surge in the readership of the WSWS? As Marxists our analysis begins with an appraisal of the objective situation. The most important reason for the growth of our readership is the international intensification of the class struggle. All over the world masses of working people are being drawn into struggles against the horrors of contemporary capitalism the sociopathic concentration of wealth the relentless assault on democratic rights the corporate destruction of our planet’s environment and the malignant growth of imperialist militarism. Inevitably this movement of the working class throughout the world which is rekindling optimism in the possibility of a better world as well as the determination to fight for it finds its most conscious expression in a renewal of interest in socialism and Marxism. Hundreds of millions of people are looking for an alternative to the capitalist system. This search for socialist answers among working people is now developing more rapidly than the efforts of Google to adjust its algorithm and to censor the Internet. This is why the readership of the World Socialist Web Site is growing. Our analysis of the WSWS readership shows that its most rapidly growing audience is among workers. The growth of the class struggle places ever greater demands on the World Socialist Web Site. As the voice of the International Committee of the Fourth International and its affiliated Socialist Equality Parties throughout the world the WSWS is not only commenting on events. It is an active participant in the struggles it reports on. In the fight for the freedom of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, against the worldwide assault on immigrants, the victimization the maquiladora workers in Matamoros Mexico, the imprisoned Maruti Suzuki workers in India and the attacks on the yellow vest protesters in France, the World Socialist Web Site is playing an ever more central role in developing a political strategy for coordinating the struggles of the International working class. We need to expand our work and this requires resources – to be blunt money. The WSWS must hire more staff, expand its global coverage and make use of new web technologies. The rising tide of class struggle and the growth of the WSWS readership brings both opportunities, real challenges and dangers. We fully expect that the capitalist state and the corporations and their political hirelings will implement new measures to counteract the growth of the WSWS. But the larger the readership, the more determined our supporters, the better prepared we will be for these attacks. The World Socialist Web Site is a publication like no other. It does not advocate half measures and compromises. It does not seek or provide easy answers to great historical problems. We do not pretend that the interests of the working class can be achieved through the political parties and organizations beholden to the corporations. This is a Marxist, Trotskyist – that is genuinely socialist – website, devoted to the building of an independent international political movement of the working class against capitalism. Our aim, to use the words of Leon Trotsky, is the full spiritual and material liberation of the toilers and exploited through the world socialist revolution. More than ever we need you to support the work of the World Socialist Web Site. Contribute as much money as you can. Make a donation today and if at all possible make a commitment to become a regular monthly donor. Join this fight. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Become a conscious and determined participant in the most important fight of all: the fight for the socialist future of humanity. Thank you very much.

18 thoughts on “Despite Google and Facebook censorship, WSWS records one million monthly visits

  1. I've shared this on Facebook multiple times and it keeps disappearing. The link leads to a message saying removed by user. Not sure if that's Facebook or WSWS taking down and re-uploading this video. I figured I would report back in case it's the former.

  2. Unfortunately the word socialisms is not well clear for many people because of the dirty Propaganda that the capitalistists and fascistis made since Russian Revolution, but the WSWS is doing a great job to say the truth about it ! We deserve a better World and the real socialisms will bring all together to have it.

  3. Most of your readership or almost all of your montly visits to your website comes from the First World, this clearly indicates that your analysis is skewed in favour of a First World worker, and it must be recognised that the First World white worker is paid higher than the actual value he creates. Furthermore, most of the value creation in the form of commodities is produced in the Third World by the exploited proletariat and shipped to the consumerist West at low prices. Revolution will not occur in the Core countries, i.e. The First World , it has always been the most backward and impoverished and exploited parts of the world that has taken part in revolution. White Americans will not revolt, they benefit from imperialism. The Third World is where revolution ought to be sought.

  4. Commented on the video uploaded beforehand which was taken down but I'm enthused and in the process of joining the SEP in Britain !

  5. Why not set the partmaximum at the ICFI, and say it? That's what the Bolsheviks did.

  6. Is the time to start a campaign against Facebook's censorship, every time a friend of yours is punished on Facebook, you take a week off from Facebook, the only language Facebook understands, the campaign tag is #facebookbreak

  7. WSWS editorial board chairman David North should show more respect for the FREE SPEECH and FREE THOUGHT tradition of Western Civilization himself.  Numerous observers-and ex-members- of  his Socialist Equality Party seem to agree that it rivals of the Church of Scientology in TRUE BELIEVER conformity.                  Democratic socialists are banned from the World Socialist Web Site on the basis of crackpot sectarian prejudice .  I was always an INDEPENDENT democratic socialist – not partial to any dictatorships – not even in one cozy " socialist " clubhouse.

  8. Workers come forward, dont stand on the "sideline" and fight today like our grandfahters for the historic truth of marxism. It means trotskyism today. The workingclass in Germany 1932 want to defeat Hitler but coulndt because Stalinism halt the workers back. The Lesson for today build a marxist leadership in the workingclass globally! The wsws gives the lead for this struggle!

  9. I love that so many petty bourgeois flakes get soo pissed at the growth of the
    Confirms I am totally on the right track with my support for the website.

  10. ANYBODY would defend themselves against character assassination . I received this THREAT in my email this morning :This is what I mean by a vicious stupid CULT  :

     "I'm not a goon or even a SEP member, yet, but if Comrade North told me to smack you, I'd smack the dog shit out of you, no charge. I LOVE THE ICFI, SEP & WSWS! They made my life complete. "    

         I recall with a smile Eric Hoffer's classic " The True Believer ".       NOTE : Faith in God makes  life " complete " for millions of the world's Catholics, Protestants, Muslims , and Orthodox Jews .  

                       Perhaps both the Internal Revenue Service and the Catholic Anti-Defamation Society should be warned about one David North , the Great Oz of the  Socialist EQUALITY Party which is already assigning " NOBODY " status to everybody who disagrees with them.

  11. I hope that the organizations of authentic socialism might consider helping to create a world league for #SDG16 – the sustainable development goal for 2030 that is dedicated to overhauling dysfunctional institutional systems so that healthy institutions can advance equal justice for all.

  12. Sad to say but the pretentiously named World Socialist Web Site is not a credible champion of FREE SPEECH and FREE THOUGHT on the Internet. The SEP police are always scanning COMMENTS for any thought or opinion that threatens their personality cult led by the charlatan " Trotskyist " David North also known as David Green , millionaire owner of a NON-UNION printing company . A while back one of his " Clears " ( they operate like the Church of Scientology ) threatened to smash my " resident Catholic , anti-Semite , fascist " face – but only if sweet David approves . The Socialist EQUALITY Party excludes religious people from their future worker's paradise . And I guess from the wonderful , transitional ( ? ) dictatorship of the proletariat .
    We will all be re-educated by New Atheist ogres .

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